Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The new whiners

"The Liberation of the Slaves" (Shamir).  The comments find this too optimistic, but I am still struck by the doom and gloom of many on the 'left', who apparently were looking forward to Killary's WWIII and globalism.  Seriously, the 'exceptional' United States went to shit years ago, and dodging Killary was the greatest luck any group of people have ever had, so if you are just noticing Imperial Collapse now I have no respect for you.  The new whiners are a large part of the problem.

The usual:  "'DAPL protesters rely on RT, citizen journalists, as MSM goes missing in action'".

"Listening to Trump".  Something that has struck me throughout is that the content of Trump's speeches - and he gave a lot of them, extemporaneously, with considerable to and fro with the audiences, often many a day across the country, to huge audiences, while the invalid Killary was kept in a box by her 'expert' advisers - bears no resemblance whatsoever to the cartoon description of Trump by the Jew-controlled media.  The people who heard these speeches live - for the lies by the Jew-controlled media meant that was the only way to hear what Trump was saying - went out and voted for him.

"Trump's Victory as Reaction to the White Death".  "Struggling White Voters Who Helped Elect Trump Are Headed for Some Serious Pain".

"The demagogic genius of Donald J. Trump".

Tweet (Gabriel Malor):
"No need to imagine it, Matthew. Rahm Emanuel announced Obama wouldn't prosecute Bush officials in 2009. …"

Still at it:  "Media Stars Agree to Off-the-Record Meeting With Trump, Break Agreement, Whine About Mistreatment".

"Trump Transition: As Secretary of State, Tulsi Gabbard offers potential for peace with Syria, Russia".

"Jew Politico Editor Michael Hirsh Doxes Richard Spencer, Tries to Organize Jew Lynch Mob to Attack Him with Bats".  "Now Infamous NPI Sieg Heil Pic is of Jews".

"Mark Cuban Talking Trump With Controversial Adviser".

"Is "Fake News" The New 'Conspiracy Theory'?".

As they say, you can't polish a turd, but boy, did they try!:  "#RIPMyShillaries".

The Saudi royals aren't happy:  "The Gamble: The Left’s Bet on a Trump Loss".

"Longtime JFK Assassination Researcher: We May Never Know The Truth".

"MacWorld, PCWorld Kill Site Comments Because They 'Value And Welcome Feedback'".

The usual:  "UN chemical watchdog refused to send experts to Aleppo under Western pressure – Lavrov".

Samantha Power-less:  "US warns Syrian generals they will face trial"!

Tweet (the aptly named Anne-Marie Slaughter):
"It's time for an alt-America, an inclusive, diverse, safe, innovative and forward-looking America committed to the rule of law @NewAmerica"

Tweet (Sam Anderson) (the concept of extreme intellectual superiority over the 'deplorables'/stupids is not new):
"it came to me, as we sat there ... that for extremely stupid people anti-Semitism was a form of intellectuality

(Mary McCarthy, 1953)"
Tweet (Thanks Obama) (believe it or not, this is real and not just another Biden joke!).
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