Saturday, December 31, 2016

A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids

"John McAfee: 'I Can Guarantee You, It Was Not the Russians'".

"FBI/DHS Joint Analysis Report: A Fatally Flawed Effort".
"It is both foolish and baseless to claim, as Crowdstrike does, that X-Agent is used solely by the Russian government when the source code is there for anyone to find and use at will.
If the White House had unclassified evidence that tied officials in the Russian government to the DNC attack, they would have presented it by now. The fact that they didn’t means either that the evidence doesn’t exist or that it is classified.
If it’s classified, an independent commission should review it because this entire assignment of blame against the Russian government is looking more and more like a domestic political operation run by the White House that relied heavily on questionable intelligence generated by a for-profit cybersecurity firm with a vested interest in selling “attribution-as-a-service”."
"Something About This Russia Story Stinks" (Taibbi):
"If the American security agencies had smoking-gun evidence that the Russians had an organized campaign to derail the U.S. presidential election and deliver the White House to Trump, then expelling a few dozen diplomats after the election seems like an oddly weak and ill-timed response."
"Moscow blasts CNN’s ‘false’ US school closure report".  Just as Assange didn't say the right things to fit the 'narrative', so the Guardian fixed things by completely making things up, Putin didn't behave like Barry the petulant child, again breaking the 'narrative', so CNN helpfully made up a story which fits the 'narrative'.  Did 'journalists' not learn that the Trump victory was a solid refutation of the 'narrative', and that people wouldn't be fooled any longer?

"U.S. officials have traced Russian hacking operation to Vermont electrical grid".  This is getting to the 'precious bodily fluids' level.

"Trump Tweets Love For Putin 24 Hours After Obama Announces Sanctions".  Clarifying stuff from the Joe McCarthy fan club.  An no, they have no decency.

Friday, December 30, 2016


"Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions".  So once the US gets a grown-up President, everything can be reversed.

"Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow “Intended to Box In Donald Trump”. Evidence that Hacking of DNC Accusations are Fake".

"What The Russian Hacking Report DOESN’T Say".  They were so careful in covering their asses on the allegations, possibly fearing a Trumpian refutation after the inauguration, that they didn't leave any reason for the sanctions.

"Hypocrites and Moderate Rebels":  ". . . a particularly pietistic bit of perambulating humbug, one Samantha Power, the ambassador of the United States to the United Nations."

"There will be no partition of Syria".

"Horrific Details Emerge of the Aleppo Rebel’s Trade in Human Organs".  The difficult decision of whether to eat them or sell them.

"Richard Spencer’s Mom-gate".  Violent racist supremacist cage match - I say we should just step back and let them fight it out.

"Fake Jewish Philosopher Tells “Anti-Semites, Skin-Headed Intellectuals” to Leave France".  A 'treasure'.

"BERLIN’S KNOWN WOLF: Prior Criminal Plot, Watched Before Christmas Attack – Germany Takes on So-Called Fake News Crisis".  Lots of parallels to other 'terrorist' attacks.

"U.S. Embassy Turkey Openly Lies About U.S. YPG Support".

"The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False" (Greenwald).  Assange's actual statements didn't follow the 'narrative', so they just made shit up!

"The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-Up".  A relatively minor Pentagon cover-up.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to build a Sunni proxy army

"Why the West is Helping ISIS Spread Hysteria Post-Berlin Attack" (Cartalucci).  Simply superb!  You might want to read it in conjunction with:  "German intelligence agent drove alleged perpetrator in Christmas market attack to Berlin".  Just another soldier of the Sunni proxy army being built in Europe.

"Exclusive: ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches" (for background on vocativ, see "lisa goldman trying to conceal the fact that she is the new rita katz").  "Islamic State supporters call for more holiday attacks in Europe".  The strategy of tension leads to more hatred and fear of local Muslims, leading to more hate attacks and bigoted talk and legislation from politicians (especially the 'nationalist' ones, who drag the 'reluctant' mainstream politicians along behind them), leading to the creation of more proxy army soldiers for the Yinon armies.  Brilliant!

"German Police Detain Alleged Accomplice To Berlin Truck Attack Suspect".  As with the consistent leaving behind of ID, so with numbers in cell phones:
"The man's telephone number was saved in the cellphone of Anis Amri, the main suspect behind the Dec. 19 truck attack who was killed in a shootout with police in a suburb of Milan early Friday."

"ISIS and al-Nusra Bombs and Shells—Made in US and Germany".  "American and German Munitions Found In Aleppo by Russian Sappers".

"C&L's Good Guys Of The Year: #4 Kurt Eichenwald".  As I keep saying, clarifying.  There is no possible world where Kurt Eichenwald is a 'good guy'. and anybody who says so is definitely not at all good.

"Syria - Peace Talk Rumors And Parameters".  This starting to remind me of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football, with Russia consistently giving the Americans the benefit of the doubt as honest players, and consistently being disappointed by Jew-controlled American perfidy.

"Testimony of the Destruction of Eastern Aleppo, Syria. Photographic Evidence".  The human organ eaters and head loppers who did this are the sole heroes left to Americans.  You should grimly reflect on where World Jewry has dragged your souls.  The big propaganda push over alleged crimes by Assad and the Russians is an attempt by the Jew-controlled media to distract from the horrors of their Yinon army.

"Kerry slams Israeli settlement growth as a threat to peace process".  Kerry, late all around, with the 'airing of grievances' so last week.

"George Soros Conjures Hitler In Attack On 'Ascendant Populists', Warns "Democracy Is Now In Crisis"".  Right in the middle of his campaign to deligitimize Trump's election by putting American democracy in crisis!  From a man whose first job was assisting his father in stealing from Jews, something Soros won't apologize for, as if he hadn't done it somebody else no doubt would have!

Israel has an interesting 'democracy', set up to give full power to the tiniest minority of settler supremacists, with the country's leadership based, not on voting, but by rigged 'coalition building' - Israel is a country that could desperately use first past the post, but then, of course, the settlers would lose their power - and the selective application of the criminal law if anyone fails to follow the script.  "Netanyahu to be investigated for bribery, fraud — report".  All Israeli leaders are chosen on the basis of how crooked they are to allow for this eventuality.  Apparently, some feel that Bibi's recent frothing at the mouth at the Americans isn't good host management by the parasite, so a secret ongoing investigation comes to light to attempt to rein him in.

"Behind the real US strategic blunder in Syria".  The least convincing thing ever written by Porter,  just terrible, based on its missing the J-word.

"In Bahrain woman's slaying, accusations of royal involvement".

More wasted riyals:  "Down the Alt-Right’s Syrian Rabbit Hole".

"MEDIA TRIPWIRE? Ping Pong Pizza Conspiracy Propels Internet Censorship Amid ‘Fake News’ Witch-Hunt".  Pizzagate is ridiculous - the 'analysis' reminds me of numerology - but given the known history of child abuse rings in Washington, with intelligence agencies using blackmail to control politicians (the most obvious example being Epstein's Lolita Express to Orgy Island on behalf of the Mossad), it is inconceivable that some key players in the Clinton campaign weren't subject to such control.  What is Erik Prince up to, and why?  You get the strong whiff that Pizzagate is a controlling threat, that the real stuff would come out if people don't play their assigned roles.

"Christmas Surprise" (Shamir):
"The world will set itself free of Jewish hegemony, but this complicated transition calls for using one bunch of Jews against another one. Or so the politicians feel. However, the moment of freedom is approaching. As the US hegemony declines, the Jewish one follows it into decline. Trump won though the Jewish media, Masters of Discourse were against him. This lesson will be learned by politicians, and implemented.

Israeli behaviour contributed a lot to the change. The white people like fair play: they gave full rights to Jews and blacks though it was not to their advantage. But the Jews do not care for the fairness, just for the bottom line. Their mistreatment of Palestinians exceeded every limit of tolerance. They could relinquish Palestine altogether and live well on 78% of its territory they got by means fair and foul. They could have the Two States’ Solution, where Palestinian state has no control over its borders, skies, water or military, but still has a flag and a national anthem.

