Friday, November 04, 2016


Tweet (Channel 4 News) (he also says it would reset both parties):
"Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek​ says he would opt for Donald Trump as the apparently less dangerous choice in the US election."
Of course, a Clinton win would confirm the Democrats in their crooked course (If you think they are full of their self-serving self-righteousness now, just wait until they win), and return all the old guard to the Republicans.  It would be a tragedy of immense proportions, a completely lost opportunity (not to mention WWIII).  The very same people who constantly complain about the Republicrat miasma are going to vote to ensure it remains in full force.

"I Envy You" (Shamir).

"Reward Clinton's Hawkishness Because Trump's Foreign Policy Is Uncertain?".

"‘Ruling class’ must regard Trump’s rise as response to ‘ill conceived wars’ — Matthews".

"Hillary Is The Perfection of a Corrupt System".

"An Obituary of The New York Times".  Fits right in any discussion of the corrupt system.

"Hillary Clinton Economic Team Planned Secret Meeting With Wall Street Mogul Pushing To Shift Retiree Savings To Financial Firms".

"WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton knew Saudi, Qatar were funding ISIS – but still took their money for Foundation".  "Inside the Clintons’ Moroccan money ‘mess’".

"FBI Finds Previously Unseen Hillary Clinton Emails On Weiner's Laptop".

"Did Hillary Clinton's Campaign Work With Peter Thiel's Palantir?"

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Here's the updated list of all Podesta docs published by @WikiLeaks that have been proven, or claimed, to be fake …"
"Re: Gore".

"We could even have her come out against Keystone on Monday
as well (not sure where that stands), which will solicit criticism but that might help distract from emails. Kind of like bundling taxes, health, and email last Friday."

They touched the third rail at NC - somebody raised the issue that all the main political donors to Clinton are Jewish - but that serious problem was dealt with.  I suspect this is just another 'donor' problem.
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