Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Will Die In Jail

Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US govt & the IC who consider themselves to be the 'permanent government'."
The phony story of the Clintonistas and the CIA about Russian control over Trump is ironically being used in an unconstitutional attempt to obtain control over Trump. I don't know how much Trump fears actual assassination by these assholes, but a mass firing of specific officials might be the only thing standing between the United States and the replacement of its constitutional government by an CIA dictatorship.  Note how much real damage the War On Terror - a War For The Jews, naturally - has done to constitutional government in the United States.

"Intelligence agencies clash with Trump over Russia allegations".  You know something is tragically fucked up when Eli Lake is on the right side of an issue.

""He Will Die In Jail" - Intelligence Community Ready To "Go Nuclear" On Trump".  Dick pic opinion.

Note the danger in using the term Deep State (or even the vague IC) to describe what is going on.  This is essentially a CIA (+ partial FBI) attack against the Pentagon and Trump.  Flynn led the DIA, making him the hated competent intelligence competition for the CIA assholes (and this is the second time he lost in a CIA power move).  The details are important, and lost under this Deep State obfuscation.

Current days remind me of the time prior to the JFK assassination, when many disparate bipartisan interest groups, including the relatively tiny IC of the time (but not the Jew-controlled media, which was not yet Jew-controlled!), had serious problems with the elected President.  That assassination permanently fucked up the United States, but the people behind it, like the media/CIA/Clintonistas of today, thought they were doing God's work in removing a truly dangerous man from power.

Typical inside-the-beltway navel gazing crisis - to the usual partisans, practically the apocalypse - has minimal to no effect elsewhere in the country (and isn't even a legal issue).  The real issue isn't Trump's ability to govern, it is whether he fears the CIA's show of power through blackmail, and will be influenced thereby to avoid necessary massive reforms.

Ignatius is obvious CIA, always has been.

"Inside The Secret Campaign To Oust Flynn".  The cover story that this coup was a patriotic attempt by Obama loyalists to save the Iran deal from the nutty Flynn.

It adds to the ironies that Flynn, the man removed, is himself an American monster of almost the lowest order:  "Which Washington Crimes Matter Most?".

Some examples of the treasonous campaign:  "Very Dangerous" and "America Third" and "Flynn Doesn't Matter. This Is About Trump".

"Democrats seek to channel opposition to Trump behind anti-Russia offensive":
"This would not be the first time that a popular movement, lacking a clearly-defined working class character and socialist program, was employed by the ruling class to achieve its own ends. In Egypt, the massive demonstrations that erupted in 2013 against the right-wing Muslim Brotherhood government were utilized by the military and its political agents to reestablish a military dictatorship two years after the downfall of the US-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak.
The political situation poses immense dangers. The brutal character of the Trump administration does not make its opponents in the intelligence agencies any less reactionary. They are conspiring to unleash not only bigger and more bloody wars abroad, but also war on the working class at home. The same think tanks that call for war preparations against Russia in order to maintain US domination of Eurasia insist that workers in the United States must be made to “sacrifice”—in the form of massive cuts in social programs and pensions—to pay for a huge increase in military spending."

"Pentagon might propose sending ground troops to Syria".  Curious 180 degree reversal of the Pentagon position - of course, most notably stated by Flynn - from one anonymous official, spread by the always lying CNN.

"Trump Answers Question On Anti-Semitism By Touting Electoral College Win".  He keeps sending signals that he knows, in this case a quite obvious coded message to his base of supporters.


One of the teeny-tiny issues with spending so many trillions on the phony War On Terror and various other Wars For The Jews:  "Activists Warned Officials About Oroville Dam 12 Years Ago (But Nobody Listened)".  The Shekeling has caused the richest country in the world, the richest country that has ever been, to fall apart before our eyes.

"Farewell to Doublespeak".  Death of the Jewish 'two state' trick.  "Trump and the One State"!

"German News Agency ‘Regrets’ Anti-Semitic Conspiracy About Trump".

Excellent detailed forensic analysis of media corruption, naming names:  "2016 Post Mortem: How Associated Press Reporter Lina Lerer Repeatedly Sandbagged Sanders".

Classic false flag assassination by South Korean intelligence to be blamed on North Korea.  "Why was North Korean leader Kim Jong Un half-brother assassinated?"  "Poison Assassination Of Kim Jong Un's Brother "Lasted About 15 Seconds"".  "North Korean Paranoia is Well-Founded".

"Five (out of original 11) NFL players touch down in Israel for post-Super Bowl tour".  Embarrassing for the five shekel-grubbers.  One of the six heroes works for Kraft!

"Venezuela Suspends CNN en Espanol Due to Threat to ‘Peace, Democratic Stability’".  Wise.

"The Definitive Analysis of ‘The Handshake’ Between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau".  Core strength.  Trump makes almost everything a more interesting issue than it ought to be.
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