Sunday, December 04, 2016


"Saban calls Ellison ‘clearly an anti-Semite’ (and not on Wikileaks)".  Ellison is out unless he immediately supports making all Palestinians - and any others in the way of Greater Israel - into lampshades.

"Lobby: Trump selects ‘Israel hater’ as defense secretary".  Tweet (Daniel Larison):
"It is comical and typical that the one thing about Mattis that Boot dislikes is his honest and accurate appraisal of Israeli settlements"

"U.S. Journalists and Professors Appearing on RT America Get Blacklisted".  "Meet Charlie Kirk, The “Boy Wonder” Trump Ally Behind A Poorly Sourced McCarthy-Like Watchlist Of Professors".

"BBC bosses still trying to cover tracks over Savile in 2012, says Andy Kershaw".

"Twitter May Have Predicted the Election".  The fall of 'established media influencers'.  Their attempts at propaganda didn't just fail, it backfired, as people reasonably decided to do the opposite of what they were told.

This is hilarious:  "“There’s No Check on Trump Except Reality”: A Q&A With Wayne Barrett".

"Conservatives Howl Over Carrier Deal".

The 53-year-old youth movement of the Democrats:  "Jamie Raskin Has a Fierce, Funny Message for Dispirited Democrats".

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard) (the real future of the Democrats, if they have one):
"Just landed in Bismarck. It's 10pm, 26degrees, airport is FULL of veterans coming in from all across the country #StandingRock #NoDAPL"
I wonder how murdering veterans for Big Oil will look on Barry's 'legacy'.  "A missing piece of the puzzle of Trump’s victory: the 2003 invasion of Iraq".

"Tsai calls Trump, World Commentariat IQ drops 50 points".  Note how the Jew-controlled media, exactly as you would expect, tried to start WWIII over this, and the Chinese just laughed.

"Roy Gutman's Hakawati".  "Did the Syrian regime "create" Salafite Jihadism? Did the Jordanian regime "create" Salafite Jihadism?":
". . . the notion that Syrian regime went as far as bombing itself to convince the West that it faces Jihadi terrorism is a story best suited for either Instabul cafes or for...The Daily Beast."
Believe it or not, the idea that Assad promoted Sunni Islamists - in order to save his regime by giving him someone to fight! - is currently big with the Saudi princes (see also).

"Hybrid Wars: The Horn Of Africa, the Scramble for Somalia; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Color Revolutions?" (Korybko).

"US Policymakers Seek “New Thailand” Amid Asian Pivot".  "Thailand: Careless Journalism Backs a Western Colour Revolution".

"Hands Off the Iran Deal".  There will be lots of Iran talk, and the usual self-destructive treasonous congressional bobbing for shekels, but the Iran deal isn't going anywhere.

"Canada does not negotiate with terrorists. Except …".

Global Earthquake Animation.  The plates!

Giving ambulance chasers a bad name!

"Political Science’s “Theory of Everything”".  Such theories might themselves be a conspiracy to obscure the real actors (and, of course, the fact that the real actors change over time).  The comments are worthwhile.

Smoking, sugar, climate change . . . .  I kinda detect a pattern.
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