Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Shekelings

Interesting debate playing out between the Jews who shekel Barry, and the Jews who shekel Republicans.  Always remember that Barry could never, ever, ever have been able to abstain on the settlement resolution without the backing of his own personal shekelers.

As usual, this is a debate within the Khazar community over tactics.  The big debate is whether it is possible to consolidate theft from the Palestinians - using the settlement 'facts on the ground' as de facto annexation leading to eventual legal annexation - while simultaneously, using Wars For The Jews and Yinon, to build Greater Israel, the proposed Khazar empire from the Nile to the Euphrates.  The Republican shekelers (e.g., Adelson) feel that you can and should do both, as G-d has decreed that the American host is to be drained by the Khazar parasites as quickly as possible while the opportunity presents itself. and that both channels, stealing land from the Palestinians and stealing land across the Middle East, should be followed simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Democrat shekelers fear the settlement movement will wreck the entire enterprise of building Greater Israel, as annexation of the Occupied Territories will force the Khazars to accept frozen set borders for Israel.  Thus, the strong anti-settlement sentiment amongst even the craziest of 'American' Jews, even the concentration camp guard.

Adelson involvement has led to Friedman as proposed ambassador, and this Trump adelsonian meddling in the resolution process, which seems to have backfired greatly, and may even have built enough courage in Barry, and anger in his shekelers, to pull the trigger on abstaining.

There must have been wild machinations in the background leading to the resolution.  Sisi is supposed to have been turned by Israel proffering anti-terrorist intelligence information (leading one to ask why they didn't provide it before), but you can be sure the real reason is that he was royally shekeled.  Once Sisi was shekeled, Israel let down its guard, assuming the resolution was dead and buried.

Then some really, really brave - and I mean that seriously, as the Khazars could well murder people over this, as is their primitive custom - souls in Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela worked in the background to resurrect the resolution.  Bibi appears to have been completely blindsided, reduced to yelling at Barry, who hates Bibi.

The reaction is amazing.

Still, nothing has really changed.  Tweet (The IMEU):
"Samantha Power says that despite UNSC vote, US still committed to Israel with $38 billion in military aid. How else could those $ be used?"

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