Sunday, November 06, 2016

You just get one chance

There are a lot of Americans who complain bitterly about their corrupt two-party system, and claim to long for a third party.  Bullshit.  They love the current system, as it allows the United States to do the deplorable things that it does under the rubric of American Exceptionalism, while allowing millions of Americans to pretend they had nothing to do with it as they claim not to support the current system.

No electable third party is going to ride in on a white horse to save the day.  Ever.  Let me repeat. Ever.  Americans are permanently stuck with the Republicrats until the country disappears under the weight of their collective wrongdoing.

Yet, suddenly, a way out appears.  Trump.  A Trump presidency would force a total rebuilding of both parties, the Democrats towards a real progressive party, and the Republicans towards some form of populism.  They would both have to drop their current positions, which are just variations on corrupt 100% support for the 0.1%, with a lot of wars.

On the other hand, a vote for Clinton confirms every single bad feature of American politics.  All the wicked Republicans out of the fold will come back in, and Hillary will just lead directly to WWIII.  The corrupt election financing system with its billions in ads and consultants, and the ridiculous roll of the media, will be confirmed as a necessary part of the system, never to be changed.

Trump as the miracle third party candidate you never thought possible is a bit hard to swallow.  His policies on economics and climate change are appalling, not to mention a lot of the other junk.  But how dangerous is he?  Both parties hate him, and will block any crazy major legislation he proposes.  The only real mischief he could get into, starting a war, seems very unlikely, based on his fairly consistent isolationism, a key plank of his platform and appeal (markedly unlike Hillary).  He can shut down the negotiations of these awful trade deals, and leave the rest in gridlock.

I think the main reason that people declare Trump an impossible candidate, other than that he breaks a lot of rice bowls, is that he embarrasses them.  He's a boor.  Americans want a slick likeable President (Bill, W, Barry), one they feel represents American Exceptionalism.  It is all show; the horrifying consequences of these choices are apparently irrelevant.  Given a unique chance to finally drain the swamp, so many come up with superficial excuses not to.  This election cycle has been highly clarifying on just how deplorable so many Americans truly are.

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