Thursday, December 15, 2016


"NBC: Putin ‘Personally’ Directed US Election Hack".  From the aptly-named 'Crooks and Liars':  "Officials Say Putin Personally Involved In Election Hacks".  "U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack".  "US Accuses Vladimir Putin Of "Personal Involvement" In Election Hack".  This is getting ridiculous, which is a good thing.  As the original lie didn't get enough traction, they are forced to keep extending it, until they reach the level of obvious bullshit.  They probably should have learned from the Trump election that the fact that something overwhelmingly resonates in the Jew-controlled media has nothing whatsoever to do with what real Americans are thinking.

Whoever at the CIA manufactured the original 'evidence' of Russian government involvement, overdid it:  "Questions for the Electors on Russian Hacking".

Some careful deconstructing of the outrageous lies of the Jew-controlled media:  "New York Times undermines its own case Russia was behind Clinton leaks" and "New York Times’ narrative of Russian hacking: War propaganda in the guise of news".

"EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers".  I assume this is about Seth Rich.

"" ... in response to a reproach." English Outsider".  There is always going to be violence, some of it landing on civilians, in a de-terrorizing operation.  There is no option but to de-terrorize, doing whatever you have to do.  The fault for this, always and entirely, lies on the people supporting the terrorists, in this case, the Saudi and Qatari princes who fund the terrorists, the Americans who arm and organize them, and the Jews who tell everybody what to do for their vile Yinon plans.

Tweet (George Galloway):
"GRAPHIC:Never forget this 12 year old Palestinian boy. Never forget the face of the beast who did this to him."

"Gabbard’s Law: To End War on Terror, Stop Arming Terrorists".  "Who Planned the Terrorist Operation in Palmyra?".  "ISIS attack on Palmyra directly linked to US waiver on rebel arms supplies – Assad".

"US Ambassador Samantha Power: Russia, Iran and Assad ruin our wicked plan in Syria".  This late wailing about thwarted imperial plans just makes the empire look as decrepit as it is.

Jill Stein' patriotic diligence has finally uncovered the vote fraud:  "Mass Detroit Voter Fraud? - 37% Of Precincts Counted More Ballots Than Voters".  "How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election".  Or could it be that they were not that stupid but wrongly calculated that the massive Detroit vote fraud operation in place would be enough to put them over the top?

"Obama Out Not With A Bang, But A Whimper" (Escobar).  A sad end to a sad Presidency.

Embarrassing persecution:  "US brings new charges against Rasmea Odeh".

"The big chill on free speech hits Britain".  People who want to be free can never sleep as the shekels flow 24/7.  "Jewish Power is now British Law – It’s Official!" (Atzmon).

"A British school in Saudi Arabia organized a trip for the students to Poland to visit Auschwitz".

Look at the tweet that got her fired!:  "Julia Ioffe Fired By Politico".  What do you think the concentration camp guard will do?:  "The Atlantic Hires Julia Ioffe to Cover Politics and Foreign Policy".  Ioffe will be solely remembered, if she is remembered at all, as the subject of a set of jolly memes from the alt-right pranksters.

Tweet (Steve Hogarty):
"Another embarrassing u-turn for climate "scientists". First they said 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded. Now they're saying it's 2016."

Tweet (Alan Ferrier):
"Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved upon?"

Tweet (P A T R I C K):
"Whoever made this can take the rest of the week off."
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