Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Unicorn Force

"Turkey failed to deliver a Syrian force to take Raqqa: analysis" (American warmongering think-tankers tire of Turkish trickery):
"Washington-based analyst Nicholas A. Heras, Bacevich Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), told ARA News that the U.S. military remains highly skeptical of Turkey’s anti-ISIS plans to take Raqqa, and that Turkey has failed to deliver a Sunni Arab force to take Raqqa.
“The U.S. military is referring to Turkey’s mythical anti-ISIS force as the ‘Unicorn Force’, mocking it as something imaginary, a legend told by the Turks to get the Americans to agree to walk away from the SDF [Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces],” said Heras, who works for the CNAS’s Middle East Security Program.
“Turkey should have a much stronger hand in determining the Coalition’s counter-ISIS strategy than it actually does. In fact, Turkey has made its hand much weaker. The reason that Turkey’s hand is weaker is because Turkey has not delivered the Sunni Arab force to take and hold Raqqa that it promised the United States that it would assemble,” he said.
US officials have asked the Turkish government to deliver a Syrian force to take Raqqa, but Turkey has so far failed to deliver."
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Today in Israel:
Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian
Palestinian boy w cancer gets 91 days for throwing rocks"
Experts in Teh Stupid: "Danny Sjursen: Mission Unaccomplished, 15 Years Later".  To be fair to Trump, after dumping Flynn he seems to have ended up with the best possible group picked from a bunch of morons.

Speaking of morons:  "Ambassador Nikki Haley is Completely Clueless".

The gift that keeps on giving:  "Lawyer: Portugal to extradite ex-CIA agent to Italian jail".

"4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump".  Cleverly written (from a typically arrogant, credentialed  perspective), but grossly exaggerates 1) the loserdom of 4chaners, and 2) the political importance of 4chan.  On Trump as a symbol of the lies of hope:
"Trump’s bizarre, inconstant, incompetent, embarrassing, ridiculous behavior — what the left (naturally) perceives as his weaknesses — are to his supporters his strengths.
In other words, Trump is 4chan.
Trump is steering into the skid embodied.
Trump is Pepe.
Trump is loserdom embraced.
Trump is the loser who has won, the pathetic little frog on the big strong body.
Trump’s ventures of course, represent this fantasy: this hope that the working man, against the odds dictated by his knowledge, experience, or hard work will one day strike it rich — Trump University, late night real estate schemes, the casinos. Trump himself, who inherited his wealth, represents the classic lucky sap.
But Trump also equally represents the knowledge that all of that is a lie, a scam that’s much older than you are, a fantasy that we can dwell in though it will never become true, like a video game.
Trump, in other words, is a way of owning and celebrating being taken advantage of.
Trump embodies buying the losing bet that will never be placed.
He is both despair and cruel arrogant dismissal, the fantasy of winning and the pain of losing mingled into one potion.
For this reason, the left should stop expecting Trump’s supporters to be upset when he doesn’t fulfill his promises.
Support for Trump is an acknowledgement that the promise is empty."
NAMBLA-acceptance seems to be the constant bridge too far of perversion, despite mighty and never-ending attempts by the Entertainment Industrial Complex ('Hollywood') to normalize it.

"Ditching the Deep State".  The problem with the 'deep state' is that it buries the identifiable real guilty parties in a vague amorphous pile of evil.

Tweet (Club des Cordeliers) (Thrive Capital, identified):
"Every time you donate via Patreon, 5% is kicked back to investors, primarily Jared Kushner's brother."
Like the Tea Party, another packaging of 0.1% politics in a new shell: "A Very Bad, No Good, Terrible Idea".

"Journalist Glenn Greenwald exposes the hypocrisy of Democrats over government leaks".  Not forgetting that these 'whistleblowers' are trying to block peacemaking.  The motives of leakers aren't always pure.

The introduction is better than the article:  "Uri Avnery – How did the 1948 War start?".

Push back from Zionists (with a slew of new anti-Semitic 'hate crimes') and Christian Zionists over Trump's principled refusal to play the Holocaust game:  "Rick Santorum Blames Obama For Rise In Anti-Semitism Under Trump's Presidency".
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