Saturday, February 18, 2017

Liar's regret

"The facts about fake news: Public Editor".  Liar's regret.  'Fake news' was created to allow the lying mainstream media to stifle the competing truth emanating from new media sources, but the campaign has magnificently backfired.  An example of the typical mainstream product.

"CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election".  "Elections In France - CIA Spies On Political Parties, NYT Claims "Russian" Interference".  "Wikileaks Exposes CIA Involvement In French 2012 Presidential Election". "The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries".

"Pepe Escobar: The Swamp Strikes Back" (Escobar):
". . . Flynn was the point man to what would have been a real game-changer; to place the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff under White House control."

"The Great Draining Begins: Trump Purges State Department's 7th Floor 'Shadow Government'".

"Donald Trump’s press conference analyzed":
"President Trump’s comments about Russia were in some ways the most remarkable amongst those he made during his whole press conference, with the President directly accusing his opponents of weakening his position in negotiations with the Russians by giving the Russians grounds to doubt that he is in a strong enough position to make a deal with them"
"A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question. It Didn’t Go Well."  Note the spinning here.  Trump didn't misunderstand the question, he understood it all too well.  It is the fine art of gentile management, the parasite manipulating the host.  As always, the question is rhetorical, it is to emphasize the primacy of alleged Jewish suffering, thus seeking another excuse for supremacist murder and land thieving.  Trump has consistently shown that he really understands.  He specifically and directly answered the question he was asked!

See also:  "Tom Friedman: "President Trump, Will You Save the Jews?"".  "Washington Post: Is It Good For The Jews?"  "Is Trump Killing Israel With Kindness?"  Despite Kushner, you can see why Big Jew is terrified of Trump.

Note the standard sordid trickery which was only prevented by the Russians:  "In rare criticism, Israeli envoy raps Russia for blocking anti-Semitism definition".

"Mosul Set to be Completely 'Destroyed' in Battle to Free It from Isis".  You have to wonder if the continuing anti-Assad lies (Amnesty, etc) are just a distraction.

You may have noticed some Signal marketing/propaganda:  tweet (Mark Ames):
"Billionaire who co-funded Ukraine regime-change groups with USAID pushes his "encryption" tool cofunded with old CIA cutout Radio Free Asia"

Hint: don't use Signal (or Confide) unless you really, really, really want the spies to focus on what you are saying! Using it saves them as lot of work, as it avoids their usual problem, separating the wheat from the chaff.

"Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe".

"What You Need To Know About The Trump Administration’s Ties To Russia".
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