Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Watermelon and KFC

"Donald Trump as Zionist".  Guess the one issue on which Kevin MacDonald is a 'cuck'.  All based on obviously phony statistics of Republican support for Israel, and the new doctrine that Trump now has to kowtow to the very Republican operatives he so soundly defeated.  Most comments are kind, but skeptical.

"Far-right Dutch politician condemns Obama for UN settlement resolution".  I wonder how many shekels he got for that.  That is not just a disparaging comment, I honestly want to know what the going rate is.

"Welcome to Greater Israel!"  If Trump is planning to square the circle by granting the Jews whatever they want with respect to the Palestinians, but refusing to give them more Wars For The Jews, that will almost certainly fail, as the Jews have proven themselves masters at using false-flag 'terrorism' and lies from their Jew-controlled media to obtain wars.

"Demographics Are Not Destiny".  The utter reliance on demographics is profoundly racist as you assume the groups you are relying on as guaranteed votes have absolutely no interests that they might want addressed.  Once it is known that the group is being taken for granted, the demographics backfires.  Two issues:

  1. taking the group for granted as 'who else are they going to vote for?' (their answer is, at least, refusing to participate in the process, and. at worst, voting for the other party); and
  2. assuming that all members of the group, by virtue of being in the group, have identical interests (the very definition of racism).
"Was Jill Stein wrong in this tweet?" No, and Mr Angry is far too careful in his examples.

""His Thoughts Are So Correct": Trump Releases "Very Nice Letter" He Received From Putin".  Comment:  "Who could possibly object to this show of goodwill between superpowers? Hmmmmm... I wonder. ((()))".  ""Russia Did It" - The Last Stand Of Neoconservatism".

"Professor Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin is potentially America’s most valuable national security partner".  Of course, the Americans use terrorism as an imperial weapon, so American officials naturally don't perceive their promotion, funding and organization of terrorists to be a good fit with Russia's attempts to prevent terrorism!  For example.

"President Obama signs defense bill that could spur new space-based arms race".  Another boondoggle, the American version of the Iron Dome.

"Aleppo: another false flag “Srebrenica,” perhaps barely, averted".  The danger with all the lying propaganda is that they might take steps to create the imaginary atrocities they are suddenly obsessed with.

"Will The Real Tulsi Gabbard Please Stand Up... Please Stand Up".  The attack means she is making the Democrat officialdom nervous.  The comments are good ("Grow the F up, Howie Klein.").

"Harper: FBI 9/11 Probe Of Saudi Role A Decade Later".  More American attempts at manipulating the Saudi royals with the 9/11 dance of the seven veils.

"NATO Ramps Up Ukraine War After Defeat in Syria".  Late Barry abounds with pettiness.

"Drexel professor reprimanded for 'White Genocide' tweet claims it was satire".  'Can't you take a joke' comes up on all sides of the political spectrum.  Fits nicely into the credentialed Clinton archipelago dwellers' contempt for the deplorables.

"Russian Envoy Assassination: Unanswered Questions".  Related:  "Berlin truck attack suspect Amri shot dead in Milan".

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