Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Horrible peacemongering

"On The Great Mystery Of Intense Hostility Towards Liberals In America - Obama";
". . . the article’s point about Obama having done the same to Merkel is a true and important one: her personal phone was indeed tapped, just as Trump says his was.

By all accounts, when she first found out, she was quite upset and required some considerable soothing of her ruffled feathers.

So there is very little reason to doubt Obama tapped Trump’s phone, too, no matter what various hack officials may assert otherwise. After all, the business of spies is lying, at least a major part of it.

Many people just do not seem to grasp that Obama is a very dark figure and nothing like his public persona of smiling-faced bright boy.

I’ve long felt he is likely CIA, as, we know to a certainty, was George Bush pere.

Nothing could make CIA happier than having a "made man" in the executive mansion.

Who else kills thousands of woman and children as Obama has done while smiling except a psychopath, and who is a bigger employer of bright psychopaths in the United States than the CIA?

Obama’s whole business of starting up the massive extrajudicial assassination program - which, please note, is run by CIA - screams CIA associations.

There are holes in his resume a number have noted, as we might expect from a CIA recruit.

The whole blurriness around his birth also supports this notion. The CIA often plays with the official records of its people to fog-up their backgrounds."
I think it is hilarious that the American commentariat accepts it as a given that Barry would never order such a thing, and further has created some sort of institutional power argument that since the mechanics of wiretapping passes through the FBI/DOJ, Barry couldn't have had anything to do with it. Bonus: they now fully accept the ruse that the rubberstamp FISA 'court' actually protects Americans from unlawful intrusion.  Never forget that the FISA court was set up as a reform due to 1970s revelations of CIA abuses, but makes no sense in the era of mass wholesale NSA surveillance, and Barry walked right around it - "Obama administration had restrictions on NSA reversed in 2011" - meaning that the specific individual wiretap model is flawed. Despite Trump's framing, the real question may not be whether Barry specifically ordered a targeted tap of Trump, but whether he asked for a specific analysis of the meta-surveillance already being conducted as a result of mass NSA surveillance.  Additionally, the fact that large numbers of officials - NSA, CIA, IRS, FBI - may be in possession of blackmail material on Trump - note how none of this stuff has come to light - means that he can't have full control of his agenda.

"The Democrats, meanwhile, have entirely focused their opposition to Trump not on his reactionary domestic policies, but on ensuring that he does not back down from the United States’ deepening confrontation with Russia."

Timeline (that June refusal of a FISA order is simply bizarre; note that Clapper, a known enthusiastic liar, denies the existence of the two FISA requests):  "FBI Director Asked DOJ To Publicly Reject Trump Wiretapping Claims".

"Russia: The Conspiracy Trap".  Very peculiar sense from somebody I have written off as completely hopeless.

"Here Are The Top 15 'Obamagate' Wiretap Victims".  Barry makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

"Trump Has Royally Screwed Congressional Republicans".  Tip of the hat to Trump's mastery of gamesmanship.  Trump has rotated the issue 180 degrees, and put Barry/Clinton supporters on their back foot.  The basis of the game is that Trump's charges are true, but the kind of thing you are not supposed to mention about a predecessor President.

"Russia Invites NATO To Take Part In Moscow Security Conference".  The evil Russkies, who everybody knows want WWIII (but hide it so well due to that crafty trickster Putin), keep acting like they don't.

Why the Traditional Enemies Of Peace are mounting the full court press against Trump, and how Trump's response, again, is that the best defense is offense (and note that the Jew-controlled media dares not mention that this horrible peacemongering is going on):  "Three cheers for Trump as a man of his word on Syria" (Bhadrakumar):
"Trump, for sure, is proving to be a man of his words on Syria. Three things emerged in the past week. One, the US rejects its NATO ally Turkey’s pre-condition that it should cease the support for Syrian Kurds who are its allies in northern Syria. In fact, the US intends to wade deeper into the military operations in that region by beefing up the deployment of the Special Forces and stepping up arms deliveries to the Syrian Kurds, including deploying attack helicopters and artillery.

Two, Pentagon is concurring with the back-to-back deal reached by the Syrian Kurds with the government forces and Russia to jointly put a road block on the Turkish army’s plans to advance toward the strategic town of Manbij en route to the ISIS’ de facto capital, Raqqa.

This is turning out to be a curious joint enterprise with the US Special Forces having moved into Manbij town as a “visible sign of deterrence” (to quote Pentagon spokesman) against Turkey, while Russia is sending food and medical supply convoys to the town with the prior knowledge and coordination with Pentagon.

The US is indeed aware that the Russian convoy also brought “some armoured equipment” to Manbij. The Pentagon spokesman said on Friday, “We were aware of this. The Russian government has informed us of it as well. It has not changed anything we are doing.”

Three, stemming from the above stunning turn of events on the ground, clearly, Trump administration seems to be edging away from the Obama administration’s overt and covert prioritization of the “regime change” agenda in Syria. Trump all along said he wanted the US military to train its sights exclusively on vanquishing the ISIS, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Now, we are, literally, witnessing this being implemented on the ground.

The “known unknown” here is as to when the US could turn to explicit cooperation with Russia on Syria, which is also something Trump has spoken about. Much depends on the space that Trump manages to create to push forward his independent foreign policies. To my mind, once the preparations begin for the daunting military operations to capture Raqqa, where the ISIS is well-ensconced, and when it transpires that a bloody drawn-out battle lies ahead, the US forces on the ground will need all the help they can get from like-minded quarters – Russia, in particular. Trump will count on Defence Secretary Gen. James Mattis to calibrate the shift.

The implications are going to be simply profound. For, if such cooperation is possible between the US and Russian militaries in Syria, what prevents a similar pooling of resources in Afghanistan as well? A curious US-China dalliance in Afghanistan recently sailed into view."

"The ADL and “No Place For Hate”".  The Nothing But Hate crowd weighs in.

"And Now The Climate Has Turned Antisemitic" (Atzmon).  They found out who did it and are covering it up with a hilarious story.

"Are British universities silencing critics of Israel?"  Shekels.

"Man wrongly convicted with bite mark evidence confronts bite mark analysts".  "The Fire On Harvard Avenue".  Forensic 'science'.

Clarifying: the ACLU has managed to permanently ruin its own reputation:  "ACLU Actively Assisting With Soros-Driven Protest Organization After Accepting Funds From The Open Society Institute".

"Freeland warns Canadians to beware of Russian disinformation".  Streisand effect.  Note the usual attempt to parry by slurring the source, without getting into the details of whether the story is, you know, true.

Added:  "Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed".
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