Friday, December 02, 2016

A lot of heat

You can find this at the bottom of "The List", though I wonder why anybody would decline the honor (you could just copy the list as your blogroll):
"Removed following constructive conversations with outlet operators:,,,,
Do these 'constructive conversations' mean that some people are aware of the identity of the list maker?

"Fake News and War Party Lies" (Buchanan).  A bit of history.

"The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda":
"Another major issue with PropOrNot is that its members insist on anonymity. If one aims to cut through a disinformation campaign, transparency is paramount. Otherwise you just stoke further paranoia.The Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev, who debunks Kremlin propaganda on his site, Noodleremover, floated the possibility that PropOrNot was Ukrainians waging a disinformation campaign against Russia. The PropOrNot spokesman would speak to me only on the condition of anonymity and revealed only bare biographical details on background. “Are you familiar with the assassination of Jo Cox?” he asked, when I asked why his group remained in the shadows, referring to the British M.P. murdered by a right-wing extremist. “Well, that is a big thing for us. Basically, Russia uses crazy people to kill its enemies.”"

"Washington Post Reporter Spreads Blacklist of Independent Journalist Sites".  The 'reporter' might as well wear a neon sign on his head saying 'CIA'.

"Senators call for declassification of files on Russia's role in US election".

"Ryerson 'concerned' about allegations of anti-Semitism at student union meeting" (my emphasis in red):
"The alleged incident took place Tuesday evening at an RSU general meeting, during which a student introduced a motion to commemorate Holocaust education week with events to teach and remember the tragedy.

Third-year student Aedan O’Connor, there to support the motion, said she and other students were subject to jeers and snickers when they spoke, which escalated to anti-Semitic comments.

She also accused two groups of orchestrating a spontaneous walkout so quorum would be lost at the meeting, and with it an opportunity to vote on the motion for Holocaust remembrance — which both groups denied.

“Several students left crying and having panic attacks,” said O’Connor, 20, a member of Hillel Ryerson. Some posted their experiences on the RSU and other Facebook pages.

Neither Ullah or Tamara Jones, RSU vice-president of equity, said they heard any derogatory remarks from their positions on stage at the front of the room.

But they said the union is disturbed by the claims. The motion for a week to mark the Holocaust has the support of the board and will likely be approved at the next meeting, said Ullah.

“At the end of the day we have zero tolerance for this,” he said. “We do not tolerate any form of oppression. It’s not fair for these students to feel upset, or negative or hear such negativity on their own campus.”

He said he has met with two Jewish groups, Hillel Ryerson and Students Supporting Israel, and “they’ve been assured they have our support and the university’s support.”

Ullah said the controversy broke out more than three hours into the meeting, after many attending to support earlier motions had left, and attendance was hovering around the required quorum level of 100 people.

When someone proposed the motion regarding Holocaust education week be broadened to a week commemorating all genocides, “it definitely caused a lot of heat in the room,” he said, adding that proposal “was not appropriate.”"
"With Attacks On The Rise, Sens. Casey and Scott Introduce Bipartisan Anti-Semitism Awareness Act".

"Gatlinburg Wildfire: Jews and Blacks Celebrate Poor White People Dying, Arson Suspected":
"To see the scandalous contrast, just last week the Judenpresse turned a wild fire in Israel into an international story with extensive coverage. This inspired an international volunteer coalition of even nations that are lukewarm at best towards Jews – Russians, Egyptians, Turks and others – who were flown in to put it out for the cowardly Jews. There is even a significant number of white Gentile butt-kissing firefighters from America who have traveled to aid the effort in Israel, while their countrymen in poorly resourced Appalachia plea to deaf ears for someone to help!"
"Keith Ellison Allegedly Said U.S. Foreign Policy Is ‘Governed’ by Israel".  "Rep. Keith Ellison faces renewed scrutiny over past ties to Nation of Islam, defense of anti-Semitic figures".  But.

