Friday, December 30, 2016


"Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions".  So once the US gets a grown-up President, everything can be reversed.

"Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow “Intended to Box In Donald Trump”. Evidence that Hacking of DNC Accusations are Fake".

"What The Russian Hacking Report DOESN’T Say".  They were so careful in covering their asses on the allegations, possibly fearing a Trumpian refutation after the inauguration, that they didn't leave any reason for the sanctions.

"Hypocrites and Moderate Rebels":  ". . . a particularly pietistic bit of perambulating humbug, one Samantha Power, the ambassador of the United States to the United Nations."

"There will be no partition of Syria".

"Horrific Details Emerge of the Aleppo Rebel’s Trade in Human Organs".  The difficult decision of whether to eat them or sell them.

"Richard Spencer’s Mom-gate".  Violent racist supremacist cage match - I say we should just step back and let them fight it out.

"Fake Jewish Philosopher Tells “Anti-Semites, Skin-Headed Intellectuals” to Leave France".  A 'treasure'.

"BERLIN’S KNOWN WOLF: Prior Criminal Plot, Watched Before Christmas Attack – Germany Takes on So-Called Fake News Crisis".  Lots of parallels to other 'terrorist' attacks.

"U.S. Embassy Turkey Openly Lies About U.S. YPG Support".

"The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False" (Greenwald).  Assange's actual statements didn't follow the 'narrative', so they just made shit up!

"The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-Up".  A relatively minor Pentagon cover-up.
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