Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blue Oligarchs

"Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)".  Part of the reason why it is deeply immoral not to be a Jew-skeptic.  It is like watching a pack of wild dogs tear into a bunny rabbit.

"Clinton Promotes War While US Public Opinion Speaks to Anti-Militarist Populism" (Petras).  Anti-militarist populism is 'anti-Semitism'.  In fact, getting between Jews and any war they want you to fight for them is the quintessence of anti-Semitism, something that used to be natively understood by real progressives before progressive politics became a mockery of itself.

"Trump the Anti-Semite?".  Group supremacist attempt to make this nonsense the only issue.  See also (thanks for your contribution, Haim!):  "Stormfront On Steve Bannon's Appointment: "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"".

"ANARCHY BY DESIGN: ‘Anti-Trump’ Flash Mobs, Hollywood and The Wall Street War Chest".  'Progressives' stood by and let the Jews use color revolutions to attempt to wreck other countries whose leaders were perceived as standing in the way of Zionist imperialism, so they shouldn't be surprised to see exactly the same techniques used against Americans.

""Who is This Electorate?""  The cumulative effect of about ten years of social media has provided quite an education.

When you think the Clintonistas couldn't possibly stoop lower:  "Republican Electors Are Being Called Upon To Vote Their Conscience, Not For Trump".  I'll bet this is a 'donor'-financed discussion.

"Why the Trump Protests, Like the Wisconsin Uprising, Will Fail".  'Blue Oligarchs' sounds better than, well, you know..  Excellent stuff!

"EXCLUSIVE: Blow up! Days before losing the election Hillary and Bill had a screaming match over who to blame for her flagging campaign - the ex-president so angry he threw his phone off the roof of his Arkansas penthouse".  "Analysis: Democrats Turn Their Backs On Rural America".  There are many things, simple things, that Clinton and her expensive advisers could have done to guarantee her an easy win, yet arrogance and classism made these simple things impossible.  They were sure she would win without the need for votes from the flyover scum, and in fact disdained votes from people who weren't cool hipsters from Brooklyn or Hollywood.  It is almost as if they didn't want to win if winning required even one vote from a normie.

"Why Do Many Around The World See Trump As A Peacenik?"

Piece of shit Kirby is obviously trolling for a nice job with the Jew-controlled media:  "State Department Apologizes to RT".

"Canadian Academic Extradited to France on Fake Terrorism Charges. Prevent Hassan Diab’s Wrongful Conviction!"  Diab has a strong and conclusive alibi, and the French investigating judge keeps confirming it with witnesses in Lebanon, which requires intervention from above to keep this lawfare on the rails!  Diab's real crime throughout is being an advocate for the Palestinians.  By the way, this is extremely embarrassing for the Canadian judicial system which fell for this lawfare scam, either out of incompetence or corruption.

"The US And CIA Could Finally Be Charged For Their War Crimes Overseas".  Don't hold your breath for these crooks to complain about any War For The Jews.  The bureaucrats at the ICC are afraid of losing their cushy sinecures, and are floating some PR crap to stay in their real business of advancing Zionism.

"Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield is Shielding What?"  Yinon in action.

"The Latest: Iraqi forces assessing damage to Nimrud site".  Just a small part of what we should all gleefully give up to build a Jewish state across the Middle East.

"Killing Arafat: Does Abbas have any evidence?"

"Is Trump bringing “white Zionism” to the White House?"  A confused attempt at noticing that all supremacists share common traits.

Tweet (Edward Snowden):
"Some still try to claim mass surveillance is about counter-terrorism. But if you look at the targets, you'll find the truth is darker:"
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