Monday, March 06, 2017

Demographic crises

"All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can’t vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu’s party".

"The Democratic Party Is Facing A Demographic Crisis".  It is the purest form of racism to take minority voters for granted while giving them no policy in return except for some bogus identity politics, and I would imagine a voter who disgustedly breaks to the other party would be much more enthusiastic, and thus much more likely to actually vote.  It is also interesting - not to mention, a truly heartwarming comeuppance - that Clinton lost because her arrogant certitude in the demographic inevitability of her victory led her to fail to take any number of small steps that might have turned the tide in the critical, but deplorable, states.

"Meet the Jewish couple leading the Trump resistance":
"Greenberg and Levin rejected claims that Indivisible pays protesters to show up at town halls and demonstrations. Greenberg said the group received all its funding from individual donations, but did not disclose whether it had received money from any major donors.

“The idea that this is some kind of centrally led financed effort from the top down is just totally wrong,” Levin said, adding “I would just call them lies, pure and simple.”"
"Act for Israel".  There's lots of anecdotal evidence that the extent of this beshekeled treachery/treason isn't lost on Americans.

"As Israel-based financial fraud soars, police swoop on 20 suspects as part of global, FBI-led sting":
". . . one of the individuals arrested in last November’s raids was Simon Dov Chikli, who together with his brother Gilbert pioneered the fake CEO scam more than 10 years ago. Both Chikli brothers were extradited to France in 2008 but later found their way back to Israel. Gilbert Chikli was tried in absentia and remains a wanted man in France, but lives freely in Israel, a situation that Israeli police have refused to explain, according to media reports.

In fact, Gilbert and his brother Simon were the subjects of a 2015 feature film in France, “Je Compte Sur Vous” (“Thank You for Calling” in English), which made many Jews worldwide uncomfortable, fearing it could stoke anti-Semitism with its portrayal of two French-Israeli fraudsters stealing from people in France while the Israeli police sat idly by."

"Labor pick talked tough on underage sex crimes but gave billionaire ‘sweetheart’ deal".  Lolita Labor Express!  No bad deed goes unrewarded.

"SYRIA: Erdogan and McCain Conspire to Create Drought in Syria".

"Food Racism Is The Latest Front For High-Pitched Whining".  I hope at least some of this is satire.

"Dotcom: Was New Zealand High Court Judgement The Work Of An Imbecile Or A Political Flunky?"

"Moralism and Moral Arguments in the War for Western Survival, Part 1" by Kevin MacDonald.  A tactical mistake, revealing a little too much of the deep crazy.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This is demented @Reuters propaganda blaming deliberate Saudi strategy to starve Houthis on Houthis themselves"
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