Or, if they want the whole land of Palestine, they should treat Palestinians fairly, give them rights in one state, instead of slowly planting more Jewish colonies on the stolen Palestinian land while claiming to pursue Two States track. But the Jews preferred to have their cake and eat it. Such a trick may work for a while, but not forever, and thus Zionists learned the limits of their power."

The lesson that should come from this is that, while you can't weaken Jewish power, you can manipulate things by cleverly pitting one group of Jewish machers against another, based on their differing views of the tactics of Jewish empire building.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Clarification

"Why the CIA won’t want to go public with evidence of Russia’s hacking".  The comments are so consistently negative that you have to wonder who the CIA thinks it is fooling with this crap.

"The Coup against Trump and His Military-Wall Street Defense" (Petras).

"Erdogan says he has evidence US-led coalition has given support to Isis".  "Erdogan Says He Has "Confirmed Evidence" The US Supports ISIS".  "Who is Supporting ISIS-Daesh in Syria? Erdogan or Obama?".  Things have certainly changed.

Of course, 'Langley' stands up for his pals at Langley:  "Erdogan-Putin Syria Bromance as Turkey accuses US of backing ISIL".

"The Celebrity Left is Still the Enemy".  The Clarification.

"Syria Roundup: Aleppo Liberated - Turkey's Problems Increase".

"Putin's Hit Teams Of "Chechen Killers" Head For Syria".

"Last week, Politico said Mr Kissinger was one of the few Americans to meet frequently with Mr Putin, along with movie star Steven Seagal and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, Mr Trump’s pick for the next secretary of state."  The Trumpumverate.

"Corbyn hits back after Obama suggests Labour is disintegrating".  And yet in terms of grassroots enthusiasm and sheer numbers, it looks like the most successful political party in the western world.  Barry is completely incapable of recognizing what a successful political party would look like.

"False Media Reporting on Trump’s Request to State Dept for Info on Gender Equality Programs".

"Divergent Views: How Well Will Trump Get Along With His Own Cabinet?"  This remains the key question in American politics.

Unusual sanity:  "Fear in Berlin (or: They Do It With Mirrors)".

"New Zealand’s Settler Problem".  The problem with this kind of hasbara argument, completely invisible to the Khazar supremacists who make it, is that it accepts the premise of the immorality of settler colonialism.  The New Zealand settler problem can't be undone at this point, but the Israeli settler problem, utterly illegal under laws in place today, can be.  Khazars keep making this fundamental rhetorical mistake because they assume that the laws of the goyim animals don't apply to them.

"Britain Pulled the Strings and Netanyahu Warned New Zealand It Was Declaring War: New Details on Israel's Battle Against the UN Vote".  Bibi is making a big fuss about the smaller countries to hide all the bigger countries that voted for it and acted behind the scenes to ensure they could vote for it.

"Palestine 2017".   The United States is still irredeemably Jewed-up, and thus doomed as the parasites suck it dry, but the encouraging thing is the courageous work by many around the world to force this resolution to happen.

"Mike Cernovich, DeploraBall and the Collapse of the Alt-Cuck (音声障害ゴリラはユダヤ人を養う?)".  Not perhaps a big deal but there are obvious organized attempts to Jewify the alt-right.  The fact that so much effort is being put in to this is a strong indication that BigJew still sees the alt-right as a threat to Jewish supremacism.

Tweet (Max Shanly):
"Communist Party have announced that George Michael was once a member of the Young Communist League. Amazing. …"

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


"Breitbart Is Leading a Smear Campaign Against a Scholar for Mocking White Supremacy, and His University Isn't Defending Him".

"Drexel University, Apparently Unfamiliar With White Supremacist Lingo, Censures Prof For “White Genocide” Tweet".  "5,000 signatures to support George Ciccariello-Maher".

"Rising deaths among white middle-aged Americans could exceed Aids toll in US". "Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century". Caused by the policies of the credentialed neoliberals, who sometimes relax with a spot of 'satire'.

Is it meta-'satire' if you receive death threats for jokingly, and satirically, calling for a genocide that is actually happening?

Apparently, the archipelago still hasn't received the message from the most recent American election.

Watermelon and KFC

"Donald Trump as Zionist".  Guess the one issue on which Kevin MacDonald is a 'cuck'.  All based on obviously phony statistics of Republican support for Israel, and the new doctrine that Trump now has to kowtow to the very Republican operatives he so soundly defeated.  Most comments are kind, but skeptical.

"Far-right Dutch politician condemns Obama for UN settlement resolution".  I wonder how many shekels he got for that.  That is not just a disparaging comment, I honestly want to know what the going rate is.

"Welcome to Greater Israel!"  If Trump is planning to square the circle by granting the Jews whatever they want with respect to the Palestinians, but refusing to give them more Wars For The Jews, that will almost certainly fail, as the Jews have proven themselves masters at using false-flag 'terrorism' and lies from their Jew-controlled media to obtain wars.

"Demographics Are Not Destiny".  The utter reliance on demographics is profoundly racist as you assume the groups you are relying on as guaranteed votes have absolutely no interests that they might want addressed.  Once it is known that the group is being taken for granted, the demographics backfires.  Two issues:

  1. taking the group for granted as 'who else are they going to vote for?' (their answer is, at least, refusing to participate in the process, and. at worst, voting for the other party); and
  2. assuming that all members of the group, by virtue of being in the group, have identical interests (the very definition of racism).
"Was Jill Stein wrong in this tweet?" No, and Mr Angry is far too careful in his examples.

""His Thoughts Are So Correct": Trump Releases "Very Nice Letter" He Received From Putin".  Comment:  "Who could possibly object to this show of goodwill between superpowers? Hmmmmm... I wonder. ((()))".  ""Russia Did It" - The Last Stand Of Neoconservatism".

"Professor Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin is potentially America’s most valuable national security partner".  Of course, the Americans use terrorism as an imperial weapon, so American officials naturally don't perceive their promotion, funding and organization of terrorists to be a good fit with Russia's attempts to prevent terrorism!  For example.

"President Obama signs defense bill that could spur new space-based arms race".  Another boondoggle, the American version of the Iron Dome.

"Aleppo: another false flag “Srebrenica,” perhaps barely, averted".  The danger with all the lying propaganda is that they might take steps to create the imaginary atrocities they are suddenly obsessed with.

"Will The Real Tulsi Gabbard Please Stand Up... Please Stand Up".  The attack means she is making the Democrat officialdom nervous.  The comments are good ("Grow the F up, Howie Klein.").

"Harper: FBI 9/11 Probe Of Saudi Role A Decade Later".  More American attempts at manipulating the Saudi royals with the 9/11 dance of the seven veils.

"NATO Ramps Up Ukraine War After Defeat in Syria".  Late Barry abounds with pettiness.

"Drexel professor reprimanded for 'White Genocide' tweet claims it was satire".  'Can't you take a joke' comes up on all sides of the political spectrum.  Fits nicely into the credentialed Clinton archipelago dwellers' contempt for the deplorables.

"Russian Envoy Assassination: Unanswered Questions".  Related:  "Berlin truck attack suspect Amri shot dead in Milan".

