Sunday, March 12, 2017

Just leave them there

"High Comedy and the Fall of Raqqah".  "Sounds like a plan ..."  The Americans seem to be a human shield to keep Erdoğan from fucking this up.

"No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there."  Well, a non-psychopathic country might.  "Peak foiled".

"Ex-CIA deputy director: Leak 'has to be an inside job'".

Ha!:  "Trump camp could have fallen into 'backdoor' surveillance".

"Another Russia ‘Fake News’ Red Herring" (Parry).  My interest is to see how much of a hold Canadian Ukrainian neo-Nazis have on Trudeau based solely on how long this completely inappropriate monster remains as Canadian foreign minister.

Tweet (emptywheel):
"Observation: If Preet had busted some banksters we probably wouldn't have Trump."

"Rotterdam Riots".  "Turkey referendum: Clashes as Dutch expel minister".  Tweet (Turkey Untold):
"BREAKING: Pro-Erdogan protesters  have taken down the flag of the #Netherlands from their Istanbul consulate, replaced with a Turkish flag."
 Is Erdoğan trying to assist white nationalist movements in Europe?  That seems counterintuitive, unless you believe in a Neo-Fascist International.  Note the hand gestures in Istanbul.

"United against Freedom..." (Atzmon).  Late-stage supremacism is when the supremacists feel so powerful that they feel no shame, or danger, in publicly reveling in it.

"Aliens, Antisemitism, and Academia".  Another serious misfire by Jacobin, with a comic over-intellectualization of an obvious troll (real progressives should never, under any circumstances, be writing about the obvious and dangerous canard of 'anti-Semitism', except to mock it):
"In one instance, he suggested that Yahweh and Allah were actually space aliens who enslaved their believers and tricked them into committing genocide. He has openly characterized certain high-ranking Nazi officials as akin to supermen with psychic powers."

Saudi princes are unhappy:  "Children’s trauma is a laughing matter—if you are Vanessa Beeley".

Gareth Porter on the latest Oscar-winning stunt by the 'White Helmets':
"In embracing the Syrian-air-strike narrative — although it falls apart on closer examination — the U.N. “Commission of Inquiry” thus fell into line with the dominant Western political bias in favor of the armed opposition to the Syrian government, a prejudice that has been applied to the Syrian conflict by U.N. organs since the beginning of the war in 2011.
But never has the evidence so clearly contradicted that line as it has in this case – even though you will not learn that by reading or watching the West’s commercial news media."

"The real reason Republicans are ramming through a health care bill that no one wants".  Excellent analysis!  As everybody knows, the main problem facing America is too much income equality caused by oppressive levels of taxation on the 0.1%.

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