Monday, November 28, 2016

Baseless assertions

"Trump's baseless assertions of voter fraud called 'stunning'".  There seems to have been an understanding that the Democrats wouldn't seriously complain about vote suppression and gerrymandering, and the Republicans wouldn't seriously complain about voting by illegals.  Along with split control of crooked voting machines, the idea is that the duelling frauds would cancel each other out.  "A Brief History of the Election OMG PUTIN IS TAKING CONTROL OF THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Electoral Chutzpah: Inside American Jewry’s Last Ditch Efforts to Steal Election".  The same 'donor'-connected people are behind all of this going back to Bill Kristol's bizarre set of attempts to find a replacement for Trump.

"Syria Roundup: Jihadi Fronts Fall Apart - Egypt Enters The Fight".

Tweets by Joey L. on the Damascus conference.

"Western weapons falls into the hands of terrorists".  This is intended.  We all await the first shooting down of a commercial airliner by human organ eaters armed by the CIA.

"Why Is Sweden Giving the “Alternative Nobel Prize” to Syria’s ‘White Helmets’?"  I assume the presentation ceremony was staged by actors.

"Coming Out Of Election Haze: How Do Women On Left Overcome Elite Feminism?"  Clinton's election slogan should have been 'I'm All Right Jill'.  Woman voters saw right through it.

"On Castro’s death, a look at Fidel and Pierre—and Justin".  Despite all the crazed right-wing propaganda that Castro's death has evoked, the peasants - you know, the ones who keep voting wrong - admire Fidel's devotion to the people.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Pundits say a lot of utterly asinine things, but conflating the left with the far right may be the most dishonest"
"Buying Silence: Why So Many Democrats are Mute About Standing Rock".  Buffett explains it.
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