Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cut it out

"George Soros Is Funding Facebook's "Third-Party Fact Checking" Organization Targeting "Fake News"".  "US Gov’t, Oligarchs Behind Planned Fake News Flagging on Facebook".  The censors are funded by what could be described as a caricature of a conspiracy theorist's fantasy of the real workings of the world.

"9 Reasons Why PolitiFact Is Unqualified to Label ‘Fake News’".  Obviously partisan.

"Will Facebook's Fake News Warning Become a Badge of Honor?".  I found it bizarre than any site so honored would strive to get off the 'fake news' list.  Don't read anything that doesn't have a warning!

"That Time Tillerson Tried to Take on Hugo Chavez... And Lost".  His $9 billion of revenge couldn't be any worse than what Barry is doing.

"Venezuela Brings Toys to Poor Kids, Gets Called ‘Grinch’ on CNN":
"CNN‘s “Grinch” report exemplifies a popular new technique: Twitter has become the lazy journalist’s favorite tool. With millions of users expressing millions of different opinions, ostensibly “neutral” news outlets can cite tweets that confirm their biases as putative “evidence” that the public feels a particular way on an issue–a way that almost always just so happens to reflect and serve powerful interests.
Random tweets from unknown users can hence be quoted as examples of anonymous “critics” who echo corporate and government propaganda and rehash conventional wisdom. CNN‘s reporting is a case study in how to further sling mud at an elected socialist government that has for years faced aggression from the United States."

"Snowden's 'Proper Channel' For Whistleblowing Being Booted From The NSA For Retaliating Against A Whistleblower":
"Also receiving a bit more substantiation are Snowden's claims that utilizing the proper channels within the NSA would have been fruitless -- something that has been pointed out by earlier whistleblowers, nearly all of whom have seen their careers ended and their lives turned upside down by government prosecutions for their actions."
"Justin Liverman – emergency appeal".

Bearing in mind that Snowden may be CIA, this is still interesting:  "Snowden: “Russia Successfully Rigged US Elections In Favor Of Trump”".

"NSA Whistleblower Destroys Obama's Russia Narrative - "Hard Evidence Points To An Inside Leak, Not Hacking"".  Snowden has noted that the NSA's Panopticon should have gathered evidence showing exactly who was responsible.  Exactly as with the MH17 crash, the lack of evidence from the NSA is itself evidence that the Americans are hiding something which doesn't match their preferred narrative.  "As Binney further notes, the only way the leaks could have avoided NSA detection is if they were never passed over fiber networks but rather downloaded to a thumb drive by someone with internal access to servers."  Proving it is a leak, not a hack.

"Assange: Some leaks may have been Russian" (the headline, while not false, is obviously carefully crafted to mislead you).  Assange is playing a bit of  game here, as he came as close as possible to naming Seth Rich as the leaker while denying he was doing so, so his "“Craig Murray is not authorized to talk on behalf of WikiLeaks,” Assange said sternly.", and the timely tweet, should be read in the context of a bigger game.  Binney's thumb drive theory is consistent with Murray's story.

"As a threshold matter, no national security agency is going to monitor an American registered to work as an agent for the Saudis. That’s all the more true if the agent has the last name Podesta."  Seriously?  Also, more clarifying Clintonista swill in the guise of sophisticated analysis:  "There’s a section on the murdered DNC staffer, which I’m not going to focus on because I find it distasteful."

"Revealed: Who Gave Democratic Emails to Wikileaks".

"Politicized Intelligence Kneecapping Trump".

"The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election Russophobia".

"Iceland’s Former Minister Of The Interior Claims The FBI Tried To Frame Julian Assange".

"Syrian girl posting #Aleppo diary is real, investigator concludes".  The 'evidence' comes, in what must be some kind of sick meta-joke, from Bellingcat!  The CIA lifts itself up by its own suspenders.

"Scoundrel Time: Lessons in Patriotism and Journalism From a Master".

"Large Number of Turkish, Saudi (Israeli) Officers Deployed in Syria’s Aleppo City".  Might just be Syrian government propaganda but it makes perfect sense that the state sponsors of terror would be watching their operation.  Added:  "BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker".

"Aleppo Starts Uncovering Washington’s Evil Designs".  I wonder if the CIA has a clean-up crew working furiously in Aleppo to destroy evidence.

"Leftists and Jihadis".  If you read Pulse, and I don't recommend you do, you'll see that the Wahabbists are furious that the left doesn't buy their lies.

"Eva Bartlett on Syria: Responding to Buzzfeed".  There are still real journalists, but you can be sure they don't work for something as meaningfully named as Buzzfeed.

"US Backed Terrorists in Aleppo Consumed Food Delivered From Abroad While Civilians Starved".  This kind of thing always happens.

"Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo".  "“Aleppo Atrocities” – The Western Mainstream Media’s Latest Psy-Op".  "Celebrating the Liberation of Aleppo, Western Media Paints a Grim Picture without Mentioning that East Aleppo has Been Occupied by Al Qaeda For More than Four Years".

"The liberal hue and cry over the appointment of David Friedman as Trump's ambassador to Israel".  Trump is unmasking the two-faced American policy on Israel, which has always been vehemently pro-settlements.

"Trump has a ‘magic moment’ in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue".

"Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they’re beggars".  Grossly smashing international law is bad enough, but the 'donors' are going to need a massive false flag attack to start another War For The Jews.

"Bipartisan War".  The usual background preparation for Wars For The Jews.

"PM asks Kazakhstan to back Israeli bid for Security Council seat".