Monday, December 26, 2016

Pol Pot for President

"To Go the Way of the Great Auk: the Clintons and the Media" (my emphasis in red):
". . . the real nadir of media capitulation and bad faith was the response to the brutal murder of the Russian diplomat Andrei Karlov in Istanbul, on video, at an art opening. The western press spun this as a freedom fighter attacking the brutal Russian empire and defending Allepo. Almost nothing was said about the family of the slain Russian, or about terrorism. I guess terrorism doesn’t exist if its directed at the enemy du jour. The celebrations on the streets of Aleppo seemed to have been erased by western TV and print editors, too. And all of this is in line, of course, with Hillary Clinton’s (and her advisors) pathological and obsessive hatred of Putin. And with the Clinton imprint on mainstream media.
So, back to those white liberals. Every single person (save one) that I once knew in theatre and in Hollywood, are liberal and none of them really do much in the way of research or political reading. All of them are arch Democrats. And never before, I don’t think ever, has an election so starkly revealed the stratification of classes and sub classes, even, in the U.S. I have found a just amazing, almost surreal level of wilful and intentional blindness on the part of liberal america to the crimes of the Clintons, and to the basic corruption of the Democratic Party. One can say over and over and over and over and over that Clinton orchestrated a neo nazi fascist coup in Ukraine, a fascist junta in Honduras and an illegal assassination of a foreign leader in Libya. You can say this again and again and I guarantee you will get no response. The stunning silence of white liberal America to the crimes of the Clintons stands as the most profound element in the entire scenario of this election.

The propaganda against Russia, culminating in the truly grotesque coverage of Karlov’s murder, has been pitched at levels that I’ve personally never seen or heard before. And then there is a strange sort of cognitive dissonance regarding the *fake news* issue, launched, of course, by Obama. And this was the lame duck Obama, a figure that actually the public has not seen before, or seen very little. The urbane repressed buttoned down lawyer is being gradually peeled back and an oddly callused cruel figure emerges. A borderline sadist even. And while we know for certain that Hillary is a sadist, I think Obama is at least her equal. But of late Obama has exhibited a curious if not unsettling lack of proportion between his comments and his relaxed manner and style. It is the relaxation, one must say, of a sociopath. I don’t say this glibly. But during the fake news remarks I felt as if this must have been how detectives felt interviewing Ted Bundy. All smiles, winks, and good natured charm. But he was discussing a new open war on dissent. Obama initiated drone assassination and discussed it in the same tone as he discussed his vacations. In fact he joked about drone killing at the Correspondent’s Dinner a couple years back. There is, in this lame duck version of Obama, the sense of letting his character armoring slip just a little. And it reveals just another layer of armoring. There is such an empty core to this man that I think he made the perfect chameleon. He was the black Max Headroom. I am reminded of the Book of Job…Though wickedness be sweet in his mouth, though he hide it under his tongue.

That the economy is now a disaster cannot be hidden. In fact, 90% of Obama’s new jobs were part time. Women were hardest hit during his eight years.Traditional fields for women workers in medicine and education were the biggest losers. Full time employment, the traditional 9 to 5 secure fixed job is all but extinct. There are fewer of those jobs today than during the great depression. But this is not anything that really affects the haute bourgeoisie, the affluent white liberals from Connecticut, Long Island, or Westchester County, or Bel Air, the Pacific Palisades, or Westwood. Or Menlo Park and Mill Valley. The educated classes. They don’t work day gigs. They don’t punch time clocks. They inherit and their family helps find them managerial positions or something akin. These are the people disproportionately visible in media. They don’t live paycheck to paycheck. And this is the point. The stratification of classes. And the markers for these class divides are becoming more fixed. If you use public transportation, for example, you are part of the lumpen masses these days. Nobody rides a bus to work at NBC or SONY pictures or Time Warner. Except maybe the kitchen staff.

Now, Trump is obviously, if we can judge from the last six months, a very thin skinned and rather terrified man. The son of a slum lord and a man who constantly seeks attention, and who wanted to be the biggest swinging dick in the house…well, once the Casino, now the White House. But he knows he’s not. And that can be a very dangerous personality flaw for someone with power. Trump’s eldest sons, Don Jr and Eric are perhaps the greatest indictment against Trump. I keep finding myself thinking of Roger Ballen’s famed photos of the Plattland farmers in South Africa; in particular Dressie & Cassie, the unfortunate twin brothers of the Transvaal. Don Jr and might well think, ‘there but for fortune’. But I digress.

The protests in the street, the agitation around counting ballots, and the open charges of treason — this is the stuff of a Capra movie on acid. It’s a strange dystopic vision. (And as ridiculous in its way as the catered sit in for gun control earlier this year, also courtesy of the Democratic Party leadership). And all in service of somehow getting Hillary Clinton elected. As, I guess, these people feel was ordained by a higher power, and hence their sense of the world coming apart at the seams. Why has god forsaken them, one can almost hear such screams in the night. Honestly, the degradation of electoral politics has hit bottom. It has to be clear, to even the most indoctrinated, that the voting system is broken. The problem is, for all the Diebald troubles and hacking claims and the electoral college; the real problem is simply basic inequality. Period. There are a fair number of people with relative wealth and there are a shit load of people with nothing. People who have no savings, and who live week to week, even with a family. People who pay rent, use food stamps if they can get them, and who if they get sick, stay sick. Or die. People who, if their children get seriously ill, will borrow themselves into lifetime debt to save their child. A debt they cant hope to ever crawl out from under. People who count pennies to buy their Copenhagen or Skoal — and weigh that against another tin of coffee. This is the America who didn’t vote. They didn’t because they are busy surviving. And the average liberal heaps scorn on these people as apathetic or selfish or whatever. The truth is, the average professional class white liberal has no fucking idea what poverty feels like. None. And the poor know what the affluent liberal does not. And that is that Hillary doesnt give anymore of a shit about them than the Donald."
The President the United States desperately needs is Pol Pot, with a massive reeducation plan to forciby remove the credentialed classes from the Clinton archipelago to farms in the rural hinterlands, and told to make a living, if they can, using only hand tools.

"Julian Assange: "Donald? It's a change anyway"" (my emphasis in red):
"What about Donald Trump? What is going to happen?
"If the question is how I personally feel about the situation, I am mixed: Hillary Clinton and the network around her imprisoned one of our alleged sources for 35 years, Chelsea Manning, tortured her according to the United Nations, in order to implicate me personally. According to our publications Hillary Clinton was the chief proponent and the architect of the war against Libya. It is clear that she pursued this war as a staging effort for her Presidential bid. It wasn't even a war for an ideological purpose. This war ended up producing the refugee crisis in Europe, changing the political colour of Europe, killing more than 40,000 people within a year in Libya, while the arms from Libya went to Mali and other places, boosting or causing civil wars, including the Syrian catastrophe. If someone and their network behave like that, then there are consequences. Internal and external opponents are generated. Now there is a separate question on what Donald Trump means".

What do you think he means?
"Hillary Clinton's election would have been a consolidation of power in the existing ruling class of the United States. Donald Trump is not a DC insider, he is part of the wealthy ruling elite of the United States, and he is gathering around him a spectrum of other rich people and several idiosyncratic personalities. They do not by themselves form an existing structure, so it is a weak structure which is displacing and destabilising the pre-existing central power network within DC. It is a new patronage structure which will evolve rapidly, but at the moment its looseness means there are opportunities for change in the United States: change for the worse and change for the better".

In these ten years of WikiLeaks, you and your organisation have experienced all sorts of attacks. What have you learned from this warfare?
"Power is mostly the illusion of power. The Pentagon demanded we destroy our publications. We kept publishing. Clinton denounced us and said we were an attack on the entire "international community". We kept publishing. I was put in prison and under house arrest. We kept publishing. We went head to head with the NSA getting Edward Snowden out of Hong Kong, we won and got him asylum. Clinton tried to destroy us and was herself destroyed. Elephants, it seems, can be brought down with string. Perhaps there are no elephants".

. . . 

