Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Non-straitjacket approach

"The Trump China Showdown Aligns With Reality" and "Behind hacking allegations: Explosive conflict over US policy toward Russia".  The view that Trumps's non-straitjacket approach to Russia is part of a strategic shift of American belligerence from Russia to China.  In particular, the Ziocon hate on Putin forced Russia into an alliance with China, detrimental to American anti-Chinese moves. I wonder how a war on China would work, now that the American 0.1% has off-shored much of its manufacturing to China and American domestic stability hangs on the cheaper prices for consumer goods bought by the 99% provided by low-wage manufacturing.  I'm not suggesting that this extreme interdependence would stop a war - that sounds too much like Tom Friedman - but it would complicate things.  For example, what do Trump voters do if everything in their local stores triples in price overnight?

It is to be noted that Trump's pick for ambassador to China was well received in China and points to more trade:  "What To Expect From Trump's China Ambassador".

"The friends of "the moderates" are not through yet".  Note the bizarre wailing from the Jew-controlled media after the operation is finished.  We're seeing a lot of this - much noisy slamming of barn doors after the horses have escaped.  I attribute it to the decline in Khazar IQ that has occurred after the remarkable stretch from the 1940s to 1970s of miraculous Khazar achievement. The sons and grandsons of these worthies are morons.

"Controlling the Narrative on Syria".

"British Member Of Parliament Accuses Russia Of Manipulating Brexit Vote".

Aluminum tubes!!!

This is great:  "How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq (Alison Weir)".

"CNN’s hostile treatment of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard after revealing US are arming, funding Terrorists in Syria".  She is saying out loud some amazing truths.

"Why Is CIA Avoiding The Conclusion That Putin Hacked Hillary To Retaliate For Its Covert Actions?".  Swill.  This could have come from the CIA.

"Trump’s Showdown With the CIA".  If you consider all the Pentagon people in Trump's cabinet, and the outrageous 'fake news'/Russian slurs of the CIA, it seems we are seeing another CIA-Pentagon turf war which the CIA is losing.
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