"You Opened the Box…" (the 'donors' are turning the United States into a banana republic):
"Democrats, Republicans, and players such as the CIA will have four years to consider how this process of delegitimizing a President Elect could work more effectively next time. The people who support extra-Constitutional steps now because of Donald Trump will find those same step will be available in later elections, to use against a candidate they favor. Voting can potentially become only a preliminary gesture, with real struggle only starting after the election itself."
"Obama, The Divider in Chief, Invokes Reagan ‘Rolling Over in His Grave’ in Attempt to Shame Republicans into Hating Putin".  Sad stuff from a guy counting the days until he can get his hands on those shekels!

"Putin’s Revenge".  Part of the bizarre genre of American writing which is utterly oblivious to what the United States is actually doing.  Note that the weirdly late Ziowahabbican propaganda on Aleppo blames the Syrian army and Russia for doing things actually done by the human organ eaters.

"A 20-year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation".  Look over there, Russian athletes are doping!

"The humane and sensitive Western correspondents in Beirut won't be tweeting this".  Also, have you read any news about the humane battle in Mosul recently?  Or:  "Journalist Iona Craig: The U.S. Could Stop Refueling Saudis & End Devastating War in Yemen Tomorrow".

"Assad is thriving on the west’s hesitation. The time for standing back is over".  I had to laugh while reading this extraordinarily late call for boots on the ground.  For all the riyals spent, the Saudis are not getting good value!

"German spies 'can't be trusted': Relations between the UK and Berlin intelligence chiefs hit after comments by London".

"Time is ripe for India-Iran-Russia energy tie-up".

"Samantha Bee Doesn’t Understand the Left’s Objection to Identity Politics" (my emphasis in red):
"Perhaps the biggest mistake Bee makes its equating the civil rights movement and identity politics. The civil rights movement was about a set of political objectives while identity politics is a set of tactics. Political movements can push for civil rights without framing their message in terms of identity politics, and identity politics can be used to pursue many different objectives aside from civil rights.

Identity politics talks about civil rights in terms of what specific groups of people are due, and it places those groups in opposition to one another in a zero-sum game. In identity politics we divide races, genders, religions, or ethnicities up into different groups. Some of these groups are identified as “oppressing” and others are identified as “the oppressed”. The oppressing groups are accused of enjoying privileges which they must give up to the oppressed. This means there is must be some fundamental transfer of status, wealth, or opportunity from privileged groups to oppressed groups. Consequently, people who are part of privileged groups are held in suspicion–these people are accused of defending and reproducing the systems of oppression which benefit them. When they express views that we don’t like, we can cast aspersions on those views by pointing out that they come from a member of a privileged group which has some stake in maintaining oppression. Those who participate in systems of oppression are said to be aggressive and practitioners of identity politics tend to morally condemn them, often by blaming and shaming them for their views and group identity.

It’s entirely possible to attempt to demand civil rights through identity politics. We can make these distinctions between oppressor and oppressed and use this as a basis to demand concessions from privileged groups. But this is not the only way to pursue a civil rights agenda.

We used to talk about civil rights in an entirely different way, from the perspective of citizenship. When we criticized racism, we criticized it on the grounds that it denied citizens rights and opportunities to which they ought to be entitled as citizens. Importantly, when we talked about what people are due as citizens, this cut across sub-national group identities. If all citizens are entitled to the vote, or to healthcare, or to education, or to some minimal living standard, we are committed to defending the rights and opportunities of everyone in our society regardless of what other groups they might identify with. Citizenship transcends narrow sectional identities.

When the left opposes identity politics, it does so not because it doesn’t care about civil rights, but because it wants to pursue those rights by appealing to what we are all owed as citizens rather than to what some groups are owed because of oppressed status. The language of citizenship transforms civil rights from a zero sum game into a positive sum game, in which we are expanding the benefits of citizenship for all of our people rather than transferring benefits from some privileged group to some oppressed group. This makes it easier to create broad, solidaristic coalitions in which civil rights are pursued concurrently with other kinds of benefits for groups identity politics regards as privileged. This spirit is embodied in the left wing politics of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, in which civil rights were pursued alongside workers’ rights and the war on poverty. Much was accomplished during that period for all of our citizens, though there is still much left to do. It’s a lot easier to get white guys to buy-in when we encourage them to think of themselves as fellow citizens rather than as members of a privileged identity group which is being challenged, especially when we ensure that they benefit from our policies alongside everyone else.

In contrast, when the right opposes identity politics it is often practicing it, albeit in a different way. Many on the right believe that the civil rights movement largely eliminated group oppression, and they think the contemporary civil rights movement is engaged in what they call “reverse racism”, seeking to oppress and expropriate formerly privileged groups to reverse the relationship of privilege and oppression that has prevailed historically. Bee confuses this right wing politics, which denies the legitimacy of the grievances of disadvantaged groups, with the left wing effort to ground civil rights in a broader narrative of what it means to be a citizen.

The sad thing today is that identity politics has become so ubiquitous as a way of thinking about and pursuing social justice that it now appears many people, including Bee, are no longer capable of conceptualizing alternative frameworks for understanding political groupings."
"More Detroit Voting "Irregularities": 95 Poll Books "Missing" For Days; 5 Still Nowhere To Be Found".  We stopped hearing about the recount when it started to uncover the wrong kind of fraud.

"On Dog Whistling".

"Ilhan Omar’s Hate Crime".

"Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration".  There is more than a bit of irony in the current obsession of the mainstream media with neo-Nazis in the alt-right.
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