One of the first times we met I noticed a book on your table: "The Prince" by Machiavelli. What have you learned about power in 10 years of WikiLeaks?
"My conclusion is that most power structures are deeply incompetent, staffed by people who don't really believe in their institutions and that most power is the projection of the perception of power. And the more secretively it works, the more incompetent it is, because secrecy breeds incompetence, while openness breeds competence, because one can see and can compare actions and see which one is more competent. To keep up these appearances, institutional heads or political heads such as presidents spend most of the time trying to walk in front of the train and pretending that it is following them, but the direction is set by the tracks and by the engine of the train. Understanding that means that small and committed organisations can outmanoeuvre these institutional dinosaurs, like the State Department, the NSA or the CIA"."
"How I Came to Understand the CIA" (no longer able to control information, the CIA is a useless and very expensive anachronism):
"Luckily, with the Internet revolution, people aren’t bound by The Times and network news hacks like Safer anymore. They can listen to Russia Today or tune in to Counterpunch and get another side of the story. So Mark Crispin Miller at Open Road chose The Phoenix Program to be the first book they published. And it’s been reborn. Thanks to the advent of the e-book, we’ve reached an audience of concerned and knowledgeable people in a way that wasn’t possible 25 years ago.

It’s also because of these Internet developments that John Brennan, the current director of CIA, thought of reorganizing the CIA into “centers” that have their origin in the Phoenix program. Phoenix is the template for the war on terror and the homeland security boondoggle.

All these things are connected. It’s a vastly different world than it was in 1947 when the CIA was created, or in 1967 when the CIA created the Phoenix program, or in 1990 when my book came out. The nature of the American empire has changed, and what the empire needs from the CIA has changed. The CIA is allocated about $30 billion a year, so the organizational changes are massive undertakings."
"Aleppo: another false flag “Srebrenica,” perhaps barely, averted".  It is as if they were screaming warnings about humanitarian disasters they were unable to cause!

"Whitemarsh Hall".

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Implausible deniability

Merry Christmas!

The term I was looking for regarding American denial of involvement in Ambassador Karlov's assassination:  implausible deniability.

In case you we worried that Barry had to forego a single shekel over The Abstaining:  "Behind the Scenes of the U.S. Decision Not to Veto the UNSC Resolution":
"The U.S. delegation to the UN made clear to all other UNSC delegations that any resolution that failed to reflect concerns over Palestinian incitement, violence, and terrorism would be subject to a U.S. veto."
"Netanyahu Summons U.S. Ambassador Over UN Vote on Settlements"!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Shekelings

Interesting debate playing out between the Jews who shekel Barry, and the Jews who shekel Republicans.  Always remember that Barry could never, ever, ever have been able to abstain on the settlement resolution without the backing of his own personal shekelers.

As usual, this is a debate within the Khazar community over tactics.  The big debate is whether it is possible to consolidate theft from the Palestinians - using the settlement 'facts on the ground' as de facto annexation leading to eventual legal annexation - while simultaneously, using Wars For The Jews and Yinon, to build Greater Israel, the proposed Khazar empire from the Nile to the Euphrates.  The Republican shekelers (e.g., Adelson) feel that you can and should do both, as G-d has decreed that the American host is to be drained by the Khazar parasites as quickly as possible while the opportunity presents itself. and that both channels, stealing land from the Palestinians and stealing land across the Middle East, should be followed simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Democrat shekelers fear the settlement movement will wreck the entire enterprise of building Greater Israel, as annexation of the Occupied Territories will force the Khazars to accept frozen set borders for Israel.  Thus, the strong anti-settlement sentiment amongst even the craziest of 'American' Jews, even the concentration camp guard.

Adelson involvement has led to Friedman as proposed ambassador, and this Trump adelsonian meddling in the resolution process, which seems to have backfired greatly, and may even have built enough courage in Barry, and anger in his shekelers, to pull the trigger on abstaining.

There must have been wild machinations in the background leading to the resolution.  Sisi is supposed to have been turned by Israel proffering anti-terrorist intelligence information (leading one to ask why they didn't provide it before), but you can be sure the real reason is that he was royally shekeled.  Once Sisi was shekeled, Israel let down its guard, assuming the resolution was dead and buried.

Then some really, really brave - and I mean that seriously, as the Khazars could well murder people over this, as is their primitive custom - souls in Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela worked in the background to resurrect the resolution.  Bibi appears to have been completely blindsided, reduced to yelling at Barry, who hates Bibi.

The reaction is amazing.

Still, nothing has really changed.  Tweet (The IMEU):
"Samantha Power says that despite UNSC vote, US still committed to Israel with $38 billion in military aid. How else could those $ be used?"

Friday, December 23, 2016

Conspiratorial ambiguity

"Traces covered: NATO Auditor found dead in Belgium".  "Le fonctionnaire de l'Otan avait le pistolet dans la main droite alors qu'il est...gaucher!".  "BREAKING: NATO Chief Auditor In Charge Of Counter Terrorism Funding Assassinated?".

"President Duterte of the Philippines for Dummies".

More wasted riyals:  "How “Stop the War” and Patrick Cockburn justified atrocities in Aleppo".

"A Loser’s Malice: What’s Behind Obama’s Attacks on Putin".  To be fair to Barry, outmaneuvered by Putin at every step, he has both arms and both legs tied behind his back by his grasping for shekels.

Conspiratorial ambiguity.  Barry made an express promise of 'retaliation' - scare quotes, as it can hardly be retaliation if the Russians didn't do the phony 'hacking' story being used by World Jewry as the excuse for losing so they do not have to face calls to renovate, i.e., de-Zionize, the Democratic Party - but he can hardly take credit for the assassination of an ambassador.  He wants to have it both ways - a clear warning understood by everybody with no evidence of direct American involvement.  Thus the use of a stooge spouting terrorist phases linking him to CIA-run American terrorist proxy armies.

"Retaliation Promised: Russian Ambassador's Murder Justified, Even Praised Across the West".  "New York Daily News column hails assassination of Russian ambassador".

"Liberation of Aleppo is the most serious setback for the US in 15 years".

"Envoy killed in a ‘parallel universe’".

"White Helmets: Fraudsters Serving Western Spy Agencies".  Easily one of the most outrageous stories in the history of warmongering propaganda.

Another break from the Yinon orthodoxy:  ""There were no green buses in Gaza" : Former UK ambassador to Syria debunks Aleppo propaganda (BBC)".

"The Bullets Of An Assassin: Nothing Is Beyond the Pale."

"Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story".  Funny that a Ukrainian started the Russian hacking story.  See also:  "The Anonymous Blacklist Promoted by the Washington Post Has Apparent Ties to Ukrainian Fascism and CIA Spying".

Shooting down yet another attempt at implicating the Russians:  "Why I Still Don't Buy the Russian Hacking Story".

Tweet (Walid):
"Bana has no thoughts or opinions of her own&had nothing to do w/the tweets. Watch Fatemah give her all the answers.Child manipulation #Syria"

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah) (Homs and Tennessee are throwing off the same shackles/shekels, but not without a little propaganda push-back!):
"Breathtaking: Al-Hawash in the Valley of Christians, Homs. All over #Syria, Christmas celebrations brightly emerge where Al-Qaeda used to be"
"Christmas in Aleppo - Attention Joe Scarborough".

Tweet (trapdinawrpool):
"The US knowingly presented perjured evidence to gain his extradition from Canada"
The John Birch Society on the New York Times!:  "N.Y. Times' Fake News That Electoral College Was Created to Protect Slavery".  Related:  "New York Times Will Vacate 8 Floors In Its HQ To Generate "Significant Rental Revenue"".

"Passenger removed from flight after confrontation with Ivanka Trump".  No part of this story makes any sense, starting with Ivanka on JetBlue.  Is this a Trump propaganda operation?

"This liberal Zinoist argument for ethnic cleaning was endorsed on Twitter yesterday by Kenneth Roth".  This is straight-up violent racist group supremacism, exactly the same argument that a 'nationalist' or Nazi would make!

"Israel-Palestine tensions ripple through Democratic Party chair races".  "Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS".  The plan is to make him into a Zionist lapdog.

Crime blotter.  "Seven Hedge-Fund Execs Arrested In Madoff-Like “ponzi Scheme”".  "OxyContin goes global — “We’re only just getting started”".  "Canada: Old Lady Made Homeless After Slimy Jew Stole Her Life Savings".