"Cornel West: Unlike Bernie Sanders, I'm Not Convinced the Democratic Party Can Be Reformed":
". . .  they can’t even talk about the Israeli occupation honestly. The president uses a language in 2009, they can’t use it in the platform. Why? Because they tied to the lobby, they tied to AIPAC. So that, when you have those kinds of restraints on you, these albatrosses around your neck, how are you going to be a party for the people? How you going to be a party for working people, poor people. How you going to be a party for those brothers and sisters in Yemen who are dealing with U.S.-supported troops and bombs killing them, mediated with Saudi Arabian government? How you going to deal with the Palestinians, deal with the Israeli occupation? How you going to deal with Africans, the expansion of AFRICOM, and so forth? There has to be some integrity and moral consistency. And unfortunately, the Democratic Party just strikes me as not being able to meet that challenge."
"Tired Dem donors feel like their money got burned" (my emphasis in red):
"“They’re tired,” one DNC official told The Hill. “They’re upset about the election, and there was significant trauma surrounding the Russians. They’re upset and they’re tired.”"
"A major setback for the Middle East peace process….":
"This is not the first time that the dark forces of Zionism have tried to silence the Muslims of this city. Lod was originally a Canaanite town and in ancient times became the old Arab city of Lydda. Its importance grew under Ottoman rule and the British mandate and by 1948 it had become a key trading centre with an airport and rail hub and nearly 20,000 inhabitants – 18,500 Muslim and 1,500 Christian. The UN’s Partition Plan of 1947 allocated Lydda to a future Arab state.

But in July 1948 Israeli terrorist troops seized Lydda, shot up the town and drove out the population as part of their ethnic cleansing programme. In the process they silenced 426 men, women, and children…. permanently. 176 of them were slaughtered in the town’s main mosque. See here for the lurid details.

Those who survived were forced to walk into exile in the scalding July heat leaving a trail of bodies — men, women and children — along the way. And who was the perpetrator of this foul massacre? None other than the great hero of the Six Day War, Moshe Dayan.

The assault on Lydda was witnessed by two American news correspondents. One recorded that “practically everything in their way died. Riddled corpses lay by the roadside.” The other wrote that he saw “the corpses of Arab men, women and even children strewn about in the wake of the ruthlessly brilliant charge”.

Christians, especially English Christians (and indeed Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Georgian and Maltese) will be aware that these outrages were committed in St George’s home town. He was born and buried in Lydda.

Israeli troops carried away 1,800 truck loads of loot. Jewish immigrants then flooded in and Lydda was given its Hebrew name, Lod.

So Israelis have no right to be there in the first place. Nor Ben Gurion airport, formerly Lydda airport. All was stolen in the murderous terror raid."
"Destructive Hacks Strike Saudi Arabia, Posing Challenge to Trump".  Saudis, having lost Hillary, blame it on Iran.

Tweets by Michael Oman-Reagan on The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War.  Try to find reference to that in the Jew-controlled media!

"Human Rights Watch Purposefully Mistranslates a Leaflet to Aleppo Rebels from Syrian Government".

"Signs of change in the Balkans? The Bulgarian and Moldovan elections":  ". . . a rift in this suffocating consensus . . . ."

No surprise, but Monbiot supports human organ eating (good for the environment, I guess).

"Could Egyptian Support Tip the Balance in Syria's Favor?"  No, Syria was going to win anyway, but this is a possibly massive shift in global power relations, so important that nobody dares mention it.

"India: Demonetization and its Discontents".  This really looks like a 0.1% monetary policy experiment, like they used to do medical experiments on non-white groups.

"Orwell in Oslo: Nobel Institute Honors Kissinger (Again) and Brzezinski".  The Nobel Prizes used to be one of those few things you admired without question.  Now they are a joke.

Kissinger-Trump:  "Trump Appoints CFR Member and Former Kissinger Aide to Top Advisory Position".

Trump peers into the bottom of the barrel.  "Petraeus Redux?"  Would his probation officer have to attend cabinet meetings?:  "Petraeus will have to notify his probation officer if Trump taps him as secretary of state".

"The Judeo-Russian Mafia – From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Domination".  Ridiculously important, which is why you've probably never heard about it.

"All 8 Witnesses Against Brazil's Lula Say He's Innocent".  "Temer Reforms Put at Risk by Fresh Scandals".

"I Don’t Like Trump or Racism".

"I can take glee in that -- I think Donald Trump conned them."

Tweet (Michael Brooks) (the devastating point is that Barry's corrupt 'legacy', distilled to its essence, is Trump):
"The ironic failing of the Obama era is that if housing fraud was prosecuted Ross & Mnuchin would prob be in jail right now"
Tweet (Raph Cormack):
"Apparently Egypt used to accompany the covering of the Kaaba with two baskets of cats. That's right. Cats. (From Harry Boyle memoirs)"
"One Last Humiliation: The CIA Just Bungled An Attempt To Drop A Piano On Fidel Castro’s Funeral Procession".
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