Sunday, December 18, 2016

Panic and agony

"Harvard Professor Admits His Efforts To Turn Electoral College Against Trump Have Failed Miserably".  Lessig is just the reincarnation of Bill Kristol, with variations on the same stunts Kristol has tried, and failed, for months.  Lessig is willing to ruin a lifetime's reputation on this long shot as BigJew really, really, really wants to block Trump.  "Neocon Panic and Agony".

"We are all Palestinians" (Atzmon):
"By now we, and I mean all of us, except a few oligarchs, are all Palestinians. We are subject to the dirty games inflicted on us by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Soros, Saban, Adelson, and a few others. By now we are all subject to the tyranny of correctness that stops us from shouting out, loudly, that troubling truth which we all see."

"Western media’s epic fail on Craig Murray and the Russian hacking story":
"To be clear, if the Western media want to take issue with what Craig Murray is saying by either alleging that he has made it all up or that he was fooled by someone who is actually a Russian agent or is himself a Russian agent, then that is up to them. I would only repeat that Craig Murray is a person of acknowledged integrity and someone who as a former senior diplomat worked closely with the British intelligence services and has had extensive experience of handling classified material, and that he is in fact a stern critic of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

However the Western media has taken a completely different approach: silence. Though Craig Murray provided his information in interviews to the Guardian and the Daily Mail, the rest of the media, and indeed those same newspapers, has otherwise entirely ignored this story.

There is a point beyond which silence amounts to outright concealment and suppression of the truth.

Amidst all the accompanying media frenzy about Russian propaganda and ‘fake news’ the concealment of Craig Murray’s revelations is perhaps a telling sign of who the true purveyors of ‘fake news’ actually are."

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"German spies now claim that WikiLeaks' BND files were not hacked by Russia after all and source is an insider. …"

"Welcome to Idlib: America's Model Syrian City".

There are a few key moments in history when you can watch an empire slipping away, and the de-terrorizing of Aleppo is one of them:  "Bitter in Aleppo Defeat, US and EU Seek to Further Demonize Russia".  Not coincidentally:  "Philippines' Duterte to U.S. over aid: 'Bye-bye America'".

"When Bana Al-Abed Blocked @21WIRE on Twitter".  "Anne Barnard teaches us--yet again--that reporting does not have to be based on verified information".

"BuzzFeed And The NYDN: Click-Bait Headlines, False Stories, And Virtually Nonexistent Retractions".

"‘If I write in line with Russian media, it’s because we both tell the truth’ – Eva Bartlett to RT".  Snopes is going to be raking in the shekels!:  "Victim Blaming".

"The Saddam interrogation: Ten years after the tyrant's execution, the CIA agent who grilled him reveals the shattering truth... that everything the US thought it knew was WRONG ":
"But in late 2007, I was summoned to give a detailed presentation to George W. Bush at the Oval Office. What kind of a man had Saddam been, he asked me?

I told him that he was disarming at first and used self-deprecating wit to put you at ease.

The President looked as if he was going to lose his cool. I quickly explained that the real Saddam was sarcastic, arrogant and sadistic, which seemed to calm Bush down.

He looked at Vice-President Dick Cheney and their eyes locked in a knowing way. As I was leaving, he joked: ‘You sure Saddam didn’t say where he put those vials of anthrax?’ Everyone laughed, but I thought his crack inappropriate. America had lost more than 4,000 troops.

Several months later, I was asked to go back to the White House. This time, the President looked annoyed and distracted and asked for a briefing on the Shia cleric called Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Mahdi Army, then engaged in dangerous insurgency against the coalition. This was not on the agenda.

Trying to gain a few seconds, I said: ‘Well, that is the $64,000 question’ Bush looked at me and said: ‘Why don’t you make it the $74,000 question, or whatever your salary is, and answer?’ What an a***hole!"

"Theresa May's Personal Message to the Jews" (Atzmon):
"The only people who can defeat anti-Semitism are the Jews themselves. All they have to do is to drop their choseness and become ordinary people – in effect, stop being so special and join the human race."
"'Vanity Fair' editor sues Twitter troll for giving him a seizure".  The comments note that he could have, and if this is a possibly serious problem should have, turned off animations in his browser settings.  You have to wonder just how much embarrassment his employers can stand.  From 2007:  "The Perils of Journalism and Child Porn".

"It seems that Mossad terrorists struck in Tunisia".

People used to order kosher meals on airlines on the theory they wouldn't dare serve Jews the slop they serve the goyim:  "'Muslim' meals could be used to profile passengers, airline tells authorities".  I suppose if you order human liver they will not pay any attention to you.

Tweet (Christiane Amanpour)!:
"Shame on humanity, our world is paralysed, fighters carry on, who pays the indescribable price? Aleppo's suffering children/civilians."
"Asylum seekers who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong at risk of being deported, lawyer warns".

More evidence of a deep problem with Democrats, which remains class hatred by the credentialed classes for the 'deplorables' whose votes are desperately needed:  "Daily Kos Founder Gleefully Celebrates Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance".

"New Study Shows Anne Frank’s Family was Arrested During Fraud Investigation".

In these noble American days of drone bombing wedding parties and arming and celebrating human organ eaters, what bravery looks like:  "Larry Colburn, Who Helped Stop My Lai Massacre, Dies at 67".
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