Wednesday, March 15, 2017


"Assange Claims Hillary, Intel Officials "Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover"".  Important, and quite plausible (not to mention cold-hearted and Machiavellian, considering the evil that Pence could do).  The Democrats have little ammunition against Trump, so if the corpse of Hillary still intends to be President it will have to be running against the unelectable Pence.

"Wikileaks: Agenda Compromised Or Stronger Than Ever?"  Carefully phrased, but still clarifying in expressing the anger that the truth cost the corpse of Hillary the Presidency.

Speaking of no ammunition, the 'leak' of the Trump tax form proves that:

  1. Trump is a rich man running successful businesses (doubted in the Lügenpresse);
  2. he pays considerable taxes; and
  3. he uses a lot of tax planning, as he boasts, to obtain the best possible, but legal, rate of taxation.
In other words, the 'leak' was great for Trump.

"Latest WikiLeaks release revives interest in mysterious death of US journalist".

"A Soft Coup, or Preserving Our Democracy?"  "What Is the CIA Hack All About?"  Giraldi is very protective of the CIA.  Once CIA, always CIA?

"US ruling elite moves to repeal the 1960s".  Sadly true, and they will get away with it, with the probable exception of the health care gutting.  The paradox is that due to gross, but poorly hidden, Democrat malfeasance, the Republicans have done so well electorally that the extreme right-wingers are unable to portray the gutting as the usual bipartisan tomfoolery, and will own the whole thing.

"Libya Ready to Implement Arms Contracts With Russia Reached Under Gaddafi".  Russia and China reap the rewards of not being the international asshole country.  E.g., "After Destroying Cambodia, The US Wants The Country To Repay It For The Bombs They Dropped".

"Israel shuts down PA agency keeping tabs on Arabs selling lands to Jews".

"The Dutch elections and the danger of fascism".  I like WSWS, but the constant attempt to squish everything into their particular and stilted ideological mould is wearisome.  

Erdoğan's little gambit might have backfired, with Dutch voters choosing not to be so obviously manipulated.  We've seen a consistent pattern of mainstream media lies, including polling, causing voters to vote 'wrong'.

"Marine Le Pen's Perfect Storm".  Maybe here too.

"The murder of Kim Jong-nam: time for ironic conspiracy".  Excellent detail on the massive holes in the Official Story, including even the most fundamental issue, the identity of the corpse

It is tough to whine for money because of allegedly tipped headstones when you care so little about your dead that you can't be bothered to keep their headstones vertical:  "The Jewish Community Needs To Tend Its Neglected Graves — And Anti-Semitic Attacks".

"Chose-merta:  A Review of Hervé Ryssen’s The Jewish Mafia".  "Vienna hotel intimidated into canceling Israeli Apartheid Week event".  A surprisingly, but consistently, violent bunch of supremacists.

"Sunset Over George Soros‘ Sparkling New World".
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