Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A rat at the end of a ratline

"A Nazi Skeleton in the Family Closet" (and see also "Victim Or Aggressor – Chrystia Freeland’s Family Record For Nazi War Profiteering, And Murder Of The Cracow Jews"):
"As the war turned against the Nazis and the Red Army advanced across Ukraine and Poland, Nazi propagandist Emil Gassner took Mykhailo Chomiak in 1944 to Vienna where Krakivski Visti continued to publish. As the Third Reich crumbled, Chomiak left with the retreating German Army and surrendered to the Americans in Bavaria, where he was placed with his family in a special U.S. military intelligence facility in Bad Wörishofen, a cluster of hotels situated 78 kilometers from Munich in the foothills of the Alps.

The Chomiak family was given accommodations, living expenses and health care. In her biography, Freeland refers to it only as “a refugee camp.” In September 1946, Mikhailo Chomiak’s daughter Halyna was born in that spa town. In May 1948, the facility was closed and Chomiak, the former Nazi editor, departed for Canada."
Rarely is so much so convincingly explained. No wonder Freeland loves Bandarists so much, and so vehemently hates their opponents - they are practically family! We must identify current Canadian foreign policy by its real name - neo-Nazi! Grandpapa was so utterly toxic the American spies didn't seem to know how to process him, allowing him to slink away anonymously, which is why the terrible taint required some sleuthing to discover.

Canadians might want to ask themselves whether it is wise to have as chief diplomat somebody who is not legally allowed into Russia.

 See also: 'Ratlines' and 'Operation Paperclip'.
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