Thursday, February 02, 2017

Assassination is insensitive

"Sloppy Western Reporting and the War on Yemen".  "Fox News and an unbelievable tale from Yemen".  'Sloppy' is a sloppy choice of words, not appropriate when the errors are intentional warmongering to start a War For The Jews against Iran.  All 'journalists' involved should be in jail as lying to promote war is actually a crime.

'Garbage journalists'.  Petras.  Sympathetic to Trump, with a sudden reversal at the end.

"Deranged And Deluded: The Media’s Complicity In The Climate Crisis".

Rothschild guide to modern journalism.

Yes!:  "Trudeau abandons electoral reform, breaking key campaign promise".

"Donald Trump Assassination: Magnatone CEO Ted Kornblum Apologizes For ‘Insensitive’ Facebook Message".

On leaving the IZC:  "African leaders cautiously back strategy to quit global court".

"The mass protests against Trump and the role of the Democratic Party".  Not even the tiniest movement away from neo-liberalism and warmongering.  Also:  "If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions".

"Iraq: A Deadly Deception".  To be applied as needed to block Wars For The Jews.

"Liberals On the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown".  Liberal conspiracy theories.

"Game-changers ahead on the (long) Maritime Silk Road" (Escobar).  It is fun to speculate, but it remains a completely unanswered question whether Trump takes any interest at all in Chinese trading routes.

Putin's newest pal is ex(?)-CIA asset Haftar!:  "Eastern Libya forces fly wounded to Russia in growing cooperation".

The Russian arrests are being tied to the CIA:  "Reports: Russian cyber spy treason cases linked to CIA".  Might be the pee dossier, might be something else entirely.

"How to make a tragedy fit your desired narrative: Robyn Urback".

Guess which one is from The Onion:

  1. "This Is Still Embarrassing, Donald Trump";
  2. "Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front Announces New Alliance";
  3. "Noam Chomsky Announces Las Vegas Residency".
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