Monday, November 07, 2016

Innovative, to say the least

"Clinton’s super-sized fundraising machine pushes legal boundaries":
"This is innovative, to say the least. But it’s also worrisome to campaign finance reformers who see it as a way to shift costs onto groups funded by big donors, thereby evading campaign contribution limits."
Warning: for the love of God, don't follow these links if you read Naked-up-to-a-point Capitalism.  After all, the success of capitalism depends on you not noticing the most important things while quibbling around the edges.  Warning, Warning, Warning: "Meet The Million Dollar Donors (Spoiler Alert: They Are "With Her")".  "What Do these Hillary Supporters Have in Common?".  "Neo-Cons for Hillary".  Always remember that WWIII is completely unimportant, will have absolutely no effect on the lives of ordinary people, and it doesn't matter who pays to have it happen.

"Leaked Email Exposes Hillary's Campaign Paying For Bill Clinton's Legal Fees".

"Clinton Foundation Admits It Broke The Law In Leaked "Smoking Gun" Memo".

"Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept".  "Clinton foundation admits receiving $1mn donation from Qatar that it previously hid".  "Hillary Accepted Qatar Money Without Notifying Government, While She Was Head Of State Dept".

Minor problem of Democrat propaganda on Trump's use of legal tax write-offs is that a similar loophole was inserted in Bill's tax legislation, a fact not lost on the Clinton campaign!

"Hillary Deleted Email Showing She Forwarded Classified Information To Her Daughter".

"WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump, Cruz".  "POLITICS RIGGED: DNC Prepared Questions for Wolf Blitzer’s CNN Interview of Donald Trump".  Remember?

"Doug Band Accuses Chelsea Of Using Clinton Foundation Money To Pay For Her Wedding"!  "Considering that every aspect of the Clinton charitable ventures was only permitted in the strict context of a non-"for profit" legal status and the avoidance of personal enrichment, Doug Band has helpfully provided the final confirmation of the illegal activites conducted by the former president, and how he used his foundation largely as a for-profit entity, meant to trade political favors in exchange for cold, hard cash.".

"While we expect the FBI to fully parse, scan and finalize it report on this batch within the next 10 or so minutes, and to conclude there is nothing of significance in the pile . . . "
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