Friday, March 24, 2017

Laugh like a Mexican

"Fracturing of Diplomatic Relations Sets World on Dangerous Path" (Madsen):
"Even the world’s two smallest sovereign entities, Vatican City and the 900-year old Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) had a recent diplomatic falling out. SMOM, which maintains diplomatic relations with 106 nations around the world and maintains its sovereign headquarters, saw its «government» overthrown in a Vatican-sponsored coup in December 2016. It turns out that American Cardinal Raymond Burke, a fanatic right-winger who has links to President Donald Trump’s adviser Stephen Bannon, prevailed on Pope Francis to order ousted from his office «Grand Chancellor» of the SMOM, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, the de facto prime minister. Boeselager was accused by Burke of permitting SMOM funding the distribution of condoms in Malaysia. The firing was carried out by the chief of the SMOM, Matthew Festing. The ensuing problems between the Vatican and the SMOM represented virtual breakdown in relations between two micro-states. After the Pope was informed of Burke’s involvement in the fracture of relations with SMOM, he nullified the order to oust von Boeselager, choosing instead to reinstate him, recognize the sovereignty of the SMOM, and fire Festing, known to be a Burke ally. As for Burke, the Pope sent him packing to Guam to supervise the Vatican trial of the Archbishop of Guam, accused of sexually molesting altar boys."

"The West is becoming Irrelevant: The World is Laughing" (Vltchek).

"The United States of Cognitive Dissonance".  Hopkins seems to be the new Taibbi, the old Taibbi having choked to death on Trump.  The Hunter S. Thompson style requires a very fine balance of personal outrage and a certain emotional distancing.

"Emmanuel Macron: France’s ‘Roths-churian Candidate’?"  Shekels!

"Australia Blows Israel’s Credibility on Its “World Vision” Sham Accusations".  Note the blood-pouring-from-the-fangs spinning by the phony liberal +972 Magazine:  "Will we ever know the truth about World Vision and Hamas?".

"Trump Was Right Again: Israeli Teenager Arrested Over Phone Threats To Jewish Community Centers".  It doesn't make sense that this came out from Israeli sources unless somebody feared it was going to come out anyway and World Jewry needed to get its spin on it.  It is difficult not to wonder if the high technological expertise came from the Mossad.  I don't blame the Jews - extremely violent racist supremacism makes them incapable of behaving otherwise than as crazed psychopathic murderers.  I blame the beshekeled gentiles for continuing to swallow this nonsense whole, nonsense carefully crafted to allow Jews to commit mass murder and land theft, and promote horrible Wars For The Jews.  Note that the Jew-controlled American media is picking up on the story, complete with all the Israeli spin:  "Israel Arrests Hacker Linked to Threats on US Jewish Centers".  The only decent and moral response is to laugh like a Mexican.

"(Short) List of Recent Jew anti-Semitic Hoaxes".

"The explosion hidden inside the UN Apartheid report".  The roots of apartheid aren't some weird thing added on by the settler movement, something that can be pared off leaving a moral core of Zionism, but are intrinsic to the entire Zionist enterprise.

"The "second most influential woman in America" was erased... because she dared to criticize Israel. "

"Robert Silvers was a lion on Vietnam and Iraq, and a pussycat on Israel".  Or, a typical American Jewish intellectual.

"Small Incident in London, Not Many Dead".  London has been the Heart of Evil for so long it is difficult to muster much sympathy.  Snark is all we have left.

"Wikileaks Releases "NightSkies 1.2": Proof CIA Bugs "Factory Fresh" iPhones".

"Hill Republicans say they're growing frustrated with Mattis".  Is this Mattis PR?  It makes him look like a superstar.

"Credibility Of Cyber Firm That Claimed Russia Hacked The DNC Comes Under Serious Question".  The most amazing thing is that Comey carries on with his investigation still without bothering to actually investigate, first hand, the actual servers in question!

"Former DNC Official Partnered With Convicted Bomb Maker To Investigate Trump".  "Israeli implicated in fake Trump document scandal".  Here's hoping Trump is aware of who his enemies are.

"Lawyer for Russian whistleblower's family plummets from apartment".  Defenestration is still the gold standard of assassination.

"Keeping the Myth and the Islamic State Alive" (Cartalucci).

"Syria Summary - The U.S. Move On Tabqa Will Complicate The Political Situation".  Still room for guarded optimism on Trump.

"Is Trump Really at War with the CIA? The Jury Is Still Out" (Morley).  This could be extremely interesting.  If the CIA is blackmailing him, Trump still holds a big blackmail card in reserve.

