Saturday, December 03, 2016


"Saudi-Iranian reconciliation is within sight" (Bhadrakumar).  If the Saudi royals indeed know when to fold their cards on a bad deal, they might survive for a while.

"The Empire’s Last Gasp – Anglo-American Journalism Chokes On Its Own Digital Model" (Helmer).  Names a suspect in the 'fake news' psyop, Joel Harding, who has an interesting history, but I fail to see any evidence to nail down the connection.

""Fake News" Fizzles on Arrival".  Other names, Peter Pomerantsev and Edward Lucas under the aegis of the Legatum Institute.

"The Orwellian War on Skepticism" (Parry).

"CounterPunch as Russian Propagandists: the Washington Post’s Shallow Smear".  There is a bizarre amateur breeziness to the decision whether you are on or off the list, as if, as some have speculated, this is some teenaged prank.

"Why Are Media Outlets Still Citing Discredited ‘Fake News’ Blacklist?"

The organized protests, the discussion of faithless electors, the recounts, the hints - for anything definitive would be an admission that the whole system is compromised and an admission that American officials are helpless facing the superior Russians - of Russian manipulation of the results, the 'fake news', the general media disparagement of Trump, including continuing to treat Trump and his followers as nothing more than clowns, all of these are part of creating a legitimacy crisis for the Trump Administration, an exact copy of what Soros has been doing all over the world with his color revolutions.  The point is to make it impossible for Trump to govern, and thus block, or stall, his legislative agenda.

"Tensions mount over US presidential election recounts" (my emphasis in red):
"The three recounts were initiated by Stein after she was approached by a group of academics specializing in election cybersecurity. Stein has denied that she initiated the recounts in an effort to shift the result of the election and install Clinton in the White House, claiming that she is merely seeking to verify the results of the election against any possibility of tampering by cyberattack from Russian-based hackers.
But in taking up the claims by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party of a massive effort by Moscow to disrupt the 2016 election, Stein has solidarized herself politically with an effort closely akin to McCarthyite witch-hunting. No evidence of Russian government intervention in the US elections has been presented, either by the US government or the corporate media outlets, most notably the New York Times and Washington Post, which have promoted the “Russian hacking” story so assiduously."
"The New Red Scare".

Next on the color revolution list:  "Unholy Alliance: Belarusian and Ukrainian neo-Nazis are plotting a Minsk Maidan".

"The Iron Heel at Home: Force Matters".  "Brutal US Colonialism in Puerto Rico".

"Don’t Underestimate Steven Bannon".  The 'Nazi' is the good guy, the one working class hero in the bunch, the only guy who might actually believe the Trump 'working class' rhetoric that resulted in his election.

The glass is half-full, as long as it is not full of neocons.  "What can go wrong?"  "Trump’s Appointments".  I fully agree that avoiding what Hillary's neocons would have done, up to and including WWIII, should give all Trump appointments the benefit of the doubt.  A common thread of the appointments seems to be a skepticism of Washington shibboleths.

"Is Donald Trump Really Only a Showman Who Will Prepare the USA for War?"  I don't believe the meta-conspiracy theory that everything that happens is part of the big plan of the illuminati.  The conspiracy was to get the warmonger Hillary elected.  Trump's victory was obviously a complete shock.  Now we're seeing various scrambling attempts to recover.  As the 'swamp' is extremely deep, some of these attempts will succeed.  That doesn't prove there was an all-encompassing plan.

"Trump's Treasury Secretary Pick Is A Lucky Man... Very Lucky".

"Bunkers and Meatheads" (Atzmon).  "Norman Lear on Political Decay, Election Day and Eternal Vigilance (Guest Column)".  "Celebs Issue Call To Resist Trump At ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner".  Lear is a big part of the building of the Clintonista identity politics consensus.

Tweets by Chris Arnade on the Carrier deal.  The Clintonista response is all typical variations on the standard right-wing response to all calls for progress, that the government can't help people, in this case the 'working class', as the economy will then make things worse for everybody.  Clinton's entire campaign theme was that things were admittedly fucked for the 99% but any attempt at improvement would make things worse.

"Somebody who is Hebrew speaking scrawled anti-Christian graffiti at a Christian cemetery in Kfar Yasif, Palestine".  "Senate Responds to Trump-Inspired Anti-Semitism By Targeting Students Who Criticize Israel".

Julian continues to run elections:  "Wikileaks bombshell could DESTROY Merkel's plans for EU domination, Julian Assange warns".

"Everything You Need To Know About The Italian Referendum (& Should Be Afraid To Ask)".  Get those torches and pitchforks ready, things are looking excellent for another peasant revolt.

Note the human organ eater technique is to make it too dangerous for reporters to report from the area, allowing 'reporters' to make up anti-Assad stuff from hundreds of miles away:  "Why Everything You’ve Read About Syria and Iraq Could be Wrong".  This works as, needless to say, al Qaeda and the Jew-controlled media are joined at the hip.

"December 1942 - Expert: A Soviet Occupation Of Stalingrad Would Be Too Costly".  I don't even understand the point of this late lying.  How many riyals per word does Lister get?

"Maryam Monsef apologizes to electoral reform committee for Commons outburst".  Her stooge committee, hand-picked to deliver the sinecure result, mentioned the dreaded word referendum, allowing Canadians to keep their country, and this Iranian foreign traitor had a freak out.  Her utter mismanagement of this snow-job means that things are looking up for Canadians.

"Keith Ellison".  Sounds like BigJew has issued the orders to drone this guy.

"I, Barrett Brown, Have Returned".
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