Sunday, February 19, 2017


"Tulsi Gabbard vs. ‘Regime Change’ Wars".

"TRUMP: It's in our interest to get along with Russia because 'nuclear holocaust would be like no other'".  In case you need a reminder of how things really stand, the Traditional Enemies Of Peace mock him for this!

"“That War You Ordered….”":
"The next disturbing element of the situation is all the war-drum beating by the same cast of characters: the IC, the Democratic Party, and major media. Why in hell are we antagonizing Russia? In the last month of Obama’s term — and for the first time in many years — NATO moved a bunch of tanks close to Russia’s border with the Baltic states. Do you really think Russia wants to reoccupy these countries for the pleasure of subsidizing them and draining the Russian treasury? In those twilight days of Obama, government officials made wild and unspecific charges about “Russian aggression,” and vague assertions about Russian plans to dominate the global scene. Major what-the-fuck there. There’s the ugly situation in Ukraine, of course, but that was engineered by Obama’s state department. Do you know why Russia annexed Crimea after that? It couldn’t have been for more transparently rational reasons. And what exactly is our beef with Russia in Syria? That they’re trying to prop up the Assad government because the last thing the Middle East needs is another failed state with no government whatsoever? What’s our plan for Syria, anyway? Same as Somalia, Iraq, and Libya? These stories about Russia’s intentions seem insane on their face. It’s amazing that readers of The New York Times swallow them whole. It must say something about the deterioration of the coastal gene pool. The story-mongers have a purpose though: to promote a state of permanent hostility, neo-cold-war style, to justify the grotesquely overgrown operations of the IC."

"More About Russia and Less About Flynn?" (Giraldi):
"Some suggest that the intelligence community is also on board with this sentiment, though that is often dismissively attributed to a desire for larger budgets and increased turf in Washington. But my own recent encounters with intelligence officers of the current generation has led me to believe something quite different—that many people in the IC really have come to believe that Russia is a major and very active threat against the United States, just like in the old days with the Soviet Union. I assume they have come to that conclusion through their understanding of developments in Syria and Ukraine, but I nevertheless fail to understand how they have adopted that point of view given the real limitations on Russian power. Whatever the reason, they believe in their Russophobia passionately, and I have discovered that arguing with those who are fixated on Moscow as the fons et origo of global chaos is futile.

To my mind, this makes the officials who shared the phone transcripts much more dangerous than conventional leakers motivated by some personal grievance or desire to right a wrong. I fear that the current crop of Russia skeptics are true believers of the worst kind and will do whatever it takes to disrupt any moves toward rapprochement between Washington and Moscow. Exposing a highly classified sigint-derived phone call of a soon-to-be high U.S. official might reasonably be described as an extreme initiative.

So it seems that the destruction of Flynn, involving as it may have a number of leakers coming from all across the intelligence community, might be part of a coordinated effort to narrow the Trump White House’s options for dealing with Russia. Many in Washington do not want a comfortable working relationship with Putin in spite of the fact that a reset with Moscow should be the No. 1 national-security objective. There are already multiple investigations of Russia underway in Congress with calls for more, but exploiting the vulnerable Flynn might have been seen as providing the best opportunity to do something really disruptive before any change in the direction of foreign policy can take place."
"Democrats are partying like it’s 1952, and they’re Republicans—or Birchers."

"Trump Tops Obama, Hands Over Full Torture Report To Court Previous Administration Refused To".  Note this is a direct attack by Trump on the reputation of the CIA, a reputation that Barry bent himself into a pretzel to protect.

So much for Birgitt Jónsdóttir, shilling for Avaaz.  Clarifying!  "Avaaz: Pro-Democracy Group Or Facade For American Imperialism In The Middle East?"  "Avaaz: clicktivist heroes or Soros wolf in woolly disguise?".

"Exactly who is it that is in ‘Denial’?" (Atzmon).  A movie about a Khazar Khangaroo Khourt.  The Wikipedia entry is somewhat, and surprisingly, mischievous.

"Korean ‘Comfort Women’ and the Scandal with Park Yu-ha".  Khorean parallels!

"US late-night comics fall into (anti-Russian) line".  The utter unanimity of khraziness ought to be a hint, the khonsistency of khomedy.

"(((Anti-Trump))) Versus (((Anti-Anti-Trump)))".  It is funny how the Khazars use the Jew-controlled media to hold discussions of their own internal squabbles, as if nobody else is watching.

"Fools Russians where angels fear to tread".  This is at least as ridiculous an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory as those floated as fake news by the Jew-controlled media.  Even more ridiculous when you consider the identity of the real sponsors of Islamophobia and right-wing nationalism.

"How a Real War on Terrorism Would Look and Why the US Isn't Fighting One".  Exactly, with the addition that the only possible motives are Khazar supremacist.

"The boy later told a psychiatrist after his arrest that he picked Jewish targets “because I get a better reaction,” but moved on to others “because there are only so many synagogues in Ottawa.”"

"Supporters rally behind McGill student rep who called for Zionists to be punched".  There is some encouraging . . . skepticism amongst the young and the hip.

"MILO Goes Mainstream".  The only reason he was invited is that he shares Mahar's Islamophobia.

"Ivanka Trump’s Perfume Is #1 on Amazon, Thanks to Trump Boycott Backlash".  Trump's base is still intact.

"PRANKSTERS Fool John McCain On Phone Call Pretending To Be Ukraine Leader (VIDEO)" (sounds like treasonous leaking of official secrets):
"In the alleged audio of Senator McCain he talks about urging President Trump send lethal weapons to fight the Russians."

"America's Dirty History Exposed: FBI Investigated U.S.-Backed Assassination of Salvadoran Archbishop":
"Asked why the FBI would conduct an investigation that could implicate the U.S. government, Karl attributes it to politics. During the investigations, a man widely believed to have played a prominent role in Romero’s assassination, Roberto D’Aubuisson, was campaigning for president of El Salvador against the U.S. government’s preferred candidate, José Napoleón Duarte (who was later found to be a CIA asset). As Karl put it, “one of the reasons you see so many FBI investigations is because the FBI, the United States would have loved to pin the murder of Archbishop Romero on him [D’Aubisson] not necessarily making it public, by the way, but having it over him. They wanted to use it.” To put it simply, for blackmail.

Washington preferred Duarte because, as Karl explained, “The United States government felt that if D’Aubisson was elected president that the [American] Congress, which had had a very big opposition to [military] aid to El Salvador, would probably cut off aid…[D’Aubisson] was the death squad leader and everybody knew it and therefore it wasn’t going to fly, in the Congress. It might’ve been fine elsewhere but it wasn’t going to be good in the Congress.”"

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