Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Unbelievable efforts

"Anti-Semitism On the Left? Don’t Expect Credibility When You Slam It On the Right."  "Deborah Lipstadt’s double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism".  Takes one to know one.  On the other hand, the 'alt right' blogs and social media are the only places you can read any sense about the malign influence of Jewish supremacism on the United States and thus on the world.

I'll just stick this in here.

"Fifty Truths about Fidel Castro".

"America is Just Losing It".  The Krugman tweets are a high water mark of clarification, not just of the newly revealed easy McCarthyism of the 'left', but the group supremacist Putin phobia of highly credentialed Jews.  It is all quite amazing, especially the complete lack of self-awareness, fostered by the bubble they live in, of how utterly ridiculous they appear to those of us living in the real world.

Tweets by Jacob Bacharach.  "Still More Myths About Clinton’s Defeat in Election 2016 Debunked".

"How Russian Propaganda Really Works in the West".

This Putin crap is important, not just because it is the usual Jewish supremacist warmongering, but because it prevents real reform in the Democrats, who are going with the idea that a bunch of conspiracies temporarily blocked their inevitable decades of wins due to 'demographics' (which itself depends on large groups of people deciding that tranny bathrooms are more important than their own lives), and so nothing needs to change.

"Media Critic Calls On Journalists To Be Obedient Stenographers".  As if they weren't already!

"Iranophobes on Parade".  Trump's stated position on Iran is nuts, and is completely out of sync with his usual consistent patriotic isolationism.  "The Iran Deal Is Doomed".  "ISIS to carry out Dirty Bomb attack in near future?".

Trump's cabinet:

  1. all powerful, as Trump delegates everything and just smiles and waves; or
  2. not powerful at all, like Harper's cabinet in Canada, where the cabinet ministers were just stooges with no say in policy whatsoever who just read speeches prepared from Harper's office?
Trump is taking a great degree of care and effort in assembling this group.

"Report: Trump ‘Furious’ at Kellyanne’s Romney Attack".  I doubt it.  The Trump strategy throughout has been to manipulate phony controversies.

"Lenin comes to the White House" (Escobar).  The success of Trump's presidency turns on whether he is able to, or even cares to, work around the globalists.

"Kerry making ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms".

Tweet (Larry Akey) (Barry's shekels are tied directly on how prepared he can make Trump to fight more Wars For The Jews):
"Once again, Obama applies 2001 AUMF to a group that didn't exist in 2001."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Some people were hoping Obama would restrict War on Terror powers Trump will inherit but he is using his last days in office to expand them."

"Evidence-based vs. accusation-driven reporting".  Note the bad faith involved in insisting on criminal law standards of proof while discussing a conspiracy.  You are not going to find a smoking gun.  We know that Soros was a big Hillary supporter, that it is probable that at least some protesters were paid and transported to protests, and that these protests were completely consistent, in style and intent, with color revolutions, the financing of which Soros boasts about.  If it wasn't Soros it was somebody exactly like him.

"No electoral reform until enough Canadians want it, Monsef says".  Canadians are resisting the utter destruction of their country fronted by an illegal immigrant (important, as the iffy citizenship status means they have a powerful hold on her), but I fear this is another slimy trick, like we're recently seen in trade deals, to fool patriots into stopping their opposition and then springing the Euro-trash-style political sinecure system on the country.  Canadian politicians are simply sick and tired of having to listen to the concerns of the whiny voters, and are thus highly motivated to commit treason by any means necessary.

"I Swear to God This Is a Real Graph From Thomas Friedman's Latest Book".  The moustache-shaped graph of understanding.
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