Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Liberation Day

"BREAKING: Aleppo’s Old City Now Fully Liberated by Syrian Army, Remaining Terrorists in Retreat".

"Trump lays out non-interventionist U.S. military policy". "Donald Trump: 'We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes'".  Extremely encouraging that he hasn't let this drop and is instead making a big thing out of it.  For those who think Hillary would have been much better on climate change, just remember that the Wars For The Jews Killary would have waged, including WWIII, would have had a devastating environmental effect (people still don't realize the immense world-wide environmental effects of the War For The Jews on Iraq).  The sins of Zionism are unbelievably vast and awful.  Anti-war is green.

"The Sun’s own phone hacking trial is heating up, as new evidence names Murdoch’s son".

"Julian Assange defies Swedish prosecutors by releasing rape statement".  Marianne Ny is one of the greatest villains of our time.

"The Rich Can’t Save Us".  Democrat denialism protects the 'donor' model of BigJew donating money to be spent at BigJew's media outlets.  The party remains fully invested in the 'donor' model - and to be absolutely clear, 'donor' means Jewish billionaires, one-issue guys who give donations in return for Wars For The Jews, the absolutely critical fact you won't see written at any respectable 'progressive' outlet - so the party is much, much, much worse than useless and any possible real progressive organization will have to take place elsewhere.

Of course, for a mass grifter like Hillary there are other donors:  "For Hillary Clinton and Boeing, a beneficial relationship".  Tweet (Mark Simone):
"Why did Boeing mark up that bill so high? They thought their crony Hillary would be the one paying it:"

"Hillary Clinton throwing party to thank millionaire donors".  Hillary's tin ear for the nuances of American politics persists as a huge problem for her and what remains of the party.

This is peak Warren, the Republican 'savior' of the Democrats.  Next week she'll come out against the Vietnam War.

"US Policymakers Propose Working Closer with ISIS' Sponsors".  Hi, Haim!

Tweet (Gregg Carlstrom):
"Presented without comment: Netanyahu in the Knesset yesterday, carrying a copy of Tom Friedman's latest book."
"The Mafia State".  Another advantage of the Trump win is that it has provoked a lot of thought on deep American problems that would never have seen the light of day had Killary won.

"North Dakota crude pipeline shut down after spill".  Nice timing!

When Trudeau made his pipeline announcement he might as well have announced that from now on he was exclusively going to ride in a horse and buggy, illuminated solely by candles.  It won't be long until pipelines are regarded as an absurd relic of the distant past.

"Witch Hunt: “Fake News” Software Touted by CBS Smears Naked Capitalism, ShadowProof, TruthDig, Others; Creator Admits He Made Up Who Went on Hit Lit,".  They'll censor what you can see, and you won't know it is being done.  Of course, Google searches already do this.

"Ross Ulbricht's Lawyers Uncover Evidence Showing His Silk Road Account Was Accessed While He Was Imprisoned".  The serial killer alibi is when new deaths occur after the alleged perp is jailed or hanged.

"Murder on the high seas? Former Sacramento man, 75, charged in cold case".  An EARONS possibility, but maybe a bit too old.
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