Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keeping secrets

Tweet (Edward Snowden):
"An earthquake is buried in this story about NSA Director secretly meeting Trump: @NSAGov still can't keep secrets. …"
If they are keeping it a secret there is a good chance the other country is Israel.

They've caught a suspect for the Ottawa spray paint artiste, captured on a surveillance camera, but the name is a big secret as he is a minor.

Mischievous posting:  "Speculation: Trump Promotes NSA Boss Rogers To DNI Because He Leaked The Clinton Emails".  Though Seth Rich died for it, and Assange as much as said so.

"(UPDATE) CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Close To Death In Federal Prison".

"Obama says he ‘can’t pardon’ Snowden unless whistleblower goes to court".  On the same 'logic', Hillary is also out of luck.

Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):
"Dems will never right the ship until they abandon neoliberalism. They won't abandon neoliberalism because that's the reason they exist. $$$$"
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