Friday, December 23, 2016

Conspiratorial ambiguity

"Traces covered: NATO Auditor found dead in Belgium".  "Le fonctionnaire de l'Otan avait le pistolet dans la main droite alors qu'il est...gaucher!".  "BREAKING: NATO Chief Auditor In Charge Of Counter Terrorism Funding Assassinated?".

"President Duterte of the Philippines for Dummies".

More wasted riyals:  "How “Stop the War” and Patrick Cockburn justified atrocities in Aleppo".

"A Loser’s Malice: What’s Behind Obama’s Attacks on Putin".  To be fair to Barry, outmaneuvered by Putin at every step, he has both arms and both legs tied behind his back by his grasping for shekels.

Conspiratorial ambiguity.  Barry made an express promise of 'retaliation' - scare quotes, as it can hardly be retaliation if the Russians didn't do the phony 'hacking' story being used by World Jewry as the excuse for losing so they do not have to face calls to renovate, i.e., de-Zionize, the Democratic Party - but he can hardly take credit for the assassination of an ambassador.  He wants to have it both ways - a clear warning understood by everybody with no evidence of direct American involvement.  Thus the use of a stooge spouting terrorist phases linking him to CIA-run American terrorist proxy armies.

"Retaliation Promised: Russian Ambassador's Murder Justified, Even Praised Across the West".  "New York Daily News column hails assassination of Russian ambassador".

"Liberation of Aleppo is the most serious setback for the US in 15 years".

"Envoy killed in a ‘parallel universe’".

"White Helmets: Fraudsters Serving Western Spy Agencies".  Easily one of the most outrageous stories in the history of warmongering propaganda.

Another break from the Yinon orthodoxy:  ""There were no green buses in Gaza" : Former UK ambassador to Syria debunks Aleppo propaganda (BBC)".

"The Bullets Of An Assassin: Nothing Is Beyond the Pale."

"Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story".  Funny that a Ukrainian started the Russian hacking story.  See also:  "The Anonymous Blacklist Promoted by the Washington Post Has Apparent Ties to Ukrainian Fascism and CIA Spying".

Shooting down yet another attempt at implicating the Russians:  "Why I Still Don't Buy the Russian Hacking Story".

Tweet (Walid):
"Bana has no thoughts or opinions of her own&had nothing to do w/the tweets. Watch Fatemah give her all the answers.Child manipulation #Syria"

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah) (Homs and Tennessee are throwing off the same shackles/shekels, but not without a little propaganda push-back!):
"Breathtaking: Al-Hawash in the Valley of Christians, Homs. All over #Syria, Christmas celebrations brightly emerge where Al-Qaeda used to be"
"Christmas in Aleppo - Attention Joe Scarborough".

Tweet (trapdinawrpool):
"The US knowingly presented perjured evidence to gain his extradition from Canada"
The John Birch Society on the New York Times!:  "N.Y. Times' Fake News That Electoral College Was Created to Protect Slavery".  Related:  "New York Times Will Vacate 8 Floors In Its HQ To Generate "Significant Rental Revenue"".

"Passenger removed from flight after confrontation with Ivanka Trump".  No part of this story makes any sense, starting with Ivanka on JetBlue.  Is this a Trump propaganda operation?

"This liberal Zinoist argument for ethnic cleaning was endorsed on Twitter yesterday by Kenneth Roth".  This is straight-up violent racist group supremacism, exactly the same argument that a 'nationalist' or Nazi would make!

"Israel-Palestine tensions ripple through Democratic Party chair races".  "Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS".  The plan is to make him into a Zionist lapdog.

Crime blotter.  "Seven Hedge-Fund Execs Arrested In Madoff-Like “ponzi Scheme”".  "OxyContin goes global — “We’re only just getting started”".  "Canada: Old Lady Made Homeless After Slimy Jew Stole Her Life Savings".
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