Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Hillary debacle

It is remarkable that none of the Clintonistas appear to have taken any responsibility for the Hillary debacle.  Jill Stein gets nadered,  Assange and Comey are slurred, Putin is blamed (!), and even the Jew-controlled media is accused of over-covering Trump, when we all know 99% of the coverage was to mock or denigrate him and his supporters.  The Democrat insiders picked an obviously unsuitable candidate, a dishonorable and unlikeable crook, the very personification of the globalist neoliberal crony-capitalist problems facing the country, who tried to ride a very phony identity politics flying carpet to the White House, whose health was so suspect she was unable to campaign much of the time (and when she did, almost nobody showed up to see her, which maybe should have been a sign!), and who was greatly, and justifiably, despised by many who half-intended to vote for her, but somehow couldn't bring themselves to actually make it to the ballot box.  Yet the problem is a series of wild conspiracies!  This does not bode well for the recovery of the Democrats.

"Deal With It: The Democratic National Committee Lost This Election".  "The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished".

What nobody will dare mention, the obvious, is that the whole thing was run for the group supremacist interests of the 'donors' (the same interests behind why lousy down-ticket candidates are picked by members of the same tiny group).

"Big Repudiation of Liberal Elite".  "Congratulations, Folks!".  "An Historic, Quite Possibly Revolutionary Victory!".  "The Night America Lost Its Mind".

"How Did The Media Pollsters Get The Election So Wrong?"  The polls were fixed to make it seem a Clinton win was inevitable.  That is the full story.  We've seen a lot of the sausage making behind polling.  If the poll doesn't produce the desired numbers, they can, and do, pull out a particular demographic group which over-selects their candidate, and arbitrarily increase the weight given to that demographic until they reach the desired result.  Pollsters are crooks.

Tweet (Fister Roberto):

I am also stuck by these obviously highly-organized 'spontaneous' anti-Trump protests in big cities.  What exactly is Soros - I assume it is him, due to the symptoms of color revolution - trying to accomplish?

Hall of Fame wtf? tweet (David Frum):
"We may be living through the most successful Russian intelligence operation since the Rosenbergs stole the A-bomb."
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