Sunday, November 27, 2016

Precious bodily fluids

The enlightenment we've received about the true nature of American 'progressives' will endure:  "A To-Go Order For His Satanic Majesty" (read the whole thing, as it is simply shocking to read such truth about 'donors' and what they require in return:  "This is the area where Obama and Hillary got their black belts in Jew-dough."):
"(We also need a new word for the people who support Obama and Killary. They aren’t really liberals or progressives or leftists. What should we call people who silence the class struggle, elevate identity politics and support mass murder as long as the right colored or sexed or partied politicians are doing it? I’m open to suggestions — just make it catchy. Don’t submit mouthfuls like “revolting irrelevant vacuous weak-ass pricks and cunts.”)"
It is the combination of over-the-top essence of Pure Evil and delicate, self-centred, self-satisfied, but bought-and-paid-for, self-righteousness that puts them over the top.

"Capitalism in One Family".  This is the train wreck you get if you take the cartoon version of Trump from the Jew-controlled media and attempt to flex your 'intellectual' muscles.

"Dear Hillary Supporters, Trump Won Fair and Square, Get Over It".  I don't know, but the Democrats have had literally decades to fix these problems but only pretend to be concerned for a few weeks every four years (now with the new unhelpful addition of Putinmania!).  Nigerian Princess news:  "2016 Recount: Jill Stein Cannot File Direct Request For Recount In Pennsylvania, Must Take It To Court".

"Why Clinton sent supporters home without a clue before conceding to Trump".

American liberals used to make terrible fun of the stock right-wing obsession with 'commies', but now the Clintonistas sound like a parody of the characters of Dr. Strangelove.  Such is progress.

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"I have long called for an end to arming &assisting the Syrian “rebels,” aka Al-Qaeda & allies, affiliates &offshoots"

"CNN Running Tranny Porn for 30 Minutes was a Hoax – Why did the Network Confirm It as Real?"

"A Short History Lesson On Cuba By The New Thinker".

"Speech of Senator John F. Kennedy, Cincinnati, Ohio, Democratic Dinner".  The 'exceptional' Americans haven't learned a thing!

"Germany gives suspended sentence to PKK member".

The crooks who run Iraqi Kurdistan are allying themselves with Turkey against the PKK.  "Turkey-KRG alliance, PKK and the EU".  "KRG army chief says PKK should withdraw from Sinjar".

"Constitutionalist Author Says Twitter “ShadowBanned” Him".

"Nuclear scientist who investigated Litvinenko death killed himself after 'mood change' following Russia weapons trip" (that damn scoundrel Putin again!):
"Home Office pathologist Dr Nicholas Hunt, who conducted the post mortem examination on weapons expert Dr David Kelly, said Mr Puncher was found dead at home with stab wounds to his arms, neck and upper abdomen.

Dr Hunt said he could not ‘entirely exclude’ third party involvement but was satisfied they were self-inflicted wounds and gave a cause of death as haemorrhaging due to stab and incised wounds.

The pathologist confirmed it was possible for someone to inflict the number of wounds Mr Puncher did before becoming unconscious."
Tweet (emptywheel):
"Absence of evidence: a sign of Putin's deviousness. …"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"For those shaming Corbyn, Dilma & others for their statement about Castro's death, here's Obama's when Abdullah died"
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