Monday, February 20, 2017

Natural causes

"Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin dies 'suddenly' in New York".

"Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dead: Diplomat dies suddenly in New York":
"The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, AndreI Karlov, was assassinated just before Christmas last year by a police officer who shouted “Don't forget Aleppo” before gunning him down.

Another less senior Russian diplomat, Sergei Krivov, was reportedly found lying on the ground by the Russian Consulate in New York on the US election day last November having plunged to his death in mysterious circumstances.

BuzzFeed reported that US Consulate officials at first claimed he had fallen to his death, before saying he had suffered a heart attack. The medical examiner found that Mr Krivov died of “natural causes”."
"Moscow has its own complaints about spies - American spies".

The United States is being seriously out-diplomacied by the Russians - the difference in quality and competence of the respective diplomatic personnel is almost comical (you have to laugh out loud when you look at Churkin's American counterparts, Samantha Power and Nikki Haley!!!)  - so I guess it is time for a leveling of the playing field.  This is serious war - the expertise lost to the Russians is literally irreplaceable.
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