Thursday, December 22, 2016

American desperation

"Berlin Truck Terror Suspect And The Curious Matter Of ID Papers Left Behind".  This is from another formerly reliable site which has suffered a clarifying brain seizure due to the Trump win, but I can't argue with the conspiracy patterns.

"Berlin Christmas Market Incident a Likely False Flag".

"Russian Ambassador Killed Three Days After Obama Threat – Who Is Responsible?"  "CIA Hawk Called for the US to Deliver a “Painful” Blow to Putin One Week Prior to Ambassador Being Assassinated".

"How The Military Excluded The White House From International Syria Negotiations".  I believe this is completely wrong, and the Pentagon has consistently provided cover for Barry's neocon decisions by pretending to act in defiance of him (and, in fact, the Pentagon sometimes provides him an excuse to defy the orders of the people who run things, the Jewish billionaires).  'Thanks for the shekels, and I'd really like to give you what you demand, but you know I have no control over the generals . . . '.  This kind of deception is the traditional role of the CIA.  I would go so far as to say that the Pentagon is not happy at all in its role in Syria, but is just following orders from its Commander-in-Chief.  I should think a coup d'etat, or acts of actual treason by the highest Pentagon officials, would be low on your list of explanations for American government behavior.

Historical background:  "The implications of the Andrey Karlov assassination".

"Syria Ambassador Reveals Names Of Alleged Western/Saudi/GCC Intelligence Agents Trapped In East Aleppo".

"Donald Trump is holding a government casting call. He’s seeking ‘the look.’"  Trump is till playing the media like a violin.  I'm guessing that his excuse to Sheldon, along with a thank-you note for all the shekels, is that he couldn't make Bolton Secretary of State due to his moustache!

"Russia Missing from Trump’s Top Defense Priorities, According to DoD Memo".  "Pentagon memo on Trump's priorities doesn't mention Russia: report".  "Leaked Memo Reveals List Of Trump's Top Defense Priorities".  Had Killary won, the priorities would have been exactly the opposite.  You get a whiff of just how close we were to WWIII.

"What Jeff Sessions as attorney general will mean for the Iran Deal".  Note that going nuts over Iran will have the exact opposite effect of the main thrust of MAGA, handing to other countries lucrative trade deals that Americans could have had, and all just to please 2% of the population!

Concise and excellent and right on point:  "Freedom Rider: Syria, Russia and American Desperation" by Margaret Kimberley.

"Egyptian police arrest five people for using children to stage fake 'Aleppo' footage".

"Quick Thoughts: Sheila Carapico on The Current State and Future Prospects of War in Yemen".

"The NYT Portrays Aleppo's Liberation As Bad News".

Sounds about what I'd expect:  "EXCLUSIVE: Facebook 'fact checker' who will arbitrate on 'fake news' is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes - and its staff includes an escort-porn star and 'Vice Vixen domme'".

"Sources Tell Me… Fake News, Kuwait and the Trump DC Hotel".  Tweet (Peter Van Buren):
"Any news piece based on a single anonymous source should come with a warning sticker. Maybe a coupon for a free J-school review seminar"

"Tom Arnold: I Have "Racist" Trump Outtakes From 'The Apprentice'" ('Hollywood' protecting Trump is impossible to believe):
"When it became clear that Trump had a realistic chance of taking the White House, Arnold claims Hillary Clinton as well as new Apprentice star Arnold Schwarzenegger's agent got involved and wanted the tapes released. "The Sunday before the election, I get a call from [Schwarzenegger] CAA agent, sitting next to [Clinton]. They said, 'I need you to release him saying the N-word.' I said, 'Well, now these people - two editors and an associate producer - are scared to death. They're scared of his people, they're scared of they'll never work again, there's a $5 million confidentiality agreement.' "

In October, weeks before polling day, Trump's campaign almost derailed after for the now-infamous Access Hollywood outtake of the GOP candidate and host Billy Bush engaging in "locker-room talk." Although the long-rumored Apprentice tapes never surfaced before Nov. 8, Arnold, who has known Trump for decades, said later in the interview that he doubts they would have made much difference. "I think if the people that like him saw him saying the N-word, he's sitting matter-of-factly in front of there has to be 30 people there, and he's matter-of-factly saying all of this stuff. So I think they would have liked him more, the people. For being politically incorrect.""

"Won't Someone Please Make Rudy Giuliani a Twitter Account?"  Rudy's actual speeches are so batshit insane it is impossible to create a parody that lives up to the reality.  Remember when the Jew-controlled media was trying to tout him for Secretary of State?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Well would you look at that

"Will Putin Use His Ambassador’s Assassination to Gain a Political Edge?"  American propaganda spin on the Ziowahabbican assassination (the headline itself is telling).  Putin pretty much nailed it.  None of the bad guys are going to want to see a Russia/Turkey/Iran confab on anything, let alone their massive embarrassing defeat in Syria.

"Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was not terrorism, but retribution for Vladimir Putin’s war crimes" (see "New York Daily News and ISIS are happy about assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov").  Jewsplain of the year:
"After watching the death of Karlov, I could not help but remember the case of Ernst vom Rath, the Nazi ambassador to France, who was gunned down inside his consulate by a Jewish student in 1938."
"Every body these days is a "Syrian journalist/activist/human rights activist"".

"Journalist Eva Bartlett DESTROYS Mainstream Journalist Over Syria, Aleppo".  "ALEPPO DIARIES: Bearing Witness to the Liberation of Hanano, East Aleppo, a Personal View by Vanessa Beeley".  Again, 'fake news' through unconventional sources is wrecking all the shekels spent on spreading 'real news' through the Jew-controlled media.

"An al Qaeda Christmas: the Touching Tale of How Hate Figures Became American Heroes".  The fact that al Qaeda and ISIS are now easily the two most important American allies in the whole world, not to mention the superhuman efforts of the Jew-controlled media to spin this given all the Wars For The Jews they mined out of blaming 9/11 on al Qaeda, is the most amazing story to come out of the surprisingly rapid collapse, at the hands of Zionist parasites, of the American empire.

"Some of Erdogan's statement on Russia in the last two years".

"The bodyguard of the Iranian foreign minister is watching the bodyguard of the Turkish foreign minister VERY CLOSELY".  'Turkish bodyguard' is the new term for a very, very bad bodyguard, Secret Service on JFK level.

Rudy Giuliani has gone full #PizzaGate!  Preemptive strike against upcoming stories about him?

Tweet (Oliver Darcy):
"—@kurteichenwald said on GMA his Trump mental hospital tweet was part of series of jokes & intended to be “signal to a source” to talk w/him"
Tweet (Edward Snowden):
"Well would you look at that."

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


"The Dangerous Implications of the Assassination in Turkey":
"As for the assasination of the Russian ambassador that took place in Ankara, one can recall John Kirby’s threats to Russia that it was going to lose its citizens."
"A Few Initial Short Thoughts on the Murder of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara" (The Saker). The staging was notable - comment by Pasquale_J:
 "Some initial thoughts, on watching the video:

1.) the cameraman makes good and sure his wide shot is in focus before beating his retreat, notwithstanding there’s a crazed gunman some five feet in front of him, and

2.) whatever security force there may be on site, in a full fifty seconds after multiple shots are fired not one of them takes the initiative to actually show up.

And for your bonus point, the gunman stands around for those fifty seconds, just waiting for someone to come and shoot him. Can you say “false flag”? Maybe not. But I could film a more believable “assassination” in my sleep."
"Witness to an assassination: AP photographer captures attack".  The photographer acted as if he was under no danger while taking the striking propaganda photos.

"Russian ambassador's assassination in Turkey was organised by 'NATO secret services' and was 'a provocation and challenge to Moscow' claims Kremlin senator ".

Also, a comment by hym from the Vineyard's posting of this piece:
"The turkish mainstream news agencies point out that he was _not_ fired in the purge against the coup. He is working in the special forces and got a sick day off, booked a room in a hotel nearby the exhibition in the day of shooting and showed his well valid police ID to get around the security perimeter.

