Saturday, March 18, 2017

It is my duty not to conceal a clear crime

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"Hillary rejected Saif Qaddafi plan to democratise #Libya; instead bombed it into chaos …"
'Weaponized' :  "The Clash of Goyim" (an amusingly ridiculous level of projection by a butt-hurt Georgian) and "The West’s “Anti-Islamic Terrorists”".

"We are stronger together", as together, we get to slaughter you and steal your land.

"AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too".  "Geert Wilders, the 'Dutch Donald Trump,' Tries to Mainstream Far-Right, Anti-Muslim Policies".  As I keep saying, Islamophobia isn't some native craziness of the deplorables, it is a carefully nurtured and expensive PR campaign of Jews and Christian Zionists.

"UN official resigns after pressure to withdraw Israel apartheid report".  Rima Khalaf, hero of the year!  "I resigned because it is my duty not to conceal a clear crime, and I stand by all the conclusions of the report." The suppressed report you are not allowed to see is at the bottom of the article (also here as pdf).

There must have been a veritable blizzard of shekels flying around the UN for this corrupt, and craven, suppression!

"Stephen Pollard, David Duke and Victor Ostrovsky" (Atzmon).

"Israel air raid targets government positions as Syrian conflict intensifies".  Note the excellent news that Russia is now taking this Zionist bullshit personally:  "After Israeli Attack in Syria: Russia Summons Israel's Envoy for Clarifications".  It is striking that nobody else dares call out the Jews on their typical violence.

Tweet (The Spectator Index) (one asshole state hypocritically accusing another, but more evidence of the break in relations):
"BREAKING: Turkey accuses US of committing a war crime by bombing mosque in Aleppo, killing around 70 people"
"Which "War Torn" Country? - U.S. Slaughter In Somalia, Yemen And Syria".

"CLOAKED ORDER: Who’s Really Behind ‘New Authority’ for CIA Drone Strikes?"  Barry.  In other words, another part of the Lügenpresse meme that everything was perfect until Trump came along.

"Useless Eaters and Ethnic Purity: the Trump/Bannon War for Biological Nationhood".  I'm sure that as lot of the Republicans are actual psychopaths, but this is reading too much into some offhand remarks, and insane exaggerating doesn't help.

"Trump Responds To Obama Wiretap Question: "At Least Merkel And I Have Something In Common"".  Trump wisely, and with a sense of humor, doesn't back down to the completely discredited Lügenpresse.

"President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent".  Bullet-dodgers at work.

"Gorka Says He Opposes Anti-Semitism, But Does Not Address Affiliation With Nazi Allied Group".  Extreme Islamophobia is usually a bullet-proof cloak, so I expect Gorka will be fine.

"Exclusive: US embassy won't allow cops to speak to diplomat who fled Lower Hutt property with broken nose":
"Mr White as a technical attache. 
1 NEWS understands he was working closely with the GCSB spy agency."
"EICHENWALD’S REVENGE: Man Who Sent Him Seizure Inducing Tweet Arrested By FBI".  If Trump is looking for a group of over-staffed, underworked clowns who need paring down  . . . .  "The Resistance™".

Odd to find this in the worse-than-useless New Yorker:  "The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind The Trump Presidency" (and you have to wonder who killed Breitbart):
"Patterson said that his relationship with Mercer has always been collegial. In 1993, Patterson, at that time a Renaissance executive, recruited Mercer from I.B.M., and they worked together for the next eight years. But Patterson doesn’t share Mercer’s libertarian views, or what he regards as his susceptibility to conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton. During Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Patterson recalled, Mercer insisted at a staff luncheon that Clinton had participated in a secret drug-running scheme with the C.I.A. The plot supposedly operated out of an airport in Mena, Arkansas. “Bob told me he believed that the Clintons were involved in murders connected to it,” Patterson said. Two other sources told me that, in recent years, they had heard Mercer claim that the Clintons have had opponents murdered."

The Warrior:  "“He was neither a soldier nor a slave: he was under the control of no man”: Kahnawake Mohawks in the Northwest Fur Trade, 1790–1850".
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