Friday, November 18, 2016

Certificate of Participation

"'Useful' List Of False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, And/Or Satirical "Real News" Sources".  ""Fake News" About Trump Continues Unabated".  Tweet (Glenn Greenwald).  Whatever one may say about Trump's bona fides, the Jew-controlled media has clearly decided to throw all its credibility out the window in dealing with him, leading me to believe they really fear his effect on Jewish supremacism and colonialism.

"Did Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald Use Threats and Bribery to Silence a Young Journalist?"

One of the many benefits of the Trump win is that the Zionist lying campaign of the Jew-controlled media has been utterly wrecked by the social media, and now consistently backfires.

"Iran keeps open mind on Donald Trump":  "The ‘psy war’ by the Israeli lobby has failed to have an effect."

"Another Two Myths About Clinton’s Defeat in Election 2016 Debunked".

"Trumponomics: It’s Not All Crazy".

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"If you clamor against a "Muslim registry" now, but also clamored to expand the use of a "no-fly list" several months ago, you're confused."

"Anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painted on Machzikei Hadas synagogue".  Reddit discussion largely, and wisely, turns on false-flags.

"Pygmies Of Cameroon Tortured And Expelled For Rothschild Elephant Hunting Scheme".

"Pro-Zionist Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) & Apartheid Israel’s Palestinian Genocide".  Note that he tried to pass himself off as a Buddhist.  False conversion, or atheism, is a normal trick.

"Dershowitz backs down, concedes Bannon’s ‘anti-Muslim, anti-women’ bigotry disqualifies him for high office".  The common thread is that he, as a Jew, gets to decide.

Comment by Fiver which somehow made it through the strict Naked Capitalism truth censorship (I suspect it was an oversight and will be removed, so I quote the whole thing):
"Well, I wish I could agree with Hersh’s assessment of Mr. Cockburn, whose reporting I long followed, then completely abandoned since the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. This interview is exemplary in that regard, as the role of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK etc., in constructing this horror show is so completely minimalized as to be non-existent.

We know, because it’s been widely documented, largely in the mainstream itself – though critically, never put together into a coherent narrative – that the US clearly ‘anticipated’ in 2012 that something pretty much identical to ‘ISIS’ was taking shape. The DIA reported it. Independent media reported it. The King of Saudi Arabia essentially reported it in 2013 when, after Obama was persuaded by Putin that the chemical weapons ‘red line’ that was intended to bring the full might of the US down on Assad’s head was in fact not the Syrian regime’s doing, he, the King, was going to field a proxy army to do the job. Look it up. The US did nothing while the original ISIS convoy of white Toyota trucks and equipment streamed across the open desert to create a Sunni uprising. The paper mache ‘army’ the US had stood up in Western Iraq folded like a cheap shirt in the face of a (then) puny force in relative terms. That was no accident. The US wanted rid of Maliki, who, quite aside from treating the Sunnis terribly, was also refusing to cooperate on oil, and as soon as that purpose was served, and the US invited back in to Iraq (with the Iraqis no longer insisting that US forces of any kind be immune from Iraqi law) the game so favored by Petraeus, McCrystal, Flynn (Trump’s man) et al, the game of high-tech slaughtering of radical Muslim ‘leaders’ and ‘infrastructure’ and all the rest of the stuff the US, Saudis and others provided in the first place began again in earnest.

I could go on and on and on, but the bottom line is Mr. Cockburn hews very, very closely to the standard line emitted by the US, UK and ‘coalition’ from the takedown of Ghadaffi to present. The truth is the US, Israel, UK and others are perfectly content to see Muslims killing each other and have in fact done everything in their power to bring about precisely that result, going all the way back to creating al Qaeda in the first place (and please note – al Qaeda remains a tool of US policy) to engage the Soviets, then suckering Saddam into attacking Iran thus setting off the modern sectarian rift – the rift that keeps on giving to those pulling the strings. And for heaven’s sake, bear in mind that the Saudis cast their lot with the US and Israel long ago. Again, it’s not some crazy fluke that the core issue that drove Middle East politics and geopolitics for decades, the fate of the Palestinians, has been completely obliterated via creation, and re-creation, and re-creation of the jihadis who just happen to have no problems whatever with Israel.

Trump has said several things that may be taken as reflecting his ‘thinking’:

1. ‘I will destroy ISIS.’

2. ‘I will be the best friend Israel has ever had.’

3. ‘It would be nice if we could get along with Russia.’

4. ‘I will tear up the deal with Iran.’

You can be sure he will keep 1 (either by force, or facing down the Saudis while the globe swims in oil) and 2. However, he risks 3 to attain 4. Since nukes never were the problem with Iran, rather that Iran backed Syria and Hezbollah, there is one great big thing Trump can give Israel and that is a deal with Russia that sees Iran cut off its support for Hezbollah (Syria is no longer a threat whatever). Such a deal would involve significantly higher oil prices, an end to Saudi, GCC and other support for jihad, Caliphate etc., both Iraq and Syria split for good and the complete betrayal of the Palestinians, who quite clearly have no friends left in the Arab world – while the rest of the world would be more than willing to look the other way in exchange for no larger war.

It would great to see NC show the courage to take these issues on. As I rather expect this won’t be published, at least I’m on the record somewhere having staked out this synthesis as a very, very serious possibility – a very ugly one at that."

Certificate of Participation
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