Thursday, February 09, 2017

Scurry in

"Elliott Abrams to the State Department? Baffling.".  "Rand Paul warns neocons will ‘scurry in’ with Abrams, and Kristol says that’s anti-Semitic".  Terrible insult to respectable vermin like rats and cockroaches.

"Bill Kristol: ‘Lazy, Spoiled’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants".

"George Soros and American anti-Semites".  The number one thing that Mr Angry does is virtue signal.  Seems like harmless self-obsession, but failing to notice the truth is on the road to dangerous outcomes.  See the comment by just at Mondoweiss (complicated and sensitive):
"“Speaking to Mondoweiss the night before Netanyahu’s visit, psychology student Hannah Davies spoke of attending the Women’s March in London, one of the largest demonstrations in recent years with 100,000 participants, but said she wouldn’t feel comfortable in attending a protest against Netanyahu’s UK visit.

“I don’t know enough about Palestine and Israel – it’s complicated and a sensitive topic. But what Trump is doing is obvious. He discriminates against women, Muslims, and migrants – and many people belong in one or all of these categories,” Davies said."

"Former Labour parliamentary candidate accused of anti-Semitism after retweeting a far-right meme."  It is hilarious that they shield us from the actual tweet, and that the link to 'denying the Holocaust' bizarrely goes to their article linked below which makes the usual false slurs against David Irving.  Tweet (John Clarke):
"I will now block people who accuse me of Antisemitism merely to close down legitimate criticism of Israel &/or Rothschild family. End of."

Guilt by association, and various wild extensions thereof, is the archetypal Zionist rhetorical strategy.  It is odd that by ascribing 'denialist' views of the original tweeter to Clarke they seem to be accepting the fact that it is acceptable to speak honestly about the Rothschilds.

"Anti-Semitic historian David Irving claims new support from teenage Holocaust-denying Trump fans".  Quite the headline!  The disinformation campaigns are all simultaneously backfiring by drawing attention to the truth, and the media, even after Trump, Brexit, etc, is clueless.

"German intelligence 'finds no evidence of Putin disinformation campaign'".

"Toronto man, missing for 5 years, found wandering on Brazilian highway".

"Man’s Pacemaker Used To Track And Charge Him With Crime".  "Police Ask Amazon’s Echo to Help Solve a Murder".

"Former spy Roland Eid gets seven years for construction fraud: 'It was a gigantic con'":
"The other narrative, involving Eid’s double life as an informant for the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, showed up in a separate civil proceeding launched in 2015. In it, Eid accused CSIS director Michel Coulombe and other government officials of malicious prosecution.

Eid alleged the spy agency had directed him to establish ICI Construction, helped him to win contracts and encouraged him to use the proceeds to gather intelligence about Hezbollah — the Muslim Shia group whose activities were banned in Canada in 2002 for its links to global terrorism. The Lebanon-born construction boss claimed his CSIS handlers turned against him after he refused an important intelligence assignment in 2007. 

Eid’s civil suit was dismissed last June, shortly after judge Ray found him guilty of 10 counts of breaching the Criminal Code and bankruptcy & insolvency act."
"Lots of shouting, tiny stick" (Escobar).  Throwing a hot air bone to the Traditional Enemies Of Peace in lieu of the actual war they crave.  Trumpology:
"Most of the geostrategic game ahead hinges on whether there can be a “win-win” grand bargain between the Trump administration and the Kremlin. Assuming Washington would back off in eastern Ukraine and accept Russia’s legitimate sphere of influence in Eurasia – hardly a given – the price to pay for Moscow would be to let go of its very close partnership with Tehran. Kissinger should know better; this is not going to happen.

In between, there are pressing facts on the ground. The avowed, much ballyhooed Trump smashing of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh across “Syraq” simply cannot happen without Tehran-supported Shi’ite militias/boots on the ground, the Quds force led by Gen. Soleimani, as well as Hezbollah fighters in Syria. Trump is waiting for his ordered 30-day Pentagon plan of “victory” against the jihadis. Bets can be made that the Pentagon won’t integrate both Iran and Russia – both doctrinally regarded as “threats”.

In a nutshell; Trump cannot win his war against Islamist terror if he fully subscribes to the neocon wet dream of crippling the Russia-China-Iran alliance."
If Trump is serious about the dangers of terrorism he needs to be on the same side as Iran and Hezbollah.

"Trump's Hard Line on Iran Will Give Saudis Free Hand in Yemen" (Porter).

 "Dark Threads of Immigration in America".  It is morally outrageous for the shekeled Americans who are by far the greatest creator of refugees to feign fear about them.

"Why the Dakota Assess Pipeline Doesn’t Make Economic Sense".  Tragedy of the commons, with the commons being where the poor and powerless live.  If you add the cost of global warming, and the tiny, tiny number of the 0.001% that make bank off these pipelines, building them is completely nuts.

"Le Grand Remplacement".  Guerilla demographics.

Lazarus:  "Bashshar Al-Asad's illness".

"The Farce that is Amnesty International’s ” Human Slaughterhouse ” Study: It is, Quite Literally, Fake News Gone Viral".  "Amnesty Internation report on Syria: a response from a Syrian dissident (former political prisoner living in Europe)".  I continue to marvel at the propaganda machine spewing out lies as if Assad hadn't already won.  What is the point?  Are these Yinon Hail Marys?

"Castigating Trump for Truth-Telling".
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