Thursday, November 10, 2016

Easy Street made hard

It is hilarious that Clinton's decision to shiv Bernie and his supporters - a completely unforced error born out of the fury at the lèse majesté of anybody daring to hinder her road to coronation - cost her the Presidency when the Bernie supporters either stayed home or voted Trump.  It was consistently such a close race in so many places that the lost support would have made the difference.

"The Hubris of Democratic Elites, Clinton Campaign Gave Us President Trump".

I think it is also very interesting that Clinton, until the very last minute, had no idea whatsoever she had lost the Rust Belt, while Trump, despite his supposed lack of expertise, applied himself there to get those extra easily available electoral college votes.

It is also striking that Clinton really was on Easy Street.  Despite the fact she is the world's worst campaigner, a known serial liar and crook, with utterly awful major policy positions, relying entirely on namby-pamby kumbaya identity politics platitudes that she didn't even believe herself (and a lot of blame should fall on the weak-willed and -brained morons who suck that 'love each other' crap up in lieu of real policy), was probably legally dead for most of the campaign, and dismissed millions of voters as deplorable racists or traitorous Bernie supporters, she almost pulled it off.
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