Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Peasant revolt

"Presidential election: Donald Trump would have lost if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate".  I'm sure this is right, but you have to have a lot of nerve to publish an article based on polling results, which have been conclusively proven to be utterly corrupt (except, of course, for the Los Angeles Times poll).

"Polling". I love how Silver, relatively late in the night, was still giving Trump ludicrously low chances of winning.

"The Verjudung (Jewing) of American Conservatism".  I'll just leave this here.

"Huffington Post Ends Editor's Note Calling Trump "Serial Liar, Rampant Xenophobe, Racist, Misogynist"".  But I'm sure that they will continue to misunderstand that this attitude was a large motive for the peasant revolt.

"The first test of whether the Wall Street-wing of the Democratic Party has learned any of the lessons Tom Frank tried to teach them is whether President Obama will continue with his threat to try to have the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) approved by the lame duck session of Congress. Obama, who was elected on the promise that he would stop TPP, should listen to Senators Sanders and Warren and honor his promise to the voters to stop TPP. He must begin the process of the Democrats winning back the support of the working class."

It is hilarious that the credentialed elites running supposedly anti-establishment site Naked Capitalism banned discussion of the fact that all the major non-union donors to Clinton were Jews, when that absolutely crucial fact wasn't lost in the least to the peasants who voted.  Again, social media is filling in the gap in information created by the faulty and completely corrupt commentariat class.  If you are going to try to deceive us be warned that we will find out anyway, leaving you looking like crooked manipulators.

A lot of people have noted the irony of Clinton's disdainful failure to deliver a public concession speech to the deplorables who rejected her, when her followers spent so much effort speculating that Trump would fail to concede with dignity.  To be fair, Hilary was probably too drunk, or too neurologically unsound, to appear on a public stage.

Always remember that all the millions spent on Clinton ads, and all the millions spent on the supposedly determinative 'ground game' of political consultants hired to get the voters out - something that Trump completely lacked - was wasted.  Also always remember that this is part and parcel of a huge Jewish Billionaire scam to funnel profits into their media outlets.

Yes!:  "Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US".

It is funny how the credentialed elites and their liberal fellow travellers are crying when many of them have just been saved from a horrible death from radiation poisoning.

Wonderful, heart-warming stuff:
"For Jews, there is one specific aspect of his ascendency that is so worrying. His campaign was self-consciously antisemitic. One of his main themes was that a global elite was conspiring against ordinary Americans. This is not only a classic antisemitic meme; the examples cited by Mr Trump were all – every one of them – Jewish, such as George Soros and the President of the Federal Reserve. Anyone who denies this element to Mr Trump’s campaign is living in a self-deluded fantasy."
Of course, the option of changing your appalling warmongering and self-serving group supremacist behavior in order to stop legitimate hatred of you is completely out of the question.

Can we get Julian Assange out of jail now, please?  Trump really owes him (the Podesta email leak was devastating).
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