Saturday, November 26, 2016

Human Organ Lover's Society

"WikiLeaks Drops Yemen Files, Unmasks Washington's Bloody Role".  "Yemen Files".  As the 'journalists' continue to whinge about 'fake news', the 'fake news' keeps doing the job that 'journalists' clearly aren't doing.

"The Lie of the 21st Century: How Mainstream Media “Fake News” Led to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq".  Besides pointing directly at the fatal flaw of the Jew-controlled media, consistently lying for violent racist Jewish supremacist interests, isn't this 'fake news' campaign just free advertising for otherwise relatively obscure sources of truth?  A lot of recent 'donor'-funded activity seems to be the result of frustration rather than the usual well planned Jewish supremacist conspiracies.

"Smear-Mongering: a Mea Culpa for the Age of McCarthyism 2.0".

"Meet The Real "Fake News"".  Good short summary of the history of American government manipulation of the American people through lies in the 'real news'.

"Various Flavors of Fake News about Venezuela".

"Howard Dean Trashes Dem Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: "Extremely Ambitious With Flexible Principles"".

"Jill Stein's Recent 'Grass Roots' Fundraiser to Recount the Votes Raises Many Red Flags" ('donors'!):
"In summary, Jill Stein raised an enormous amount of money in the opening hours of her campaign to recount the votes in the all important swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although she claims her fund raising efforts were entirely grass roots, the facts suggest otherwise. By what I'm seeing here, big donors stepped in early to put her over the top -- then the grass roots plebs stepped into the toss nickels at her -- with donations shrinking from $4,800 per minute to just over 40 bucks now. Interestingly, the rate by which she's raised funds have an inverse correlation to the amount of press she's been receiving.

In other words, none of this makes any sense. Where did all of the early money come from?"

To her great credit, Stein is anti-war (as you have to be if you are a consistent environmentalist), and thus against the only wars on the table these days, Wars For The Jews.  If you think, as you should, that climate change is the main issue facing the world today, Hillary's WWIII, the ultimate War For The Jews promised to the 'donors' (and required by them as Russia is viewed as the only obstacle to Yinon and the Jewish Empire across the Middle East, a fact that also completely explains Nudelman-Kagan's Ukrainian adventures and the bizarre blaming of the Russians for Hillary's loss), is literally the Worst Possible Thing (just for the environmental effect, leaving aside all the dying and stuff).  That is why support for Hillary is not just a mistake, it is the most profound evil imaginable.  Stein, despite the trendy tree-hugging which you would think would be catnip for 'donors', has never had any traction with them until this thin possible window back to WWIII.

"The Jill Stein Recount Ploy is a Scam Worthy of the CNBC Show American Greed".  "Nigerian Scam Letter Exhibit".

"How nuclear weapons fuel was diverted to Israel: From NASA archives".

The Jews steal them for lucrative transplants while the Islamists eat them, but the Human Organ Lover's Society lives on!  "Israeli Army Transports Jihadist Rebels to a Local Field Hospital in the Occupied Golan Heights".  "Israeli military court jails two Syrians for blocking ambulance carrying Nusra militants".

"Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (“Holodomor”) Memorial Day Act".  Today!

"I hate everyone equally." (Atzmon).

"Black Friday Super Sale!"
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