Sunday, February 05, 2017

The dissolving acid of loons

"One even supposes he could have outflanked the New Democrats and just rammed through very pure proportional representation, exposing all our recognized mainstream, big-tent parties to the dissolving acid of personality cults, religious and ethnic movements, single-issue slates, and loons."

I'm enjoying the mainstreaming of conspiracy theory.

"The Obamas prepare to cash in".  "Barack Obama flips his hat to the back as he enjoys a laid-back holiday on Richard Branson’s private island with wife Michelle".  I won't be happy until he starts flashing.

"Russian tech exec sues Buzzfeed for publishing unverified Trump dossier":  "Within hours of the lawsuit's filing, BuzzFeed blacked out the name of Aleksej Gubarev in the dossier on its site and apologized.".  "BuzzFeed sued over its publication of uncorroborated Trump dossier".  "BuzzFeed Sued For Defamation Over Trump Dossier 'Fake News'".

"hacked by NG689Skw".  What NG689Skw doesn't want you to see:  "Netanyahu Scandals Reflect Corruption at the Heart of Israeli Society".  You can see why the Khazars wouldn't be keen on people reading it, particularly the part where the systematic corruption flows directly out of the land thieving origins of the state.

Some people find preventing WWIII "Deeply Disturbing".

Floating another ridiculous name (part of a Khazar series):  "Harper: Iran-Contra Liar Abrams No Place At State Dept".

"This Is How Russia & The United States Are Cooperating In Syria".

"US seeking to diminish Iran’s deterrent power: Kaveh Afrasiabi".  Trump's posturing doesn't mean war.

A good example of how the conspiracy theories turn out to be proved when the actual documents come out:  "IMF – The secret documents, or how they destroyed Greeks and keep doing it".

Conspiracy theory:  "Don’t Forget Pence".  Do you think they sabotaged Trump's plane so he would have to stay over and be charmed by long-shot VP candidate Pence?  The next logical step is to get rid of Trump.

"News Pooper Scooper: When Fake News is Just Dog Doo".  Michael Weiss.

"Romanian Government Backs Down on Graft Decree Amid Protests".  This is a wild story even by the corrupt standards of our time.  Yet another example of a successful revolt of the peasants.

"U.S. military releases, withdraws old Islamist video from Yemen raid".  Desperately trying to scrape up something of value to show for the murderous Yemen Navy Seal raid.

"Tweeting Out Falsehoods Isn’t OK Just Because It Makes Trump Look Bad".  As bad as the Yemen raid was, they still had to lie about it (and note, as you would expect, the sanctity of the raid itself wasn't questioned).  Also.  It is all part of the deligitimization process but, done by 'jounalists', completely inept.

"Berkeley Antifa Attacker Unmasked As UC Employee? CNN and Young Turks Lookin’ So Dumb".  "Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event".  I'm working on the basis that the violent thugs are working for pay, could be from Soros, could be from somebody working for Trump's interests (if so, the guy working for Trump is getting better value for his money so far).  Some questions answer themselves:  "Why is the New York Times promoting the “black bloc”?"

Khazar logic is that short-term embarrassment is worth it if the goal is to obtain long-term legitimacy crisis.  I wonder though if Americans are prepared to accept the sheer amount of disruption that would be required for George and his Khazar pals to get their way.

"You can learn a lot about Steve Bannon by watching the films he made".  "‘Why even let ’em in?’ Understanding Bannon’s worldview and the policies that follow.".  By striving to be a bit mysterious, Bannon has contrived to be depicted as the Julius Evola or Carl Schmitt of Trumpism, but he is really just a mainstream Republican hack whose one idea is Islamophobia.

The Clintonistas have taken over Counterpunch!:  "The Face of the Enemy:  Dupes, Deplorables, Opportunists and Democrats".
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