I am turkish, and I personally believe it was a joint operation of CIA and Gulenists. After the coup, the Gulenists virtually lost the capability to conduct another coup, and their new tactic is to perform assasinations and suicide attacks to the strategical positions which will render their joint cause with CIA beneficial. The purge could not eliminate all Gulenists from police, military and other government organizations, as they hide themselves quite well.

Evidences for the assassin Mevlut Mert Aydintas’ Gulenists link are that he got another sick day off on July 15 – the day of the Gulenist coup, went to a high school belonging to Gulenist movement and he was a suspect in a case regarding to rigging qualification exams for government positions. The Ankara represantative of Today’s Zaman newspaper (a propaganda machine of Gulenists) said on a December 16 tweet that from this day the ambassadors in Turkey have no security. I do not think it is quincidence."
From 'Langley':
"So it is likely that Altintas, who had served last winter in Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s own security detail . . . "
Even if the CIA didn't actually pay him, it was a Ziowahabbican assassination: "Russian Ambassador Assassinated: Retaliation, But by Whom?".

"George Clooney Is Developing a 'White Helmets' Movie About Heroic Syrian Rescuers".  Of course he is.

"More Propaganda Than News Coming Out of Aleppo".  He writes as if it is laziness or incompetence rather than an organized propaganda strategy.

"Syria - Killing Journos Enabled "Media Activist" Domination - Intended Effect?".

You might disagree with the political decision of having an electoral college, but there is high-level thinking behind it:  "The Best Election Map Yet".

"Trump has reached the 270 threshold of electors needed to assume the Presidency in January, with the Electoral College's refusal to do their duty and stop the ascendancy of a foreign power to the Presidency."

This is the damnedest thing ever, a phony social media campaign by the Clinton staff in which they inject her with amphetamines and diamond dust, raise her from her ICU/hyperbaric chamber/coffin filled with unconsecrated ground, and send her out to be photographed interacting with actors who then post about their 'surprise' meeting:  "In the Chappaqua woods, a search for Hillary Clinton" (my emphasis in red):
"Now it was different. Now it seemed like Hillary Clinton might appear at any moment, like she was just up ahead, just beyond those trees. Recently, a Chappaquaian named Andy and his two dogs, Lucas and Earl, were out walking and noticed that the leaves normally covering the path appeared to have been cleared by a leaf blower, the first time he had ever seen such a thing. In the distance, he saw two men sitting too stiffly on a bench.

“I said, ‘This is odd.’ It’s more like ‘Deliverance,’ ” he said, referring to the movie. “I tried to hustle up with the boys, and that night, my wife showed me the picture.”

A picture of Hillary Clinton in the woods. He had just missed her."

Monday, December 19, 2016

Streets full with dead bodies

"Stunning Photos Show Huge Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf":
"In November, Antarctic air temperatures were 3.6 - 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal. Antarctic sea ice set a new record low, as did the Arctic. Antarctic sea ice was a staggering 699,000 square miles below the 1981 to 2010 average.

"Antarctic sea ice really went down the rabbit hole this time," said Ted Scambos, the lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. 

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet could collapse entirely within the next 100 years.

"The collapse would lead to a sea-level rise of nearly 10 feet, which would engulf major U.S. cities such as New York and Miami and displace 150 million people living on coasts worldwide," stated the Ohio State researchers.

NASA's Operation Icebridge flights were based this year at Punta Arenas, Chile. Next year, the agency plans to fly from McMurdo Station in Antarctica in order to survey new areas. But, future missions may be in doubt. President-elect Donald Trump has suggested eliminating all climate research conducted by NASA, leaving Antarctica and the rest of the planet in the "dark ages.""
"The Hacking Evidence Against Russia Is Extremely Weak".  The basic point still being that any evidence can be, and would be, spoofed by any competent player in this world.  The evidence we do have, which itself needs to be taken with a grain of salt, consistently points to insider leaks.

"The Rise of the Alt-Center".  Not bad by Salon standards, and almost touches on the truth in mentioning Schumer (while, of course, not mentioning the Zionist conspiracy behind Schumer's trickery).

"Russia, NATO, Trump: The Shadow World".  The New York Review of Books is Ground Zero in the world of credentialed bloviating, here turning the usual Democrat/Zionist anti-Putin smear job into a piece about five times too long with enough of a veneer of 'facts' and historical contextualizing to make it appear definitive.  The technique is to nit-pick around the edges while tacitly taking the big standard-issue conspiracies as a given (see also the recent emptywheel analyses, it is an old rhetorical trick), the typical approach by the 'elite' commentariat in these clarifying times.

"Whistleblower John Kiriakou Critiques the CIA’s Behavior Following the 2016 U.S. Election".  On the motives for the CIA's treasonous participation in the coup attempt, and the plight of Jeffrey Sterling.

"Brazilian President Temer Signs Constitutional Amendment Imposing 20 Years of Austerity".  "How Brazil Got the Worst Austerity Program in the World".

"Trump Sets the Cat Among the Jewish Pigeons" (Shamir) (see the gloating "A New Strategy for Israeli Victory" by Daniel Pipes):
"For many years, liberal Israelis perpetrated a hoax (yes, I’ve said, hoax) of “struggling against occupation” and wishing to divide historical Palestine into two states, a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. Israeli officials negotiated for years and years with the US, with the quartet, with PA, and gave absolutely nothing in return for the time they gained. Millions of dollars, of European and American tax-payers were poured into soft life of these negotiators. How could the Israelis achieve this glorious (for them) result? Thanks to liberal progressive Israelis. Without liberal Israelis complicity, Jewish moderate nationalists of Bibi Netanyahu wouldn’t be able to slowly and at peace devour and digest Palestine piece by piece.

Every year they confiscate a few hundreds strategically located square miles, and plant there a few thousand of settlers. Step by step, they ate Palestine like mouse eats cheese. Now they are shocked that their charmed life will soon be over and their fraud is out.

Hard Jewish nationalists always wanted to annex the whole of Palestine. The moderates and the liberals thought it would implode the Jewish state, as in the new one state the Jews will hardly be in majority. There are various statistics and different assessments, but by the most optimistic (for Jews) count, they will present 50% of the population. The One state won’t be “Jewish” or it won’t be “Democratic”, is a usual answer. The hard nationalists answered that “we’ll see”. Let us get there, and we shall work it out.

The smart moderate bastards and their liberal crypto-supporters would answer: we’d love to, but America does not allow us to do it. And the US obediently provided the Israeli Jews with alibi: yes, we would not allow you to annex Palestine, yes, we want you to negotiate in order to reach Two States’ Solution. Now this is over, too.

If the Jews will annex Palestine, their long systematic fraud of “occupation” and “struggle against occupation” will be over. They will give Palestinians equal rights, including the right to vote for Knesset, and then there will be power-sharing, and other fruits of democracy. If they won’t give Palestinians equal rights, there will be something simple and clear to struggle for, namely for equal rights and against vestiges of apartheid."
"Israeli Squatters at Palestine’s Amona accept relocation to other Palestinian-owned Land".  Watch - they'll retake the original stolen land after the move!  Khazar kleptomaniacs.

"For the world to see: Anne Barnard and Liz Sly purposefully cover up the crimes of Syrian rebels".

"Sabotage Of East-Aleppo Evacuation Is Part Of A Plan".

Tweet (Lina Arabi) (and):
""Streets full with dead bodies" & the White Helmets didn't take a single pic. That's not the White Helmets I know."

Tweet (Lee Fang):
"It's going to be funny when it comes out the professional Dems posturing as "resistance" to Trump help him carry out the worst of his agenda"


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Panic and agony

"Harvard Professor Admits His Efforts To Turn Electoral College Against Trump Have Failed Miserably".  Lessig is just the reincarnation of Bill Kristol, with variations on the same stunts Kristol has tried, and failed, for months.  Lessig is willing to ruin a lifetime's reputation on this long shot as BigJew really, really, really wants to block Trump.  "Neocon Panic and Agony".

