Tuesday, December 20, 2016


"The Dangerous Implications of the Assassination in Turkey":
"As for the assasination of the Russian ambassador that took place in Ankara, one can recall John Kirby’s threats to Russia that it was going to lose its citizens."
"A Few Initial Short Thoughts on the Murder of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara" (The Saker). The staging was notable - comment by Pasquale_J:
 "Some initial thoughts, on watching the video:

1.) the cameraman makes good and sure his wide shot is in focus before beating his retreat, notwithstanding there’s a crazed gunman some five feet in front of him, and

2.) whatever security force there may be on site, in a full fifty seconds after multiple shots are fired not one of them takes the initiative to actually show up.

And for your bonus point, the gunman stands around for those fifty seconds, just waiting for someone to come and shoot him. Can you say “false flag”? Maybe not. But I could film a more believable “assassination” in my sleep."
"Witness to an assassination: AP photographer captures attack".  The photographer acted as if he was under no danger while taking the striking propaganda photos.

"Russian ambassador's assassination in Turkey was organised by 'NATO secret services' and was 'a provocation and challenge to Moscow' claims Kremlin senator ".

Also, a comment by hym from the Vineyard's posting of this piece:
"The turkish mainstream news agencies point out that he was _not_ fired in the purge against the coup. He is working in the special forces and got a sick day off, booked a room in a hotel nearby the exhibition in the day of shooting and showed his well valid police ID to get around the security perimeter.

I am turkish, and I personally believe it was a joint operation of CIA and Gulenists. After the coup, the Gulenists virtually lost the capability to conduct another coup, and their new tactic is to perform assasinations and suicide attacks to the strategical positions which will render their joint cause with CIA beneficial. The purge could not eliminate all Gulenists from police, military and other government organizations, as they hide themselves quite well.

Evidences for the assassin Mevlut Mert Aydintas’ Gulenists link are that he got another sick day off on July 15 – the day of the Gulenist coup, went to a high school belonging to Gulenist movement and he was a suspect in a case regarding to rigging qualification exams for government positions. The Ankara represantative of Today’s Zaman newspaper (a propaganda machine of Gulenists) said on a December 16 tweet that from this day the ambassadors in Turkey have no security. I do not think it is quincidence."
From 'Langley':
"So it is likely that Altintas, who had served last winter in Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s own security detail . . . "
Even if the CIA didn't actually pay him, it was a Ziowahabbican assassination: "Russian Ambassador Assassinated: Retaliation, But by Whom?".

"George Clooney Is Developing a 'White Helmets' Movie About Heroic Syrian Rescuers".  Of course he is.

"More Propaganda Than News Coming Out of Aleppo".  He writes as if it is laziness or incompetence rather than an organized propaganda strategy.

"Syria - Killing Journos Enabled "Media Activist" Domination - Intended Effect?".

You might disagree with the political decision of having an electoral college, but there is high-level thinking behind it:  "The Best Election Map Yet".

"Trump has reached the 270 threshold of electors needed to assume the Presidency in January, with the Electoral College's refusal to do their duty and stop the ascendancy of a foreign power to the Presidency."

This is the damnedest thing ever, a phony social media campaign by the Clinton staff in which they inject her with amphetamines and diamond dust, raise her from her ICU/hyperbaric chamber/coffin filled with unconsecrated ground, and send her out to be photographed interacting with actors who then post about their 'surprise' meeting:  "In the Chappaqua woods, a search for Hillary Clinton" (my emphasis in red):
"Now it was different. Now it seemed like Hillary Clinton might appear at any moment, like she was just up ahead, just beyond those trees. Recently, a Chappaquaian named Andy and his two dogs, Lucas and Earl, were out walking and noticed that the leaves normally covering the path appeared to have been cleared by a leaf blower, the first time he had ever seen such a thing. In the distance, he saw two men sitting too stiffly on a bench.

“I said, ‘This is odd.’ It’s more like ‘Deliverance,’ ” he said, referring to the movie. “I tried to hustle up with the boys, and that night, my wife showed me the picture.”

A picture of Hillary Clinton in the woods. He had just missed her."
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