"EXCLUSIVE: The moment America welcomed the Boston Marathon bomber into its arms 10 years before he turned murderously against U.S. 'because he felt betrayed'" (also:  "Was Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Working for the U.S. Deep State?"):
"McPhee writes that on March 4 2011 the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, took the highly unusual step of warning the FBI legal attaché in Moscow about Tamerlan and his mother - that they were becoming 'adherers of radical Islam'.

The letter, which contained extensive detail about the family, said that Tamerlan had 'changed drastically since 2010' and was preparing to travel to Russia to 'join unspecified groups'.

The information was handed to David Cedarleaf, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston field office, who carried out a 'threat assessment' of Tamerlan and interviewed his parents.

However he did not speak to Tamerlan's wife Katherine Russell, a Muslim convert, nor did he visit the controversial mosque in Cambridge where Tamerlan prayed even though it was connected to radical Islamic terrorism and its founder would later be jailed for 23 years for giving money to Al Qaeda.

Three months later Cedarleaf closed his investigation and sent a message to the FSB on August 28 2011 through the bureau's legal attaché in Russia saying there was 'nothing derogatory' about the Tsarnaevs.

Inexplicably Tamerlan was nevertheless put on two terrorist watch lists.

And in a further bizarre twist, in January 2012 he traveled to Russia 'without a hitch' despite being on the lists and not having a valid passport, instead using his residency documents and a passport issued in Kyrgyzstan that was due to expire months later.

According to McPhee: 'All of this was suspicious. No one would dismiss such detailed information about a man that seemed to be exactly the sort of dangerous person that FBI director James Comey warned about, who posed the greatest threat to the US homeland; an American jihadi.

'Law enforcement officials in Massachusetts began to say that Tamerlan was an informant for the feds, a spy sent to Russia to help track and kill the men he was in contact with. They believed he was working for the government, motivated by the promise of citizenship'.

When he arrived in the Dagestan region of Russia, Tamerlan met with Magomed Kartashov, Zubeidat's second cousin, a former Dagestan cop who had become an Islamist leader and had declared war against Russia.

He appears to have been radicalized further at the fundamentalist Salafi mosque in Makhachkala, the region's capital.

According to McPhee, Tamerlan could have provided intelligence that led to Russian intelligence services carrying out a raid in Utamysh, a small village in the Kayakent District of Dagestan.

Among the dead was William Plotnikov, one of his friends.

The following day, Tamerlan, or somebody acting for him, paid for him to fly back to America.

McPhee says that on Tamerlan's return to the U.S., Tamerlan was not even stopped for an additional security screening at New York's JFK airport, even though it should have been mandatory given he had been away for longer than six months.

Being on the terrorism watch list meant that it should have triggered an alert every time he traveled, but when he landed at Boston's Logan Airport on July 12 2012 there were no issues at all and a customs agent scanned his green card into the system and let him in.

McPhee says that this was the 'very loophole in immigration laws that the 9/11 Commission had said needed to be closed'.

More worryingly, the customs agent, Jim Bailey, later said he 'cannot recall' if he told the FBI that Tamerlan came into the U.S. without a passport.

Bailey later said that customs and border agents communicate with the FBI about possible terrorist suspects sometimes using just a 'sticky note'.

McPhee writes: 'Surely to stop Tamerlan at the airport for additional screening based on his physical profile alone - he was a dark-skinned Muslim male with a long beard - or because he was leaving a terrorist hotbed would have been insensitive racial profiling.

'But the idea that a man whose name was on two terrorist watch lists somehow managed to clear customs because government officials claimed his name was misspelled on those lists is inconceivable.

'This is especially true given the multi-million dollar computer program the Department of Homeland Security had purchased to prevent that very sort of thing from occurring'."

It is striking that the Republicans are having trouble passing Ryan-'care' as considerable numbers of them - the ones working for the Kochs - fear that it will result in insufficient excess deaths.

Atypical Mr Angry, whose plague-on-both-your-houses shtick is tiresome:  "I am not sure what Gopal is saying. That ISIS should be left in Palmyra?"

Tweet (Noah Smith):
"I swear to God, the sight of people with deadly diseases crowdfunding their health care is the most dystopian thing about America right now."

"'She has every right to compete with women': Transgender weightlifter sparks criticism after competition win".  The excellent thing about all this nonsense is that it will eventually wreck the execrable Olympics.

"Atlantic: "Coming Out as Transgender Made Me a More Effective CIA Officer"".  I'm sure it did.
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