"We are all Palestinians" (Atzmon):
"By now we, and I mean all of us, except a few oligarchs, are all Palestinians. We are subject to the dirty games inflicted on us by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Soros, Saban, Adelson, and a few others. By now we are all subject to the tyranny of correctness that stops us from shouting out, loudly, that troubling truth which we all see."

"Western media’s epic fail on Craig Murray and the Russian hacking story":
"To be clear, if the Western media want to take issue with what Craig Murray is saying by either alleging that he has made it all up or that he was fooled by someone who is actually a Russian agent or is himself a Russian agent, then that is up to them. I would only repeat that Craig Murray is a person of acknowledged integrity and someone who as a former senior diplomat worked closely with the British intelligence services and has had extensive experience of handling classified material, and that he is in fact a stern critic of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

However the Western media has taken a completely different approach: silence. Though Craig Murray provided his information in interviews to the Guardian and the Daily Mail, the rest of the media, and indeed those same newspapers, has otherwise entirely ignored this story.

There is a point beyond which silence amounts to outright concealment and suppression of the truth.

Amidst all the accompanying media frenzy about Russian propaganda and ‘fake news’ the concealment of Craig Murray’s revelations is perhaps a telling sign of who the true purveyors of ‘fake news’ actually are."

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"German spies now claim that WikiLeaks' BND files were not hacked by Russia after all and source is an insider. …"

"Welcome to Idlib: America's Model Syrian City".

There are a few key moments in history when you can watch an empire slipping away, and the de-terrorizing of Aleppo is one of them:  "Bitter in Aleppo Defeat, US and EU Seek to Further Demonize Russia".  Not coincidentally:  "Philippines' Duterte to U.S. over aid: 'Bye-bye America'".

"When Bana Al-Abed Blocked @21WIRE on Twitter".  "Anne Barnard teaches us--yet again--that reporting does not have to be based on verified information".

"BuzzFeed And The NYDN: Click-Bait Headlines, False Stories, And Virtually Nonexistent Retractions".

"‘If I write in line with Russian media, it’s because we both tell the truth’ – Eva Bartlett to RT".  Snopes is going to be raking in the shekels!:  "Victim Blaming".

"The Saddam interrogation: Ten years after the tyrant's execution, the CIA agent who grilled him reveals the shattering truth... that everything the US thought it knew was WRONG ":
"But in late 2007, I was summoned to give a detailed presentation to George W. Bush at the Oval Office. What kind of a man had Saddam been, he asked me?

I told him that he was disarming at first and used self-deprecating wit to put you at ease.

The President looked as if he was going to lose his cool. I quickly explained that the real Saddam was sarcastic, arrogant and sadistic, which seemed to calm Bush down.

He looked at Vice-President Dick Cheney and their eyes locked in a knowing way. As I was leaving, he joked: ‘You sure Saddam didn’t say where he put those vials of anthrax?’ Everyone laughed, but I thought his crack inappropriate. America had lost more than 4,000 troops.

Several months later, I was asked to go back to the White House. This time, the President looked annoyed and distracted and asked for a briefing on the Shia cleric called Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Mahdi Army, then engaged in dangerous insurgency against the coalition. This was not on the agenda.

Trying to gain a few seconds, I said: ‘Well, that is the $64,000 question’ Bush looked at me and said: ‘Why don’t you make it the $74,000 question, or whatever your salary is, and answer?’ What an a***hole!"

"Theresa May's Personal Message to the Jews" (Atzmon):
"The only people who can defeat anti-Semitism are the Jews themselves. All they have to do is to drop their choseness and become ordinary people – in effect, stop being so special and join the human race."
"'Vanity Fair' editor sues Twitter troll for giving him a seizure".  The comments note that he could have, and if this is a possibly serious problem should have, turned off animations in his browser settings.  You have to wonder just how much embarrassment his employers can stand.  From 2007:  "The Perils of Journalism and Child Porn".

"It seems that Mossad terrorists struck in Tunisia".

People used to order kosher meals on airlines on the theory they wouldn't dare serve Jews the slop they serve the goyim:  "'Muslim' meals could be used to profile passengers, airline tells authorities".  I suppose if you order human liver they will not pay any attention to you.

Tweet (Christiane Amanpour)!:
"Shame on humanity, our world is paralysed, fighters carry on, who pays the indescribable price? Aleppo's suffering children/civilians."
"Asylum seekers who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong at risk of being deported, lawyer warns".

More evidence of a deep problem with Democrats, which remains class hatred by the credentialed classes for the 'deplorables' whose votes are desperately needed:  "Daily Kos Founder Gleefully Celebrates Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance".

"New Study Shows Anne Frank’s Family was Arrested During Fraud Investigation".

In these noble American days of drone bombing wedding parties and arming and celebrating human organ eaters, what bravery looks like:  "Larry Colburn, Who Helped Stop My Lai Massacre, Dies at 67".

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cut it out

"George Soros Is Funding Facebook's "Third-Party Fact Checking" Organization Targeting "Fake News"".  "US Gov’t, Oligarchs Behind Planned Fake News Flagging on Facebook".  The censors are funded by what could be described as a caricature of a conspiracy theorist's fantasy of the real workings of the world.

"9 Reasons Why PolitiFact Is Unqualified to Label ‘Fake News’".  Obviously partisan.

"Will Facebook's Fake News Warning Become a Badge of Honor?".  I found it bizarre than any site so honored would strive to get off the 'fake news' list.  Don't read anything that doesn't have a warning!

"That Time Tillerson Tried to Take on Hugo Chavez... And Lost".  His $9 billion of revenge couldn't be any worse than what Barry is doing.

"Venezuela Brings Toys to Poor Kids, Gets Called ‘Grinch’ on CNN":
"CNN‘s “Grinch” report exemplifies a popular new technique: Twitter has become the lazy journalist’s favorite tool. With millions of users expressing millions of different opinions, ostensibly “neutral” news outlets can cite tweets that confirm their biases as putative “evidence” that the public feels a particular way on an issue–a way that almost always just so happens to reflect and serve powerful interests.
Random tweets from unknown users can hence be quoted as examples of anonymous “critics” who echo corporate and government propaganda and rehash conventional wisdom. CNN‘s reporting is a case study in how to further sling mud at an elected socialist government that has for years faced aggression from the United States."

"Snowden's 'Proper Channel' For Whistleblowing Being Booted From The NSA For Retaliating Against A Whistleblower":
"Also receiving a bit more substantiation are Snowden's claims that utilizing the proper channels within the NSA would have been fruitless -- something that has been pointed out by earlier whistleblowers, nearly all of whom have seen their careers ended and their lives turned upside down by government prosecutions for their actions."
"Justin Liverman – emergency appeal".

Bearing in mind that Snowden may be CIA, this is still interesting:  "Snowden: “Russia Successfully Rigged US Elections In Favor Of Trump”".

"NSA Whistleblower Destroys Obama's Russia Narrative - "Hard Evidence Points To An Inside Leak, Not Hacking"".  Snowden has noted that the NSA's Panopticon should have gathered evidence showing exactly who was responsible.  Exactly as with the MH17 crash, the lack of evidence from the NSA is itself evidence that the Americans are hiding something which doesn't match their preferred narrative.  "As Binney further notes, the only way the leaks could have avoided NSA detection is if they were never passed over fiber networks but rather downloaded to a thumb drive by someone with internal access to servers."  Proving it is a leak, not a hack.

"Assange: Some leaks may have been Russian" (the headline, while not false, is obviously carefully crafted to mislead you).  Assange is playing a bit of  game here, as he came as close as possible to naming Seth Rich as the leaker while denying he was doing so, so his "“Craig Murray is not authorized to talk on behalf of WikiLeaks,” Assange said sternly.", and the timely tweet, should be read in the context of a bigger game.  Binney's thumb drive theory is consistent with Murray's story.

