Sunday, November 13, 2016


Very smart analysis:  "Trump: the Media’s Frankenstein Monster".  The Jew-controlled media used its various tricks to create a propaganda monster to advance its group supremacist goals.  The usual.

"The myth of the reactionary white working class".

"The Safety Pin Movement Comes To America"!  "Fuck Your Partisan “Anti-racism”".

"Henningsen: ‘US Anti-Trump Protests Similar to Soros Color Revolutions Abroad’".  $15/hour, the wage that some Democrats pretend to call for!

"Trump's Insurgency creates our Tahrir Square Moment".  This is either stupid or mendacious as Soros isn't open source.  One of the main things you learn if you study conspiracies is that spontaneity never happens, these things are always carefully planned and paid for.

Tweet (#JeSuisFusion) (Ubermacher?  Ubermensch?)
"Idea: an Uber for paid rioting, which connects liberal billionaires with the gig economy."

"As a Jew, I Do Not Feel Safe" (whining that progressives are selling Jews down the river, based, no doubt on supremacist fury that real progressives see the Palestinian struggle as their own - of course, there can never be any true progressive politics without vehement Jew skepticism):
"If you are one of the people or organizations talking about how we need to organize not just against the hatreds Trump’s campaign stood for, but also affirmatively in support of the specific groups that were—and are still being—targeted, have you done, are you willing to do, the work of including antisemitism in your analysis? To paraphrase Pildis, intersectionality is either fully intersectional or it isn’t. If it is, then it must include antisemitism among the oppressions it confronts. If it isn’t, if it doesn’t, then why should I see it as anything other than good-old-fashioned, left-wing antisemitism using the fight against other oppressions as camouflage?"

"Stay angry. That’s the only way to uphold principles in Trump’s America."  Hilarious.

Tweet (muiz):
"Genius... it's just as obsolete too. Take note tweople."

"Readings in the Jewish Zionist Control of the United States: Interviews with Francis Boyle, James Petras, and Kim Petersen".

Tweet (David Frum):
"Let’s have a fresh start and forget that the president-elect owes his victory in large part to aid by a hostile foreign intelligence agency"

Tweet (WikiLeaks) (in the face of an almost complete blackout of the content by the Jew-controlled media, proving how the social media won Trump the election in the face of overwhelming political repression by the violent group supremacists):
"Facebook: WikiLeaks was the top political topic throughout October"
A bit more of the miasma revealed by WikiLeaks:  "Podesta email bombshell: Clinton campaign was heavily funded by Monsanto".

"Liberal Media Turns On Itself As NYT Promises To "Rededicate" Itself To "Honest" Reporting".  The eternal cycle of the Jew-controlled media of apologizing for lying to you last week and promising not to lie to you next week.  Well, maybe the week after:  "The Danger of Going Soft on Russia".  Never forget that the only problem with Russia is that it is interfering with the building of the Zionist Empire.

In the face of all this adversity and hate, the main job, shekel collection, must go on:  "DNC chair tweets from Islamophobic gathering in Florida".  This is slightly more than a bit ironic since the DNC seems to be running its Ubermacher campaign on blaming Trump for the hatred this kind of conference advocates and advances.

Speaking of decades of Democrat corruption, an interesting tweet with a ridiculous solution:
"Dems run 13 legislatures. Lose 1 & we lose a constitutional amendment backstop.

Hire @HFA organizers locally & for legislative sessions!"

"Hillary Clinton Tells Donors It's Comey's Fault She Lost".  "Hillary Clinton blames one Comey letter for stopping momentum and the other for turning out Trump voters".  "Sidney Blumenthal: "Cabal Of Right-Wing FBI Agents" Took Down Hillary In A "Coup D'Etat"".  It is oddly insightful that she points to the second letter, the one 'absolving' her after a nanosecond deep analysis of each new email, that so enraged prospective Trump voters that they turned out to vote with enthusiasm.  Again, zero personal responsibility from any Democrat and no acknowledgement that any change is necessary.

Tweet (Chase Madar):
"Innumerate garbage from an outdated script. If Democrats can't face their own failings, take responsibility & change, the country is doomed."

Tweet (Media Lens):
"Ask Guardian journo why she ignored Clinton's war crimes … and you get this from a Telegraph journo. 'MSM' 'spectrum'."

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson).

"‘Hillary Clinton didn’t fail us. We failed her’"!

"Episodes in Recent American History".  The eternal return.

Jacobin is usually excellent, but there is a lot of stupidity in this piece:  "How Trump Won".

English has a word for everything, but lacks a word for the ego-centric selfish pleasure felt from self-pity.  We are thus hampered in discussing Clinton supporters.

"Trump’s Victory: Arrogance Defeated" by Jean Bricmont:
"It remains to be seen whether Trump will carry out the progressive aspects of his program; protectionism and peace with Russia. Those are the aspects that most infuriate the oligarchy, much more than his rude remarks and contradictions. Those are thus the aspects that will require the most intelligence and determination if they are to be realized.

A left which dares take a close look at its past errors should do all it can to push Trump in that direction, rather than to alienate the population still more by once again mounting its high horse of moral superiority and selling its soul to the leaders of the Democratic Party responsible for their own defeat."

Identity politics is a perfect fit with globalism, and thus, for this and other reasons, is profoundly anti-progressive.  "Trump’s Win — A Rebuke to the Elites".  Code for the real problem is "American Trotskyist intellectual thinking".

"In short, since 1992, I have watched as you have transformed a current of social thought once rooted in that most basic an necessary human sentiment—empathy—into a badge of cultural and educational superiority.  And because feeling good about yourself was much more important to you than actually helping the afflicted, you signed off, in greater or lesser measure to almost all of the life-sapping and dignity-robbing measures of the authoritarian right."

"Donald Trump signifies he will end US support for Syrian rebels despite their pleas to him for help".  (No better endorsement than when the assholes don't like you:  "Former CIA chief: Trump is Russia’s useful fool").  But building Sunnistan needs to stop too:  "Raqqa Operation is Aimed at Denying Syria Peace".

Tweet (Thunder Walks About) (Young Rudy!):
"Center frame in black: the same officer from Bismarck PD who consistently displays erratic behavior and needlessly escalates situations."

"How To Talk To Your Child About The Election Results".

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