Saturday, February 11, 2017

Messianic Apocalypse

"Trump Quashes Rumors Of Elliott Abrams For #2 Job At State Department - MSM Forced To Cover Neoconservatism".  Comment by JailBanksters:
"It is Washington, and it's like catching a Bus

If you miss one Jew, they'll be another one along in a minute."
Essential reading:  "Essential context about Trump’s refugee ban – Made in Israel" by Alison Weir.  "Neocons Use Ukraine to Reverse Trump Plan to Thaw Relations with Putin and Wage Global War".

Note how trying to smooth the waters through sensible diplomacy to prevent WWIII is depicted by World Jewry as nothing short of treason.  So, so typical!

"First time since 1945: No American aircraft carriers at sea".

"Another look at Russia’s radio-electronic combat - TTG".  And read the comments.  Putin's judo is to avoid trying to compete with the limitless money the Americans have for boondoggle high-tech (e.g., F-35, and the laughable Zumwalt), but just find relatively cheap ways to parry it (jamming and anti-missile defense).  Of course, the huge Russian advantage is that it only has to defend against illegal attacks by the beshekeled.

"NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote Freedom and Democracy’".  Wars For The Jews.

"10 years later, Putin's 'Munich Warning' has proved frighteningly true".

"Putin Says Ready To Meet Trump In Melania's Native Country".

"Rothschild reveals crucial role his ancestors played in the Balfour Declaration and creation of Israel".

"The Atlantic Monthly on the White House Influence of Mencius Moldbug and Bronze Age Pervert".  "Behind the Internet's Anti-Democracy Movement".  See:  "Is Steven Bannon marching America toward Messianic Apocalypse?".  The sad thing is that Bannon isn't excitingly weird at all, just another mainstream Republicrat:  "Steve Bannon harnessed the spirit of revolt that the Democrats gave up".

"Rabbis Arrested After Trump Travel Ban Protest".  "Rabbis Fake Solidarity Once Again" (Atzmon):
"Along the years I have developed an allergy to “as a” statements in general and “as a Jew” proclamations in particular. For one reason or another, rather often ‘as a Jew’ constructions happen to be grossly duplicitous. If Jews know so much about persecution how come their Jewish State is institutionally racist and discriminatory towards minorities and gentiles? If Jews are pro immigration, how come their Jewish State is vile in its attitude towards illegal immigration. If the Jews ‘stand firmly with refugees’ isn’t it about time their Jewish State invites millions of Palestinian refugees to return to the land that belongs to them and them alone? Do T’ruah rabbis openly support the Palestinian right of return? If they do, they manage to keep quiet about it. 

But let’s take it further, can the T’ruah rabbis report to us how many Syrians have found a refuge inJewish homes? How many refugees are living in rabbi Kleinbaum’s and Jacobs’ spare bedroom? Considering the war against Islam was a Zio-Con project, can the Rabbis tell us when is the last time they sat down in the street in front of Paul Wolfowitz’ or Bernard Henri Levy’s homes? After all, Henri Levy claimed that ‘as a Jew’ he ‘liberated’ Libya. Shouldn’t the T’ruah rabbis at least occupy the streets in front of the Israeli Embassy and AIPAC offices? After all, it was Israel and its lobby that pushed for war in Syria. It was Israel and its lobby that are directly involved in the creation of the refugee crisis in Syria.

I kindly advise T’ruah and other Jewish human rights groups  to be slightly more economical with their duplicity. By now, the Goyim know. They see it all and their patience is about to run out."
Jeez, you simply call for a military coup against an elected American President and it is suddenly The Holocaust: "Ex-Pentagon Official (((Rosa Brooks))) Suggests Military Coup, Then Claims to be Victim of “Anti-Semitism”".

"Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch".

Trump sees himself as an expert negotiator. He has his minions say crazy things, then gets on the phone with world leaders and sounds relatively affable, and rational. It is a technique (reminds me of Nixon). World Jewry, a group which fears peace more than anything in the world, is desperately attempting to portray this sanity as weakness.  "Trump "Breaks Ice" With China's Xi, Sends Thank You Letter Seeking "Constructive Relationship"".  "Trump Reverses, Agrees To Honor "One China" Policy In First Phone Call With Xi".

"How Postmodernism Undermines the Left and Facilitates Fascism".  The right calls the reasoning of identity politics as Cultural Marxism, and ascribes it to a Jewish conspiracy (Frankfurt school).  It is perhaps ironic that the extreme American right and the Democrat identity politics 'left' use the same way of thinking about the world.

It is important to get the Kurdish situation in Syria sorted out with some kind of federalism that won't threaten Turkey too much:  "Moscow mediates talks between Assad & Syrian Kurds – Lavrov".

"Assad dismisses Trump’s plan to create ‘safe zones’ despite Amnesty tales of mass killings".  "Assad: Trump Welcome in Fight Against 'Terrorists' if Syria's Sovereignty Is Honored".  Miraculous recovery from that stroke the Jew-controlled media helpfully informed us about.

"'Do you think Kellie Leitch should have her own party?' Trudeau asks voter upset over electoral reform".  Referring to a trumpish candidate running to lead the Canadian Conservative Party! See here (note the smart tweets), and the discussion in the comments on how not to be Israel (which leaves aside the vital point that the people who set up the disastrous Israeli system are getting exactly what they want from it).

More Leitch, plus bonus Geller:  "People Are Falsely Claiming That Canada Is About To Make It Illegal To Criticize Islam".

More from the CIA hoard:  "The US concern for the rise of the Leftist forces inside the UK Labor Party during the Thatcherian era".

Classic #fakenews:  "Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump: Official".  It is almost as if they have a random nonsense generator.
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