"As a threshold matter, no national security agency is going to monitor an American registered to work as an agent for the Saudis. That’s all the more true if the agent has the last name Podesta."  Seriously?  Also, more clarifying Clintonista swill in the guise of sophisticated analysis:  "There’s a section on the murdered DNC staffer, which I’m not going to focus on because I find it distasteful."

"Revealed: Who Gave Democratic Emails to Wikileaks".

"Politicized Intelligence Kneecapping Trump".

"The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election Russophobia".

"Iceland’s Former Minister Of The Interior Claims The FBI Tried To Frame Julian Assange".

"Syrian girl posting #Aleppo diary is real, investigator concludes".  The 'evidence' comes, in what must be some kind of sick meta-joke, from Bellingcat!  The CIA lifts itself up by its own suspenders.

"Scoundrel Time: Lessons in Patriotism and Journalism From a Master".

"Large Number of Turkish, Saudi (Israeli) Officers Deployed in Syria’s Aleppo City".  Might just be Syrian government propaganda but it makes perfect sense that the state sponsors of terror would be watching their operation.  Added:  "BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker".

"Aleppo Starts Uncovering Washington’s Evil Designs".  I wonder if the CIA has a clean-up crew working furiously in Aleppo to destroy evidence.

"Leftists and Jihadis".  If you read Pulse, and I don't recommend you do, you'll see that the Wahabbists are furious that the left doesn't buy their lies.

"Eva Bartlett on Syria: Responding to Buzzfeed".  There are still real journalists, but you can be sure they don't work for something as meaningfully named as Buzzfeed.

"US Backed Terrorists in Aleppo Consumed Food Delivered From Abroad While Civilians Starved".  This kind of thing always happens.

"Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo".  "“Aleppo Atrocities” – The Western Mainstream Media’s Latest Psy-Op".  "Celebrating the Liberation of Aleppo, Western Media Paints a Grim Picture without Mentioning that East Aleppo has Been Occupied by Al Qaeda For More than Four Years".

"The liberal hue and cry over the appointment of David Friedman as Trump's ambassador to Israel".  Trump is unmasking the two-faced American policy on Israel, which has always been vehemently pro-settlements.

"Trump has a ‘magic moment’ in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue".

"Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they’re beggars".  Grossly smashing international law is bad enough, but the 'donors' are going to need a massive false flag attack to start another War For The Jews.

"Bipartisan War".  The usual background preparation for Wars For The Jews.

"PM asks Kazakhstan to back Israeli bid for Security Council seat".

"You Opened the Box…" (the 'donors' are turning the United States into a banana republic):
"Democrats, Republicans, and players such as the CIA will have four years to consider how this process of delegitimizing a President Elect could work more effectively next time. The people who support extra-Constitutional steps now because of Donald Trump will find those same step will be available in later elections, to use against a candidate they favor. Voting can potentially become only a preliminary gesture, with real struggle only starting after the election itself."
"Obama, The Divider in Chief, Invokes Reagan ‘Rolling Over in His Grave’ in Attempt to Shame Republicans into Hating Putin".  Sad stuff from a guy counting the days until he can get his hands on those shekels!

"Putin’s Revenge".  Part of the bizarre genre of American writing which is utterly oblivious to what the United States is actually doing.  Note that the weirdly late Ziowahabbican propaganda on Aleppo blames the Syrian army and Russia for doing things actually done by the human organ eaters.

"A 20-year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation".  Look over there, Russian athletes are doping!

"The humane and sensitive Western correspondents in Beirut won't be tweeting this".  Also, have you read any news about the humane battle in Mosul recently?  Or:  "Journalist Iona Craig: The U.S. Could Stop Refueling Saudis & End Devastating War in Yemen Tomorrow".

"Assad is thriving on the west’s hesitation. The time for standing back is over".  I had to laugh while reading this extraordinarily late call for boots on the ground.  For all the riyals spent, the Saudis are not getting good value!

"German spies 'can't be trusted': Relations between the UK and Berlin intelligence chiefs hit after comments by London".

"Time is ripe for India-Iran-Russia energy tie-up".

"Samantha Bee Doesn’t Understand the Left’s Objection to Identity Politics" (my emphasis in red):
"Perhaps the biggest mistake Bee makes its equating the civil rights movement and identity politics. The civil rights movement was about a set of political objectives while identity politics is a set of tactics. Political movements can push for civil rights without framing their message in terms of identity politics, and identity politics can be used to pursue many different objectives aside from civil rights.

Identity politics talks about civil rights in terms of what specific groups of people are due, and it places those groups in opposition to one another in a zero-sum game. In identity politics we divide races, genders, religions, or ethnicities up into different groups. Some of these groups are identified as “oppressing” and others are identified as “the oppressed”. The oppressing groups are accused of enjoying privileges which they must give up to the oppressed. This means there is must be some fundamental transfer of status, wealth, or opportunity from privileged groups to oppressed groups. Consequently, people who are part of privileged groups are held in suspicion–these people are accused of defending and reproducing the systems of oppression which benefit them. When they express views that we don’t like, we can cast aspersions on those views by pointing out that they come from a member of a privileged group which has some stake in maintaining oppression. Those who participate in systems of oppression are said to be aggressive and practitioners of identity politics tend to morally condemn them, often by blaming and shaming them for their views and group identity.

It’s entirely possible to attempt to demand civil rights through identity politics. We can make these distinctions between oppressor and oppressed and use this as a basis to demand concessions from privileged groups. But this is not the only way to pursue a civil rights agenda.

We used to talk about civil rights in an entirely different way, from the perspective of citizenship. When we criticized racism, we criticized it on the grounds that it denied citizens rights and opportunities to which they ought to be entitled as citizens. Importantly, when we talked about what people are due as citizens, this cut across sub-national group identities. If all citizens are entitled to the vote, or to healthcare, or to education, or to some minimal living standard, we are committed to defending the rights and opportunities of everyone in our society regardless of what other groups they might identify with. Citizenship transcends narrow sectional identities.

When the left opposes identity politics, it does so not because it doesn’t care about civil rights, but because it wants to pursue those rights by appealing to what we are all owed as citizens rather than to what some groups are owed because of oppressed status. The language of citizenship transforms civil rights from a zero sum game into a positive sum game, in which we are expanding the benefits of citizenship for all of our people rather than transferring benefits from some privileged group to some oppressed group. This makes it easier to create broad, solidaristic coalitions in which civil rights are pursued concurrently with other kinds of benefits for groups identity politics regards as privileged. This spirit is embodied in the left wing politics of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, in which civil rights were pursued alongside workers’ rights and the war on poverty. Much was accomplished during that period for all of our citizens, though there is still much left to do. It’s a lot easier to get white guys to buy-in when we encourage them to think of themselves as fellow citizens rather than as members of a privileged identity group which is being challenged, especially when we ensure that they benefit from our policies alongside everyone else.

In contrast, when the right opposes identity politics it is often practicing it, albeit in a different way. Many on the right believe that the civil rights movement largely eliminated group oppression, and they think the contemporary civil rights movement is engaged in what they call “reverse racism”, seeking to oppress and expropriate formerly privileged groups to reverse the relationship of privilege and oppression that has prevailed historically. Bee confuses this right wing politics, which denies the legitimacy of the grievances of disadvantaged groups, with the left wing effort to ground civil rights in a broader narrative of what it means to be a citizen.

The sad thing today is that identity politics has become so ubiquitous as a way of thinking about and pursuing social justice that it now appears many people, including Bee, are no longer capable of conceptualizing alternative frameworks for understanding political groupings."
"More Detroit Voting "Irregularities": 95 Poll Books "Missing" For Days; 5 Still Nowhere To Be Found".  We stopped hearing about the recount when it started to uncover the wrong kind of fraud.

"On Dog Whistling".

"Ilhan Omar’s Hate Crime".

"Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration".  There is more than a bit of irony in the current obsession of the mainstream media with neo-Nazis in the alt-right.