Friday, February 24, 2017

An angel on one shoulder

"Double Standards over ‘Russian Interference’ in Western Elections".  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has recently been blocking Strategic Culture Foundation as a "potentially malicious website".

"The Treacherous Alliance Serving Israeli and US Hegemony in the Region ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban" (Graham Fuller again!):
"A recently declassified CIA document prepared in 1983, and released on 20 January 2017, shows that the United States had at the time encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Syria, which would have led to a vicious conflict between the two countries, thus draining their resources.
The report, which was then prepared by CIA officer Graham Fuller, indicates that the US tried adamantly to convince Saddam to attack Syria under any pretense available, in order to get the two most powerful countries in the Arab East to destroy each other, turning their attention away from the Arab-Israeli conflict.
And since Saddam was already knee-deep in a bloody war against Iran, he needed to be incentivized and encouraged by American client states in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, who offered to fund such a war in order to deal a deadly blow to the growing Syrian power in the region.
Hence, the US provided modern technology to Saddam in order to close the ring of threats around Syria, in addition to Jordan, Turkey, and Israel. The report expected that such pressures from three fronts, possibly more, would force Syria to give concessions in the struggle with Israel. And the report asserts that it was of utmost importance to convince Saddam to play along this scenario, because it would have divided the Arab line and distracted attention from the American-Israeli role in this scheme.
Therefore, the United States worked to achieve a substantial consensus among its client Arab states to support Saddam in such a move. Israeli policy at the time welcomed the idea of creating tensions along Syria’s borders with Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, because Israel saw Syria as it biggest problem and not Saddam.
Three decades earlier, a colonial alliance was formed during the Cold War, the so-called Baghdad Pact, which included Turkey, the Shah’s Iran, and British-controlled Iraq, with support from the Gulf States. The alliance was geared against Jamal Abdul Nasser, and aimed at stopping the Nationalist wave sweeping Arab countries, and to also halt Egypt’s support for liberation movements in Africa and Asia. But the 1958 revolution in Iraq ended this alliance, and this was followed by Syria and Egypt merging into the United Arab Republic, which Iraq intended to join, but this tripartite unity never materialized.
It is noteworthy that Turkey was always an enemy of Arab Nationalism, especially in Syria and Iraq, and this tendency is still there until today, because Turkey never forgave the Arabs’ for their role in the collapse of the Ottoman empire, and never accepted the loss of its Arab colonies."
"A Trump/Netanyahu Strategy? US Evacuating ISIS Commanders from Tal Afar".  Something like the Battle of Tora Bora, where bin Laden was allowed to escape.

What Trump is up to remains unclear (McCain, on the other hand, is treasonously clear), as if he has a plain common-sense MAGA angel on one shoulder, and a Jewish devil on the other, but it is clear that the Turks have no interest in fighting ISIS.

Another message from Haim:  "McMaster has the Islamophobes worried, and that’s a good thing".  Whatever anybody may say, McMaster is a m-a-s-s-i-v-e upgrade from Flynn.

"The Increasingly Unhinged Russia Rhetoric Comes From a Long-Standing U.S. Playbook".  Misleading.  There is certainly a base of old American Cold Warriors, but this anti-Putinism is clearly Jewish (with some, possibly ironic, help from Ukrainian neo-Nazis), based entirely on the perceived threat of Russia to Greater Israel.  No question whatsoever.

"How UK’s Jewish Labour Movement tries to intimidate journalists".  The heavy handed application of JewPower suggests panic.  They used to be more subtle.

"‘What Shall We Do With the Negro?’"  The Great Emancipator.

"Warning: Canada is not what you think it is".  Considering the BigMoney behind it, it should not be a shock that organized Islamophobia is proving to be protected at the highest levels.

"You are not in control" (reminds me of cfl lightbulbs, developed to save the terrible expense of disposing of mercury by providing a method of having it deposited in landfills, one improperly disposed of lightbulb at a time, where it will poison the water supply forever):
". . . What is it about the car-dependent living arrangement, and the landscape it enables, that the technosphere finds to be efficient? The surprising answer is that the technosphere strives to optimize the burning of gasoline; everything else is just a byproduct of this optimization.

It turns out that the fact that so many people are forced to own a car has nothing to do with transportation and everything to do with petroleum chemistry. About half of what can be usefully extracted from a barrel of crude oil is in the form of gasoline. It is possible to boost the fraction of other, more useful products, such as kerosene, diesel fuel, jet fuel and heating oil, but not by much and at a cost of reduced net energy. But gasoline is not very useful at all. It is volatile (quite a lot of it evaporates, especially in the summer); it is chemically unstable and doesn’t keep for long; it is toxic and carcinogenic. It has a rather low flash point, limiting the compression ratio that can be achieved by gasoline-fueled engines, making them thermodynamically less efficient. It is useless for large engines, and is basically a small-engine fuel. Gasoline-powered engines don’t last very long because gasoline-air mixture is detonated (using an electric spark) rather than burned, and the shock waves from the detonations cause components to wear out quickly. They have few industrial uses; all of the serious transportation infrastructure, including locomotives, ships, jet aircraft, tractor-trailers, construction equipment and electrical generators run on petroleum distillates such as kerosene, jet fuel, diesel oil and bunker fuel.

If it weren’t for widespread private car ownership, gasoline would have to be flared off at refineries, at a loss. In turn, the cost of petroleum distillates—which are all of the industrial fuels—would double, and this would curtail the technosphere’s global expansion by making long-distance freight much more expensive. The technosphere’s goal, then, is to make us pay for the gasoline by forcing us to drive. To this end, the landscape is structured in a way that makes driving necessary. The fact that to get from a Motel 8 on one side of the road to the McDonalds on the other requires you to drive two miles, navigate a cloverleaf, and drive two miles back is not a bug; it's a feature. When James Kunstler calls suburban sprawl “the greatest misallocation of resources in human history” he is only partly right. It is also the greatest optimization in exploiting every part of the crude oil barrel in the history of the technosphere."
This is hilarious: "Truth to Power".
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