Thursday, November 10, 2016

Curse of Assad

"Another one bites the dust! The ‘Curse of Assad’ strikes again [video]":
"They’ve nearly all gone – once Angela Merkel gets dumped by her party or by German voters, and once the bloated old spider George Soros finally expires, the globalist elite who thought that Syria would go the same way as Libya will themselves have shuffled off into the history book of Losers!

To make the result even sweeter, it is clear that, while the majority of Trump voters were motivated by issues close to home such as the impact of New World Order globalism on the jobs and communities, a sizeable minority voted for the successful insurgent candidate out of horror at the foreign policy antics of Hillary Clinton and out of concern that her stated intention to try to impose a pro-Jihadi ‘no fly zone’ in Syria would lead to confrontation and war with Syria and Russia.

Trump is not perfect. And he is likely to be quickly surrounded by neo-cons, Zionists and corporate lobbies trying to push him to tow the NWO line in foreign policy. On the other hand, if he quickly meets and forms a good working relationship with Vladimir Putin, Christianity and Peace could well get a new lease of life."
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