Monday, March 13, 2017

Acid-filled Jacuzzi

"The Cactus Documents Show CIA Aided FBI’s Cointelpro Even After It Ended".

Tweet (Mark Curtis):
"Then UK Labour foreign sec’y says UK interests in #Gulf are: keep regimes in power, sell arms, protect oil"
Tweet (George Mapp Jr) (linking to "Extradition vs. Rendition: What do Kim Dotcom and Viktor Bout have in common?")
"My blog was hacked & this post was scrubbed #Extradition vs. Rendition: What Do @KimDotcom and #ViktorBout Have i..."
"Florida man wanted to "run the Arabs out of our country," tries to burn Indian-run store".  In a country full of imbeciles, American Muslims are safe!

"British Foreign Secretary Admits "No Evidence" Found Of Russian Disruption Of UK Democracy".

"The Russian Peace Scare Averted, But What About Iran?"  Good writer, but I tire of Iran Talk.  I still have not seen one iota of hard evidence that Trump intends to do anything crazy.  The deal with Kushner is obviously that the United States won't be forced into more ruinous Wars For The Jews as long as the settlers get their way with the Palestinians, with the consequences of the Apartheid State left to World Jewry.

"A Flawed UN Investigation on Syria" (Porter).  "Death in al Ghayil".

"TURKEY: The Falling from Grace of an Emperor with no Clothes".  Prospects for Sunnistan remain unclear, with the real battle being fought between various American military and intelligence factions, but the current de facto Pentagon-Russian alliance in Syria, coupled with general impatience with Erdoğan's stunts and general inability to play by any rules, probably means the Ziowahabbists will have to wait.

More on Putin laughing at Bibi: "Purim Gifts" (Shamir), and "Vladimir Putin to Benjamin Netanyahu: Stop Abusing History" (Alexis), and "Israel seeks pound of flesh in Syria, ‘nyet’ is the answer" (Bhadrakumar), the latter referring to this curiosity:  "Pitting Russia against Iran in Syria? Get over it".

"Over 500 Neo-Nazis Granted Center of Vilnius for March 11th Parade; A Tirade Against Holocaust Survivor Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky, 95".

The relentless history in Britain - amusingly upset from time to time by various atrocities - of attempts at criminalizing and persecuting skepticism:  "Free Speech, Jewish Activism, and the Trial of Jeremy Bedford-Turner".

"New Details on the Plane Hijacking You Always Thought Was an Urban Legend".  Terrible title, as everybody knows D. B. Cooper, and no interesting revelations yet.

"Alberta sisters last seen in mid-1980s found alive in the U.S.".  Note the convoluted way they were found:
"Police also traced an alias Anna Hakze was known to use to a woman in Vancouver, but she was not the missing sister.

However, that woman was able to provide some useful information. She saved a newspaper clipping from 1984 about a book written by an author with the same unusual name as hers. She thought it was funny, so she had held on to it over the years.

In 2012, police got a tip that two women could be the Hakze sisters. One was the author of several books, but had a different name than the one in the 1984 newspaper ad. The other went by an alias Kym Hakze was known to use.

Attempts to contact them at the time were fruitless.

But new online searches earlier this year helped police get some traction. A recent story about the author mentioned in the 2012 tip included a photo and narrowed down where she was living.

There were no records under that name. But there were records under the author’s name in the 1984 Vancouver clipping. One of those records listed a sister as next of kin.

“Today’s world is big, vast,” said Woods. “But it also — because of travel and now the Internet — can be very small, too.”"

"During his political rise, Stephen K. Bannon was a man with no fixed address".  The only possible conclusion is that he holds abducted women captive in the locked rooms, and then, when done with them, disposes of their bodies in the acid-filled Jacuzzi.
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