Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookie and Cake

"Obama’s Lost Army".  New villain for both the nothingness of Barry's Presidency and the Trump victory (main named villain is Paul Tewes), the fact that party insiders didn't want to cede even the tiniest amount of power to the grassroots.  No grassroots influence took all the starch out of Barry, and left Clinton vulnerable to the mistakes she made.

"Citing intermarriage threat, Israeli rabbis ‘blacklist’ families deemed not Jewish".  With supremacists, the consequences of not being deemed to be in the supremacist group are dire, and most of the people making the decision, as Khazars, aren't even in the group themselves!

"College Republicans Apologize For Handing Out Hitler-Themed Valentine's Card".  Didn't they mean 6,000,000?  Denialists!

"Elliott Abrams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know".

Comment by sgt_doom at Naked Capitalism:
"I don’t grasp this sudden attention to Fake News; many of us have been battling it for ages.

What We Did Not Learn From Fake News!

When Reagan was in the White House and George Gilder reigned supreme, did we ever learn from Fake News that Gilder was the adopted son of David Rockefeller?


When Bush #1 was about to attack Iraq (in the 1990s) did we learn from Fake News that Richard Armitage used to sit on the board of the Kuwaiti oil company which was slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields and stealing their oil?


During the Clinton Administration did Fake News ever tell us of the ties between the Clintons and the Blackstone Group (founded by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman, with Rockefeller seed money)?


During the Bush #2 Administration did Fake News ever explain that D.J. Gribbin IV was Dick Cheney’s Godson? Or that the legal counsel at DHS was Cheney’s son-in-law?

Did Fake News ever tell us that France’s President Sarkozy’s stepfather was Frank Wisner, Jr., not only a career CIA type, but the son of one of the original founders of the CIA?


Nor did Fake News explain exactly how Frank Wisner and John Negroponte aided Sarkozy in winning the French presidency the first time around?

Seems like Fake News falls short on the Real News category!"

"All the News That Fits the Agenda" (Giraldi)  (!!!):
"Fred Hiatt cites a number of examples of Trump’s failings, including how, regarding immigration, “favoring one religion over another…defaces our democracy.” Surely Hiatt is aware that in practice immigration into the U.S. has frequently favored one religion or nationality or culture over others. During the past 50 years it has worked favorably for Cubans, Irishmen and Vietnamese Christians. Russian Jews benefited particularly as they were admitted as refugees under the 1975 Jackson-Vanik Amendment even though they were not notably persecuted and only had to prove that they were Jewish.

Jackson-Vanik was one of the first public assertions of neoconism, having reportedly been drafted in the office of Senator Henry Jackson by no less than Richard Perle and Ben Wattenberg. Its provision favoring Jews was expanded by the 1990 Lautenberg Amendment which widened the field to include Iranian Jews. As refugees instead of immigrants they received welfare, health insurance, job placement, English language classes, and the opportunity to apply for U.S. citizenship after only five years.

Hiatt’s apparent ignorance about how his Russian-Jewish neocon buddies like Max Boot arrived here is particularly noted as he is also Jewish. And Boot is far from alone. Steve Sailer reports that journalist Julia Ioffe, who complains regularly about American racism, Vladimir Putin and also Donald Trump, entered the U.S. under the Russian-Jewish waiver in 1990, bringing 60 of her family members along with her. One suspects that selective immigration policies are okay for Fred when it is one’s own tribe but immoral when it somehow involves Donald Trump."

"Hedge Fund Of Hillary Clinton's Son-In-Law Has Shut Down".

"Why is the FBI outsourcing some of its high-tech work to an Israeli company?"  Not at all consistent with MAGA, not to mention the ridiculous insecurity of turning all this data over to known blackmailers and manipulators.  Isn't it obvious that any of this kind of work, if done at all, should be done in-house at the FBI to protect security interests of individual Americans, not to mention the entire country?

"The plain truth about terrorism".  No accident, but the shekeled enforcing Yinon through the use of sponsored Sunni extremism.

"As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed".

"Land law is final nail in the two-state solution coffin" (Cook).

"When the US feared Yugoslavia's resistance against the IMF tyranny".  "The Clintons Assisted Goldman Sachs, Angela Merkel In The Greek Financial Crisis".

"Putin's Tough Choice: China Or The West".

"Freedom House Brands Venezuela “Not Free”, Whitewashes Brazilian Coup".  All of these international arbiters - human rights, corruption, 'freedom' - are themselves impossibly corrupt.

"Amnesty International Admits Syrian "Saydnaya" Report Fabricated Entirely in UK".

The latest silly and pointless attack on Trump:  ""In 26 Years, I've Never Seen Anything Like This" White House Leaks Reportedly Reveal Trump Team Turmoil" and "Trump’s faux-pas diplomacy".  It is the same Washington insider self-satisfied smirking for their own amusement.

"A Short History of the Trump Family".  Sid has read the books, and knows a lot more about Trump than he did, in providing advice to Clinton, about Gaddafi.

"Microsoft Kicked in $250,000 for Trump's Big Party Before Speaking Out Against Muslim Ban".

"Barrett Brown's Donors Sue DOJ/FBI For Monitoring Their Donations".  Class-action complaint.

"Today’s Blind Items – The Voodoo Queen".  The comments about the British royals are great!
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