Thursday, March 30, 2017

New York Reach Around

"Tapping President Trumps Wires - A Spy Hunters Perspective" (footnotes removed; parts of this read like a 1990's conspiracy zine, and I note that the footnotes don't support the most serious claims):
"When the President needs illegal eavesdropping to be performed that would clearly violate the Constitution of the United States, a requires will be made to the British or Canadian government under the guise of a terrorism case, and one or both of those governments will target the wires in the United States. Of course Australia (Australian Defence Signals Directorate – DSD) and New Zealand (Government Communications Security Bureau – GCSB) also have an equally special relationship so there ends up being five different countries, that have access into the fiber optic systems of the other countries, and who can and will have access things that were off limits to the primary company, and which will be unlawfully collected, and shared for political gain, and there is a special name called “Five Eyes” or “SPOKE” where all five of these nations spy on not merely the rest of the world, but also on each other of internal political controls. 
When a spy hunter is deploying his/her special skills and equipment, it is not uncommon to find a skyscraper on Park Avenue in New York City with a comprehensive, state of the art, and fiber optic communication system. This system’s optical fibers initially pass to Pearl Street, Hudson, Eighth Avenue or Broad Street or any of a dozen other similar, interconnected communications facilities in New York City. From one of those locations, the skyscraper’s communications bounce over to one of the numerous undersea cable stations located on Long Island or in New Jersey. From one of these points, the communications are delivered by undersea cable to England or Canada. When the communications are received in England, they then return to the United States to the phone company on Broad Street or Pearl Street after passing through a GCHQ beam splitter, and then an NSA controlled beam splitter. 
This communications’ delivery is, in spy hunting jargon, called the New York Reach Around. The signals from the Skyscraper on Parke Avenue, may actually not merely routed to Canadian, England, via East Coast fibers, but it may also end up getting routed through Australia and New Zealand systems, and re-enter the United States on the West coast, and pass across the country to return to New York City, just so all five nations get access to some business executive calling in a pizza order to the restaurant down the street from his office… during his presidential campaign. 
There is an overriding reason the U.S. government pays a premium for this delivery system and uses it as much as it can. First, the various Congressional Committees that is supposed to supervise, do not. Second, communications desired to be intercepted against U.S. citizens physically inside the United States can legitimately be received by the NSA or other intelligence agencies from their counterparts in the UK, Canada and elsewhere. 
It is a noteworthy, albeit troubling aspect of the international fiber optic landing stations in the United States, that every bit of data, every second of every phone call and every frame of every video conference in Manhattan can be funneled out of the United States through the undersea cables in Mastic Beach, Far Rockaway, Crab Meadow, Manhattan Beach, or Long Beach, NY and sent to England. Once received legitimately in England by its GCHQ, the same data, phone call, videoconference can then be relayed back to the United States to be intercepted by the NSA. 
To add icing on the cake, GCHQ and MI-5/MI-6 then prepare an analysis of what they saw on their side of the fiber for the NSA, while the NSA and CIA prepare an analysis for GCHQ of what was seen on this end. These special relationship partners exchange reports, and crisscross each other’s reports for whatever purpose they desire, including political gain on both sides of the Atlantic. Similar arrangements exist with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. 
It does bear mentioning that a skilled Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) specialist can detect this sort of manipulation and can do so covertly. 
To compound these special relationships, even private, leased fiber optic lines, which are only supposed to travel a few miles to the multiplexers they use, can be exploited using the New York Reach Around. These same, short run signals can be sent around the world, allowing each, receiving nation to obtain private information and communications of U.S. citizens. Of course, the US has no mechanism to prevent abuses by those foreign nations. Cynics might suggest such abuses by these foreign governments inures to the benefit of the U.S. government – all without any oversight."

Then a discussion of how using strong encryption on your calls will make you a particularly likely target.

Then a discussion of Reagan's (!) ignored attempt to stop this, at least against US citizens, Clinton's backdoors, the FISA 'court', Bush's panicked and confused attempt to record everything after 9/11., and then Barry came along, and shit got real:
"As President Obama rose to become the national leader, a grand repurposing of the Bush-era PSP took place. A new hybrid arrangement came to be in which every U.S. Citizen’s phone calls and data were captured, recorded, indexed and sifted with the tools which under the Bush (Jr.) administration were primarily for the frenzied detection of terrorism. These tools under the hybrid arrangement were used towards political ends and internal social control. 18 This laissez faire attitude engendered during the administration of a former “senior lecturer” Constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago eventually was publicly exposed. 
The National Security Agency (NSA) is the primary entity responsible for eavesdropping in and on the United States. Prior to 1981 the NSA was out of control.
After 9/11/2001 until 2005, when thousands of pages of classified documents were leaked about the quite illegal NSA surveillance program followed by leaks in 2008, 2009 and 2013, the full extent of NSA’s spying on US citizens was revealed. By the time the 2013 debacle occurred, officials of the NSA were already lying to Congressional oversight committees about what they were doing (illegally). The NSA got kicked into overdrive, on U.S. soil, against U.S. Citizens (illegally).
 In the intelligence community, there is a method called Call Chaining, which has existed since the days of the introduction of telegraph communications. Call Chaining is used to analyze calling patterns or E-mail patterns to sniff out the far ends of a communications network. For example, lets say that A calls B. B then sends and E-Mail to C. C forwards the E-mail from B with comments to D. D then faxes it to E. E then posts it on Facebook. 
Usually a chain is kept confined because large amounts of irrelevant data are collected – so much so that it turns the charts to mush. Bush (Jr.) understood this. During Bush’s administration the levels of chaining were against people with known terrorist ties in the United States, more than a few thousand. Under the Obama interpretation of call-chaining not only did A through E get brought into the system becoming an eavesdropping target - so did every single user of Facebook, YouTube, or Google, or whatever other service was involved. Obama’s interpretation maximized data collection to new heights thereby allowing his government to illegally, but defensively eavesdrop on pretty much anybody in the U.S. they wished, for whatever reason.
One of the tremendous problems with the current Internet is government agencies use this chaining method to remotely connect an innocent person to someone involved in drug trafficking, terrorism, arms smuggling. These extremely remote links will then be used as a basis of probable cause, even when there is no probable cause, and by the mere recitation of unrelated facts there will be an administrative finding sufficient to trigger wholesale eavesdropping. 
A U.S. Citizen wants to vacation in France. This U.S. tourist wants to visit the Eiffel Tower. As any experienced, international traveler would do, the tourist performs a series of Google searches for hotels, restaurants, parks, currency exchange rates and transit means in Paris. 
While the US tourist is preparing for the ultimate Paris vacation, a terrorist in Iran will travel to Paris. The terrorist is obviously not a simple tourist, but rather someone more sinister. The terrorist; however, performs similar Google searches as the U.S. tourist. The U.S. government has been tracking the Iranian terrorist for the past 15 years, and the U.S. since the date of their birth. 
Although the U.S. citizen is nothing more than an innocent tourist, because both Google searches are similar, a link will be forged for each intersection of these searches in time, and place of either. Thus the innocent U.S. Citizen becomes interlaced into the whirlpool of a terrorism case. Every piece of electronics in the U.S., innocent tourist’s life can now be used against him to attempt to prove or disprove the tourist is involved with the Iranian terrorist. The probable cause will be that the terrorist and tourist are going to be in Paris around the same time suggesting that tourist and terrorist are somehow linked. Using call chaining, as interpreted under the Obama Administration, every other person with whom the tourist has dealings during the duration of their life has now fallen within the ambit of the whirlpool terrorist case. In short, they are all fair game…"

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